Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Long-Term Compatibility

An Aquarius man and a Cancer woman may be separated by a conflict in what they both want from life, but they will work it out as a couple.

Aquarius Man Cancer Woman

The Aquarius man and the Cancer woman are two great people, but their personalities are very different, so a long-term relationship between them is not very likely to happen.

The Cancer woman takes everything personally and gets hurt easily, while the Aquarius man is friendly and open with everyone. If they want to last long as a couple, these two need to make many adjustments in their personalities.

CriteriaAquarius Man Cancer Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

If they have a second and a third date, they will have to be prepared for many challenges regarding them being a couple. But if they just have a fling, things between them will be more than fine.

The Positives

The prospect of a relationship between the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman isn’t too pessimistic, but they both need to keep the passion alive and to be careful not to end up as best friends rather than lovers.

They are both caring and he’s interested in making the world a better place, so it’s possible they’ll build an orphanage together. She will know he can’t offer her the security she so much needs. Whenever she gets clingy -as she usual is- he will want to leave as far away as possible.

At least they will make each other feel incredibly well in bed. Their lovemaking is simply electric because they both like to experiment and are emotional; the attraction between them is strong.

She’s one of the deep thinkers of the zodiac, and he’s very intelligent. Her strong intuition will make him very curious about her. He’s fun and an extrovert, she’s quiet and reserved.

They don’t have too many things in common, but she will be a great homemaker and he will struggle to offer her everything she needs: it’s a good balance between them after all.

They share a great determination. He’s a fixed sign, she’s a cardinal one. This means they are both goal oriented and can’t be distracted from their purposes.

They can teach each other many new things. While the Cancer woman is sensitive and emotional, the Aquarius man is rational and logical. He often thinks about the future and how to make the world better, she’s interested in having security and a serious relationship.

There’s a conflict in what they both want from life, but they will work it out as a couple if they accentuate their strengths and forget about their weaknesses. After all, opposites attract.

The Negatives

The way a Cancer woman and an Aquarius man see the world differs: she’s a Water sign and she only lives to feel; he’s an Air one, so thought is everything for him.

Usually, Water signs give themselves completely to their partners, and they suffer greatly when their love is not reciprocated.

It’s possible the problems the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman will face in their relationship are going to be exaggerated by her. Whenever she’s feeling lonely, he needs to support her. This lady can get very nostalgic and lose herself in memories of the past.

If he wishes for their relationship to work, he has to spoil her. His attention will be everything she needs in order to be happy. In return, she should make sure she doesn’t nag him.

When he’s being asked too many questions, the Aquarius man gets irritated and begins to want to run away; and the Cancer woman can be a nag, especially when she’s feeling insecure.

His mind can sometimes fly away and make him absent. This is why the Cancer woman will intervene and help him get it together again. As a matter of fact, she can be very helpful in making him understand his priorities. Aquarians can be very selfish sometimes.

They forget about others when they are fighting to achieve their goals. A Cancer in their life will only make them more attentive with the people they love.

Long-term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

The strong attraction existent in the Aquarius man Cancer woman couple can lead them to marriage after a short relationship. He likes her because she has charisma and a good sense of humor. She will have all the freedom in the world when with him. Their friendship will turn into a relationship pretty fast.

He will get used with her mood swings pretty fast. This lady has to accept the fact that he’s a social being who likes to party and to meet with new friends.

The Aquarius man-Cancer woman marriage will work because they are supportive and protective with each other. She needs to be sheltered, and he’s more than happy to make her feel safe. When they become parents, she’ll be the perfect mother. He will be the realistic parent who will inspire their children to be inventive.

Not the most romantic man in the zodiac, he will appreciate a partner for being his best friend.

If she asks questions and interfere with his plans, he will eventually leave, but he doesn’t think his intruding with her privacy is wrong. All this will upset and anger the Cancer woman. It’s important he understands she needs some personal space as well; maybe not as much as him, but still some.

In order to keep the relationship interesting and exciting, the Aquarius man will come up with all kind of ideas for vacations and surprises.

The more time they spend together, the more they will be able to understand each other and remain a couple. Their differences will be completely forgotten.

If he is 10 years or older than her, they will have a conventional marriage. She needs to be protected just like a child, so he can be the head of the family without having anyone to interfere with this his role. They will have a love that is mostly focused on nurturing their children for her, and on plans for the future in his case.

These two peculiar people have very different behaviors: it could happen that she will sleep with the children and he will decide to build a special bedroom for himself; but, hey, whatever works!

Final Advice for the Aquarius Man and the Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is a cardinal Water sign, the Aquarius is a fixed Air one: there aren’t too many things they have in common, not so many interests either.

If it happens for them to be in a relationship, they will have to make many changes in their personalities for things to work; and it will be hard for them to get used with these changes.

It’s suggested she doesn’t expect him to sit at home or deal with household responsibilities. He’s too social and can’t be nagged. What she should do is support and help with everything that he is doing.

Their friendship has to be the most important aspect of the relationship. He needs to stand by her while she keeps a good home and dedicates her life to the family.

When they go shopping together, they will have lots of fun. Because she prefers to keep her domestic life very private, it would be best if they meet with friends when they go out.

She can be really disturbed by too many visits at home. She lives for security and love, while he only wants to be sociable and make new friends.

If the Aquarius man is very interested in making this relationship work, he will treat it like a business, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. She will feel very secure with him because he’s transparent and honest, as opposed to many other men.

Their nights together won’t be loud: they will probably cuddle in front of the TV, or spend the time tending to their individual hobbies. Their conversations won’t be the most interesting ones either, but they will definitely connect on an emotional level when they talk.

When the Cancer woman feels insecure, she will become clingy. As an Air sign, he will hate it when this happens. While capable of loving each other, these two are too different when it comes to dependence on others. They will probably fight a lot because they won’t be able to reach compromises.

She should relax a bit and stop being so protective or she’ll make him uncomfortable, while he needs to open up more. Being sensitive will definitely help his relationship with this lady.

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