Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Long-Term Compatibility

They can become madly in love with each other and will offer what the other misses out on in all life aspects.

Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman

The combination between a Cancer man and a Sagittarius woman can be tricky, for people in these two signs want opposite things from a relationship.

Cancers want something sure and long-term, Sagittarians prefer to have as many options as possible. If they happen to be together and they are struggling to keep things going on between them, they should think again.

CriteriaCancer Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The relationship may not be worthy of all their efforts. However, if they love each other very much and there is room for more positive things, they will be happy as a couple.

The Positives

The Sagittarius woman is known as honest and idealistic. This lady will always speak her mind. The Adventurers of the zodiac, Sagittarians like to travel the world in the search of the Absolute Truth.

The Cancer man wants to stay at home, where he feels safe and comfortable. Also, Cancers are known not to express their feelings out of fear of being rejected.

When the Crab man falls for the Archer woman, he will try all kind of romantic gestures with her. She won’t mind and will make something fun out of it. He will wish to make sure she’s happy with everything that he does.

She will help him be more open and get out of his shell. He will teach her what being committed means. Not to mention that he will also build a safe and cozy home where she will feel at peace each time she comes back from her adventures.

They are both less interested in the romantic aspect, and more in having a good life as partners. These are two people who want to know they are healthy, intelligent and financially stable.

When they date, they will be affectionate and sympathetic. Bitterness is something they will never taste, especially when they are together. If they fight, they won’t do it for too long. Neither of them is known to hold grudges or to want confrontations.

The Negatives

Unfortunately, the Sagittarius woman will never be controlled. They will be annoyed by each other’s behavior. She won’t stand him for being sulky, he’ll think she’s too superficial. And this is how they’ll end up fighting.

The Cancer man can be needy. And when he becomes like this, the only reason the Sagittarius woman will still be with him is going to be his financial status.

This is a relationship in which he will need to make a fortune to keep her at home and not looking for someone else. And the man in Cancer will like this situation. He will want to know his partner is dependent on him.

All the little things about them will become bothering, and their marriage will slowly start to sink. She just wants to have a good time, he looks for a strong emotional bond.

She will never understand why he has to put so much feeling in bed. He will understand very soon she’s not in for a lifetime, right after he’ll see she’s not at all committed. It will all begin with him being reserved and withdrawn. After this, the relationship will only go downhill.

The more time they spend together, the more problems and differences in their characters they’ll have to face. Neither of them likes to be controlled by the partner.

The Sagittarius woman will confuse the Cancer man because she doesn’t want to be the leader, but she doesn’t like being ruled, either. Listening to what the Cancer says may prove to be beneficial for both of them.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

A successful marriage between the Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman is possible only if the two are madly in love with each other. Offering all of his support, he can make her feel secure and happy.

This man loves with passion, and he’ll like that she’s honest and courageous. She’s in love with him because he mentors her in both personal and professional matters. But this lady needs her freedom more than anything else. She hates it when someone attempts to control her.

A lot of caution is necessary when handling the Sagittarius woman. They both have mood swings and they can understand this about each other.

The Cancer man may not be her wisest choice when it comes to a partner, but she will at least feel like someone supports and cares for her. When in love he becomes clingy, as he’s terrified of being betrayed.

His partner must be very attentive not to break his trust, or he will disappear forever. When he is sure he has found “the one” for him, he will most likely want marriage very soon.

The Sagittarius woman is always on the go and wants to explore. People in this sign are the travelers of the zodiac, too, besides being the Adventurers. Ms. Archer will want to know everything.

She’s the eternal student in the school of life. And she loves to share what she has learned with the ones close to her.

As far as love goes, she thinks it’s another adventure and isn’t scared of anything. When this woman and the Cancer man are in love, they will take their relationship above and beyond their selfish nature and make something beautiful out of it.

If he stops being so needy and gives her lots of freedom, they will be together forever. If she lets him lead, they will surely end up married, for this is all that he wants. In a nutshell, their relationship can develop surprisingly well if allowed to.

When with this man, the Sagittarius woman is more stable and more generous. These two will have a harmonious marriage if they are open to accepting one another fearlessly.

Final Advice for the Cancer Man and the Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman and the Cancer man will be so enthusiastic about their relationship, that every negative feeling will simply disappear from their sight. They will be comfortable with one another.

While the Cancer man will want something intimate and deep, the Sagittarius woman will only look for fun. Day by day, they will learn how to compromise. If they have children, they’ll take good care of them. They will also share strong emotions.

It’s absolutely necessary the Cancer man lets his Sagittarius partner be free. This woman gets bored when she’s feeling tied down to someone or something.

In bed, the Sagittarius woman will love his nurturing style, while he will enjoy her openness. With time, he may realize she doesn’t really get his sensitive side.

But he can try not to give in to emotions so often, and this is something he can definitely learn from the Sagittarius woman. A less emotional Cancer can take the harsh comments of a Sagittarius without hurting.

This would also mean the Crab should be more mature. Water opposes Fire and the other way around. And this can be seen in these two signs as one loves freedom and the other one wants to settle. He doesn’t want to take risks, she loves adventure.

An Archer woman will always think of a Cancer man as confusing and impractical. She’s too passionate for such a soft person. With some efforts, they may have a good chance at being a happy couple.

It’s advised that she becomes more responsible. Also that she gets to be a better homemaker for her beloved Cancer, who loves his home more than anything else. If she is more as suggested, she can have his heart forever.

If the Sagittarius woman is less chaotic about who she shows devotion to, and the Cancer man is more open to cooperate, these two will make an amazing couple.

If he’s the one who wants to gain her attention, he should be respectful and friendly. She may seem like she can be hooked easily, but in fact, this lady is hard work. He’ll have to impress her, to propose something fun and adventurous.

This lady is honest and can’t stand people who lie in order to obtain something. This is something to be kept in mind about her.

If the Sagittarius woman is the one who wants to get the Cancer man, it’s important that she asks him many questions. This guy likes to talk, but also to listen. He’s usually fascinated by a good conversation.

It would be perfect if the Cancer man was more spontaneous and practical. Also if he gave his Sagittarius woman some space.

Sagittarians may be volcanoes in temperament, but this doesn’t mean they like to fight. The only thing that can make this relationship work is patience.

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