Cancer And Sagittarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Sagittarius is romantic and ambitious as these two have many things in common.

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The Cancer-Sagittarius relationship can be sparky, but not always in a good way. One likes to be close to home, while the other wants to wander. If they will both invest efforts in their relationship, they can have something long-term and maybe forever.

CriteriaCancer Sagittarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The young Sagittarius will seem a player, someone who casts romanticism everywhere he or she goes, and this may alarm the Crab who always wants to be secure. The Sagittarius will think of the Cancer lover as someone too needy and clingy.

This guy or gal is too free-spirited to ever want to be held in the Crab’s strong claws. All the Cancer wants is a monogamous relationship and emotional commitment, the Moon child goes crazy when someone doesn’t take the relationship with him or her seriously.

The Sagittarius is always on the move and the independent lover of the zodiac. A good friend, but not that involved emotionally, the Sag will only make the Crab feel more insecure.

When Cancer and Sagittarius fall in love …

What will bring the Cancer and the Sagittarius together will be their sense of humor. They both like to make jokes about themselves. Passionate about good food, they will throw amazing dinner parties if they will live together. They may have different groups of friends, but their parties will all be successes.

In spite of all their differences, they may also have some things they will get about one another. For example, the Cancer will be impressed by the different worlds the Sagittarius will present to him or her. They will see something they are not used to see.

The Sagittarius will want to deal with new challenges and go places all the time. At first, the Cancer will be reticent to all this, but he or she will ultimately give in. Both optimistic, these two hate it when they negative thoughts occur.

They are known as ambitious, and they will succeed at everything that they will try together. Optimism and big dreams are something that will pretty much sum up their life together.

In spite of the bad reputation Sagittarians have, Cancers can rest assured they are next to someone loyal and sincere. A Sagittarius wouldn’t even dare to put his or her relationship at risk. People in this sign hate lying and don’t like to betray. This is something the Cancer will highly appreciate in his or her Sagittarius partner.

The Cancer and Sagittarius relationship

On a scale from 1 to 10, the Cancer-Sagittarius relationship gets a 5 or a 6 in terms of marriage compatibility. They are discordant astral elements, after all. The Sagittarius is open-minded and wants to make changes, while the Cancer likes to keep things as they are.

They have different views on the world around them. If they will compromise and make adjustments in their relationship, they have a chance at being happy together.

The Sagittarius needs to have patience and encourage the Cancer to accept gradual change. The Cancer has to be more open and say what he or she expects, and they won’t fight very often.

Sagittarians are social and open, they like to observe and to come up with new ideas all the time. They will have friends from all around the world and from many different cultures. These guys are rarely alone.

It’s difficult for a Sagittarius to be careful with words as people in this sign really don’t know diplomacy and they consider it a form of hypocrisy. Cheerful and pragmatic, Sagittarians are intellectuals and they like to study.

They prefer to talk about philosophy and they avoid problems as much as possible. You can never predict what a Sagittarius will say or do. Honest, they will never sugar coat someone with words, no matter how many feelings they may have towards them.

Because the Cancer is also honest and sensitive, these two understand what the other is feeling very well. The Cancer will realize with time that the Sagittarius really knows how to make money and how to become rich fast.

Cancers have to get encouragement and appreciation when they are in a bad mood or a dark period in their life. Curious about the Crab, the Sagittarius will always be intrigued by people in this sign, and this will be what makes them stronger as a couple.

The Cancer may not always laugh from the first time when the Sag will make jokes, but they will surely both laugh a little bit later. The Cancer will try in vain to appeal to the Sagittarius’ sensitive side.

Cancer and Sagittarius marriage compatibility

Usually, Cancers and Sagittarians have different dreams and purposes. The Sag will always look for something new and won’t stop wandering. The Cancer needs to have the partner’s love at his or her feet and so the Sagittarius may not be the most indicated person to provide this.

One lives for today, the other for the future. The Sagittarius will get bored and annoyed with the Cancer’s jealousy and possessiveness.

While they are different on many plans, they are both the same because they appreciate knowledge in the same. The Cancer will find the Sagittarius’ honesty and impulsiveness interesting, no matter if they understand what’s behind it or not.

Family-oriented, the Cancer won’t understand why the Sagittarius needs to be everywhere and so adventurous. This relationship may be a success if the Crab gets married for the second or third time. Sagittarians are great as stepparents.

