Cancer And Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Aquarius is a rollercoaster of emotions as both these signs have strong personalities.

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In essence, the Cancer and the Aquarius are two very different people but their spiritual link is what makes them unbreakable. They will find balance and when they’ll be around each other, they will listen to good music and discuss philosophy.

If they will be happy with one another and they’ll strive to find the harmony that rules their union, they will be together for a very long time.

CriteriaCancer Aquarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Cancer lover is emotional and sensitive, while the Aquarius lives in a totally different dimension. Their matching up depends a lot on the outside energies in their charts.

The Aquarius is relaxed and has a chilled view of life, everything that’s new and unconventional interests them a lot. They will bring a real difference in the life of the nurturing and homely Cancer.

When Cancer and Aquarius fall in love …

The Cancer and the Aquarius have many things to learn from each other. The Cancer can teach others intimacy and how to be focused only on one individual at a time. In return, the Aquarius teaches the Cancer how to be more open and how to make as many friends as possible.

When together, the Cancer will get out of his or her famous shell and socialize more and it is actually them who will convince the Aquarius to enjoy the couple life. They will cook together, play Scrabble in the evenings, and watch many movies.

As a Cardinal sign, the Cancer will want to be in control of the relationship. Usually, Cancer people are the ones who organize dates and take the relationships to a whole new next level. The rendezvous orchestrated by a Cancer are intimate and romantic.

The Aquarius will think Cancer spends too much time indoors, but he or she will enjoy the fact that they are being given attention. As a fixed sign, the Aquarius can’t be convinced to have a different opinion than the one he or she already has formed. They don’t like to lose control or to be tied down to someone or something.

If the Cancer insists and is not too possessive, they can build something beautiful and long-lasting together. If the Aquarius starts to be loud about the fact that he or she is in love, you can be sure an incredible romance is about to happen. But until that moment, the Aquarius is cautious and follows a well-thought strategy.

Cancers are resourceful and hardworking, not as unconventional as the Aquarius, they are determined to fulfill their hopes and dreams. And this makes them on the liking of the Water Bearer.

The fact that both Aquarius and Cancer are eccentric in a sense, is an advantage for their relationship. They will be open with each other, discussing feelings and acknowledging their emotions. The Aquarius likes the fact that the Cancer is looking for peace and harmony. Both of them avoid confrontations as much as possible.

Not necessarily submissive, Cancers prefer to be the ones who compromise for a peaceful relationship and this is what the Aquarius will want from a partner. An Aquarius-Cancer couple can be spiritual and deep.

Cancers have insecurities, so the Aquarius will have to be careful to express love as often as possible. They both need to have a secure space, the Cancer for emotions and the Aquarius for ideas.

The Cancer and Aquarius relationship

A Water sign, the Cancer is emotional and knows intimacy. An Air sign, the Aquarius is always on the run, impatient and changeable. It’s the Cancer’s duty to make their relationship more stable and to help the Aquarius talk about feelings.

It’s good that the Aquarius shows the Cancer the 21st century and what the future holds. This way, the Crab will be informed about the latest technology and will appreciate contemporary art.

The Cancer and the Aquarius are each special in their own way. They are both self-contained, so there isn’t a need for a large social circle for them to be happy. They will mostly spend their time alone, with their phones turned off, the Cancer cooking something good and the Aquarius reading some Sci-fi.

When the outside world doesn’t pressure them, they are capable of great things together. You won’t see them in public too much, their relationship will generally be private.

The Aquarius will most likely be at a protest for the human rights and the Cancer may be in a spiritual meeting of some sort. If they are open to discover the weirdness in the other, they can be a very happy couple.

The Cancer has to be less judgmental and accept the Aquarius’ eccentricities. The Crab will be more open about showing love and affection than the Aquarius, who is more distant and cold when it comes to this, but some experimenting wouldn’t harm anyone.

They both need to let down the walls surrounding them, and find what brings them together, not what separates them.

The Cancer will be jealous when the Aquarius will be far more ahead and fulfilled. If they want to be successful as a couple, the Cancer needs to understand the Water Bearer thinks fast and has an innovative mind.

In return, the Aquarius needs to put up with the Cancer’s moods and to listen more carefully. When the Cancer is hurt, the best solution is to be next to him or her.

Cancer and Aquarius marriage compatibility

When it comes to marriage, things are a little bit tricky between the Cancer and the Aquarius. These two shouldn’t be extreme with one another and should employ respect between them a lot. If the Aquarius won’t want to, they might not get married ever.

