Scorpio Sexuality: Essentials On Scorpio In Bed

Sex with a Scorpio – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs

What best describes a Scorpio native is the unnatural urge and sex lust. When the need comes, and man, does it come often, they must sate it immediately and with as much implication as possible.

Otherwise, things won’t be good for their health, mental or otherwise. The good thing is there are no inhibitions and anxieties when it comes to innovative sex, absolutely none. So if there’s anything you wanted to try, go ahead, they will be keen on trying it.

With someone like a Scorpio native, one has to have a blazing confidence, willpower and a cool attitude.

You will wrack your brains anyway in trying to find out what the hell it is they are thinking about in those conflicting moments. It can’t be anything good, that’s for sure.

Furthermore, for them, there is quite a distinctive difference between affection, intimate connection with some, and plain sexual satisfaction, lustful behavior.

If you wake up in the morning and they are gone, don’t be surprised, it’s not your fault. That’s what usually happens.

However, when things seem like are going to be permanent, devotion and loyalty are paramount with them.

As previously said, Scorpio natives are nothing if not mysterious and completely bulletproof when it comes to revealing their thoughts and motivations.

Chances are you’ll never know what goes on in that head of theirs, not unless you’ve gained access to that information.

Kindness and benevolence, hate and scorn, these are all intertwined and at one with their consciousness, there’s absolutely no chance of seeing them coming.

Naturally seductive and straight-up hypnotic even, this native doesn’t have a problem in coercing people to do his bidding, or making them irremediably lost in love.

Manifesting a natural aura of attractiveness and a glimmer of lustful playfulness, how could anyone escape their grasp?

And their eyes, sheesh, their eyes are like an abyss. Once you gaze into it, it starts gazing back at you, completely turning everything backwards and instilling a sense of obedience and compassion for the master.

Because Scorpios are naturally patient and aware of possible scammers and deceivers, they don’t give free reign over their life to just about anyone.

Harsh criteria and even harsher expectations are what we’re dealing with here, but their brilliance and the air of mystery cancels all that.

In the midst of sexual orgasm, everything seems to become even more real, their senses get more acute and aware than ever before, all for a plus of satisfaction.

How long do Scorpios resist in bed? That’s a great question, and the answer may surprise everyone. To exemplify, rumbling around in the sheets with 5 women in a night is considered not such a big thing for these natives.

Furthermore, the methods and approaches of these guys have become the stuff of legend. Nothing can come close to the way they make love, nothing. Great for themselves, because it helps release all the pressure of a hard day, but also for others, for pretty obvious reasons, sex is an essential element in a Scorpio’s life.

With age comes wisdom, or so the saying goes. Well, in their case, age brings with it an insatiable thirst for intimate contact and a lust only wild animals could ever compare with. It’s just like another set of instincts and reflexes resurface and takes control of their mind and body. It’s quite an experience to come across a Scorpio at this stage.

Don’t underestimate them

The things are quite simple with a Scorpio. If you fully satisfy and fulfill all wishes and desires, everything’s basically set up for life.

You don’t have to worry about anything ever again, be it stability, financial problems, solitude, nothing. All they ask for is a kind and affectionate demeanor.

The thing is, while this native can be the most devoted and trustworthy lover in the whole wide world if given a good time, things are radically different if given the reasons to doubt you.

A Scorpio’s jealousy is a mythical beast that you don’t want to anger, trust me. No good things will ever come out of that.

While the more direct and straightforward attitude may get many people wet, others find it way too aggressive and irritating. But bear in mind, bringing that up for any reason will guarantee that things will explode and the spirits will be raised.

Only crazy people argue back with a Scorpio, everyone knows that there’s basically no chance of victory. To calm them down, all you have to do is show affection and compassion, nothing more.

The Scorpio’s bedding skills should not be underestimated, because there really are no reasons for that.

The fact that they are so intense and enthusiastic makes it all pretty obvious from the start that the opposite is true in fact. Overestimation is called for, and even that borders on realism most of the times.

Furthermore, while they could be thought of as enigmatic and ethereal, once you realize that following them is enough, nothing ever appears confusing and unsure anymore.

To the moon and back

When it comes to devotion in a relationship, the Scorpio native causes no disturbance whatsoever. He’s like a sweet and innocent sheep just grazing on the flowery meadows. But beware, because he might turn into a wolf in sheep’s clothing if you give him a reason.

If anything causes his ire and scorn, you’d better get ready for a good thrashing and a payback with the same weapons. That’s really the only occasion when this native is compelled, yes, compelled, to cheat, out of spite and revenge.

The best match for a Scorpio is most definitely the Capricorn, surprisingly or not. Yeah, how could these two completely different individuals ever make ends meet?

The answer: they complete each other in a most unusual and quite impressive way. While the Capricorn is responsible and puts in a lot of effort and time into the mix, the Scorpio closes things up with his volcanic and crispy sexual drive.

Looking at any risky situation and critical situation as an opportunity for development, these two are set to conquer the world and rule it for all eternity.

All in all, what ultimate keeps them together is their curiosity and willingness to go well over their limitations in order to reach for the peak of sexual pleasure.

If a Scorpio native gives it his all to make you happy and keep it all nice and tight, once he finds out that you are not worth it and deceived all the base expectations, a complete turnabout happens.

After all, what more do they ask for, if not honesty and devotion? For a life of ultimate bliss and happiness, is that not acceptable?

There’s basically nothing that a Scorpio wouldn’t do to bring you to the moon and back, in the meantime leaving past grievances behind. They believe the “deal” is more than acceptable, and that’s why cheating is not acceptable in their books, not in the least.

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Written by Denise

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