The Sagittarius will appreciate the fact that the Cancer is dedicated to things and people he or she loves. It’s not likely that these two will fall for one another. Opposite signs – one is Fire, the other is Water, they don’t inspire passion in one another, and they don’t love the same.

They have different paces. The Sag falls in love immediately and puts in a lot of passion whilst they need someone to impress them, and to be unpredictable in order for the relationship to last.

The Cancer won’t be able to cope that well with change and sudden turns. These people rely too much on feelings and want to have a long-lasting relationship with someone who can offer him or her stability. If the Sagittarius and the Cancer will fall in love, the Sagittarius will be the one that will feel it first. He or she will be on and off, making the Cancer realize security is not attainable with this person.

Sexual compatibility

The main thing that will make a Sagittarius and a Cancer attracted to one another is humor. The Sagittarius will never flatter to get someone into his or her bed, but likes adventures and to have sex for one night and then leave.

Responsive, warm and sexual in bed, the Cancer likes variety and a good energy in the sack. The Sagittarius will want to explore and the Cancer will want to experiment. But the latter needs to feel secure with a partner before everything starts.

The most erogenous zone for Sagittarians is their thighs, while for Cancers, the chest. If they want to be more sensual, they can light up candles and put on some music. Their lovemaking will reveal them both how different they are.

The Sagittarius sees lovemaking more like a sport, while the Cancer needs feeling and emotions. They are on two different realms when it comes to sex, but not necessarily not pleasurable to one another.

The downsides of this union

The Cancer and the Sagittarius have different emotional lives, one wants security and the other freedom, the Crab wants to stay put, while the Sagittarius needs to always be on the run.

When they will be together, some frictions between these two will definitely exist, especially since one is so domestic and the other can never be tamed.

However, if other elements in their astrological chart will align, they can have something interesting together. There are a few things they would need to address, or else their relationship will be over. For instance, the way they are handling situations.

Sagittarians are impulsive and Cancers changeable. Both energetic, they can become too restless when they have to solve problems they may have with one another.

The Sagittarius will prefer to just forget about it, while the Crab will bug him or her to resolve the issue. They also don’t understand the way the other socializes.

The Sagittarius is out with everyone, and the Cancer wants to stay at home and only have fun with family and friends. It’s hard for the Cancer to understand how the Sag can invest time and effort in socializing, and the Sagittarius won’t see how the Cancer manages to be so closed-up and sometimes lonely.

What to remember about Cancer and Sagittarius

It can be difficult to find a Cancer and a Sagittarius to be compatible with one another but here we are, this does happen. It’s in their nature to be completely different and to have opposed goals in life.

The homemaker, which is the Cancer, has slight chances to ever like the adventurer, which is the Sagittarius. They will constantly fight if to take risks or keep things secure, and neither of them will ever want to compromise.

The Cancer will want to build a home and spend most of their time in it, the Sagittarius will want to go and explore the world, to take on every new adventure. But don’t think that if they are so odd they can’t have a fruitful relationship.

While they are completely different, these two actually complement one another better than other couples in the zodiac. The Cancer will have an interest in the energy the Sagittarius spreads, and will want to travel the world and go together with his or her partner on every new adventure. Besides, the Crab will be fascinated at the stories and the knowledge the Archer will have to share.

The enthusiasm these Sagittarius and the Cancer share will help them overcome any negative mood. They will find peace and serenity in each other’s arms at the end of the day.

The Sagittarius is bold and adventurous and the Cancer wants someone secure and stable, two things that the Sagittarius may never be. Adventures and one-night stands are more to the liking of the Sag. They live for the present moment, while Crabs want to know about the future, they want a family, a home and to save some money.

It is more likely the Archer will get bored of the relationship with the Crab very soon, and the Crab will go back into his or her shell to forget all about it. Only if one of them would be willing to change everything about him or her, things would work out.

But this would mean for that person to never be him or herself, to make too big of a compromise just to have that specific someone close. But love can overcome all kind of problems, so the Sagittarius Cancer relationship is not that impossible, after all. The Sagittarius doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and the Cancer is too loving and caring to ever want to cause the Sag to feel down.

If they will have patience and they will tolerate what makes them so different, these two can make their relationship work and last.

Also, if the Cancer stops being so needy and clingy and allows the Sagittarius to be free, they will be together for a long time.

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