Leo Man and Cancer Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Leo man and a Cancer woman have the chance to develop an emotionally strong relationship as the way they perceive the world together is truly special.

Leo Man Cancer Woman

The Leo man and the Cancer woman make a great couple. They will support each other no matter how hard the times will be. He can offer her the security she so much needs from her man.

Cancers want to a have a stable relationship more than anything else. Because she has a good sense of humor, he will always be entertained. More than this, he will forget all about the fact that she changes her moods too often.

CriteriaLeo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

The Leo man will always try to be the hero for those who are less fortunate than him. And the Cancer woman needs a knight in shining armor, for she’s always dealing with an emotional problem.

When they are together, these two will be affectionate and sweet. Not to mention they will do anything to keep their home safe and comfortable. This is a great couple. These signs have all the chances at having the most romantic union in the zodiac.

They will play their genders comfortably because he’s a masculine sign and she’s a feminine one. In a world where the unconventional governs everything, they will be more than happy to be the traditionalists.

In bed, these two will be bold and dramatic. He will love the fact that he has someone to perform for, she will deliver everything he wants and needs. They will have endless passionate nights together.

Because he’s a natural born leader, the Leo man will be in control in this relationship. She’s strong enough to support and offer him everything. Leos are the most devoted to their family. So, the partner of a man in this sign will be nurtured to do everything she wants in life.

This is a couple in which partners will make each other feel they are the best. The Cancer woman and the Leo man work well as good friends, too. It’s like they can communicate without words, which is a great thing for two people who have to spend a lot of time together.

While they may feel insecure about each other’s feelings, the attraction between them will be undeniable.

The passionate Leo man can make a Cancer woman feel things she has never felt before. She’s very sensitive, so he should be very careful with what he says around her.

Whenever she will cry because she feels like she’s not being appreciated enough at work or for another reason, he will be there to comfort her.

The Negatives

Because the Leo man is governed by the Sun and the Cancer woman by the Moon, this is a combination between masculinity and femininity. Things may not work so well between them, because they are both strong and stubborn.

She will either not care for his arrogance, or won’t support his exploration of his inner talents. He’s generous, so he’ll show his love every time he gets the chance. But it’s possible that he’ll feel threatened by all the attention she’s getting from other people.

Because he likes to be in charge of everything, she’ll often feel left out. A cardinal sign, the Cancer likes to lead, too.

You’ll never see the Crab woman being too submissive. If he doesn’t give up control at all, she’ll start to feel very hurt and she’ll eventually leave.

The Cancer woman is shy and reserved, the Leo man proud and noisy. It’s important that he leaves all of his admirers behind because she may get jealous. He’s tempered and impulsive, she exaggerates. He will be interpreted by her as being selfish and superficial.

When she throws a tantrum, he’ll think that she’s too much to handle. The emotional outbursts of a Cancer woman may bother the Leo man. And when she sees him withdrawing away from her, she’ll want to do the same.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

The Leo man and the Cancer woman are the best candidates for a marriage. They are both responsible, caring, patient and loving. When these two are married, the relationship between them is peaceful and harmonious. The zodiac has never seen a more romantic couple.

What makes their relationship strong is the fact that they admire and appreciate each other’s hidden qualities. He will be strong and determined, she is the representation of femininity and shyness.

The way they perceive the world is different, but this can only be of help. She’s all about emotions, he lives his life ruled by his intuition.

The Cancer woman is terrified of being criticized and rejected. He will assure her it’s not the case with him. When next to this guy, she’ll come out of her shell more often.

As a cardinal sign, the Cancer woman will be ambitious enough to come out of her inner world to get what she wants, but she needs a push.

It can be said the connection between these two is truly blessed. The more they evolve as a couple, the more dependent on one another they become. It’s sure the Leo man and the Cancer woman will grow old together.

Final Advice for the Leo Man and the Cancer Woman

People in this sign are romantic and among the most passionate in the zodiac. The Leo man will wait his entire life for the woman who will be 100% devoted to him. And that woman can very easily be born in Cancer.

He’s a fixed Fire sign, she’s a cardinal Water one. They both have strong emotions, so there are some similarities between them. It’s more likely they’ll become lovers very fast because they are very attracted to one another.

They can be both accused of being selfish because they possess big egos. And this can cause problems when they are fighting, because none of them will give in.

With these two, life together is like a game in which the one who compromises first also loses.

And things shouldn’t be at all like this. Compromises are meant to make a relationship work, not to determine who’s the weaker partner.

For such situations to be avoided, the Leo man and the Cancer woman need to avoid what they know may hurt the other person’s ego. The Leo man is fascinated by beauty, so it’s possible he will pay attention to many different women.

And this will make the Cancer woman extremely jealous. She will be offended that she’s not the one he’s always paying attention to. And a jealous Cancer woman can be very quiet about her feelings, holding everything in.

It’s normal for her problems to be kept a secret and to pile up until she can no longer take it and has an emotional outburst. If she wants peace and to be loved by the Leo man, she needs to express her feelings and be honest.

If he wants to get her, it’s important that he lets his romantic side rule and that he displays his affection as much as possible. Being a gentleman would help, too. It’s essential that he thinks they are equals, for this lady needs to express her opinions and be taken into consideration.

Bringing flowers and making her small gifts would help her understand she’s being courted. Not to mention that she’ll appreciate all these gestures.

If she’s the one who wants to get his attention, she should pay close attention to what he says and does. Leos need to be in the spotlight more than anything else.

As soon as a man in Leo sees all his efforts of wooing are being paid off, he understands he has an opportunity to be admired and starts to want more.

If she lets him court her the old-fashioned way, he’ll be the happiest man on Earth. Leos like to put into practice what their mothers have taught them about the ladies. It’s important both these partners express their feelings and thoughts.

She should be more controlling with her emotions, he must try and be less impulsive. Possessiveness never brings anything good, so it’s suggested to be kept to a minimum.

Only by sharing, will these two manage to succeed in being the perfect couple. With patience and a lot of love, they will prove to each other how much they are in love.

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