If they somehow manage to agree and get married, expect a wedding in the country side or something futuristic. It’s on the extremes with them in this situation.

The best marriages involving the Aquarius and the Cancer are the ones in which the latter stays at home making sure things don’t change and the former is out in the world making everything better.

It’s possible for them to be parents as they both are responsible and eager to pass on their values. Which one’s values, however, will confuse their children oftentimes.

While parenting, they will both have a chance to show their strengths and make a connection. The Cancer will be nurturing and affectionate, while the Aquarius will bring in all the fun.

Sexual compatibility

The Cancer and the Aquarius are known to get along very well in the bedroom. The Aquarius is imaginative but will feel sometimes that the Cancer doesn’t understand his or her fantasies.

It’s like the Cancer is in two different places at the same time: in the bedroom and in a completely different realm.

For the Aquarius, sex is all about experimenting, they are willing to be submissive in between the sheets, so they will make love in a sensual way.

Neither of them is inhibited in this area: the Cancer’s most erogenous zone is the chest, while the Aquarius’ are the legs and the ankles. They will try new things and change the setting of their bedroom very often.

The downsides of this union

It is normal for both the Aquarius and the Cancer to hide their feelings, also, they have different needs from a relationship. Aquarius is too detached and doesn’t stress too much about trivial things like the Cancer.

While the Aquarius would have already started their day and would have done many things, the Cancer would still think of what happened last week. They are both capable of putting themselves in others’ shoes, so they will understand one another very easily.

The Aquarius Cancer relationship may sound promising, but this doesn’t mean they won’t have conflicts. The Cancer is too moody and sensitive. People born in this sign remember things that have been said years back. Also, their moodiness will influence them to be anxious when they will hear things that are not up their alley.

It’s difficult for the Cancer, who is the child of the Moon, to rely on the Aquarius. When the Cancer will want to know details about feelings and emotions, the Aquarius will be distant and only interested in what the future holds. The Crab is oriented towards family and home. The Aquarius will do anything to cut off any ties. Aquarians are known for being very independent and free.

Tantrums and nagging are normal for a Cancer, not to mention they are needy and clingy and because they constantly need security, their relationship with an Aquarius may be at risk.

The Water Bearer needs freedom and expects others to understand this. If they are not left alone to do what they want, they will leave and look for someone who can offer them freedom.

What to remember about Cancer and Aquarius

The Cancer and the Aquarius view life in love in different ways. A Water sign, the Cancer emphasizes feelings whilst the Aquarius, who is an Air sign, is all about thought.

Usually, when a Water sign’s love is not reciprocated, these people become really hurt. But let’s say this match has interesting potential, especially if the partners are open to change. Not only they will transform each other in someone better, but these two also have the power to change something in the world as a couple.

They won’t necessarily fall in love with one another at the first sight. The Aquarius is the free-thinker, the rebel of the zodiac, the Cancer is a soft person who likes to have a cozy home and be around experienced people. Not the most successful match at the first glance, but let’s see more in time.

What they have in common is that they are both very caring. This compassion is what draws them together to begin with.

Of course, they are feeling it for different reasons and are aiming it in opposed directions. The Cancer would do anything for the ones he or she loves, and the Aquarius will completely ignore these people and care for the ones who are less privileged or being done some injustice.

But they understand each other’s efforts and admire one another a lot for all this. In the long run, this will make them join forces and start doing great things for everyone. Their union is all about being selfless, neither of them will be too demanding of the other.

Maybe the Cancer may break this unwritten rule from time to time, when he or she will feel insecure and will become clingy.

As far as Air signs like the Aquarius go, these are superficial and relaxed. They can fall in love too, just like other people, but they will never grow to be dependent on the partner.

If Cancer-Aquarius don’t compromise sometimes, they can end up hurting each other and fighting. The Cancer must avoid being too tight and overly protective or the Aquarius will no longer feel comfortable. In return, the Aquarius should open up and become more sensitive so that he or she copes better with what the Crab is feeling.

Not the most perfect couple in the zodiac by any means, however, they have great chances at making it in the long run. As long as they have the same purpose, they can be great as husband and wife. But they should be careful and keep the passion alive as they are at risk of becoming more like siblings.

If they will invest some efforts, they will be able to build something great together. They will probably put all the care they are capable of offering to work and open an orphanage together.

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