The Venus in Libra Man: Get to Know Him Better

He is very giving and offers quite a lot of his time and affection to a partner.

Venus in Libra man

The Venus in Libra man won’t feel fulfilled and accomplished without sharing his everything with someone. He craves for companionship, for a person to go alongside him amidst life’s challenges.

He wants to hear opinions, advice, to give and to receive, to receive feedback, and most importantly, to know that there’s always someone there to help at a moment’s notice.

The Venus in Libra man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Elegant and straightforward;
  • Negatives: Superficial and flirty;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is sensual and charming;
  • Life lesson: His fulfilment shouldn’t only come from relationships.

This man wants a harmonious and balanced relationship, one based on mutual respect, principled approaches, calm communication, and a patient advance toward the future.

His love personality

This man is attracted to feminine charm, to that inner beauty that exudes without having to do anything, and his ideal woman would also be polite, dignified, principled, and simplistic in her tastes.

He doesn’t even want to hear her swear or get down to that level of degeneration. Most importantly, he wants her to be balanced, to know how to react in certain situations, and to try to uphold a sense of fairness in everything she does.

He will know when to compromise and when to ask for more from her, but in general, he will try to fulfill all her wishes and desires.

Even though he’s been looking for the perfect relationship ever since the beginning, this doesn’t mean that he didn’t go through disappointments.

He’s very giving, and he offers quite a lot of his time and affection to a partner. The Venus in Libra man feels like he can’t ever find his fulfillment without a lover, a soul mate, without sharing his life with someone who understands him at a deeper level.

He sees his satisfaction and happiness in the reflection of a couple, and all the experiences shared together are just like clouds from paradise. A long-standing relationship is the only thing he’ll commit to.

He doesn’t hesitate or beat around the bush. With romantic gestures, he expresses his feelings from the get-go.

Of course, he is very concerned with how he appears, and how his offerings will be perceived, so he tries to put on his best appearance. This isn’t a problem, in general, because he has an innate artistic sense for beauty, an aestheticism that goes a long way in putting him miles away from other competitors.

The man born with Venus in Libra likes to be the first in everything or at least show some initiative in the beginning phases.

His vitality and enthusiasm are endless, and he will forcefully try to involve himself in social events, bring his friend around for some fun, and convince his beloved to accompany him on such an adventure.

When he’s looking for the right girl, he might leave havoc in his wake, sexual one at that, because he’s a really hot-headed individual who wants to please his senses.

Intense and passionate about it when the moment is right, and cold when he gets bored, he’s quite the player, but he’s looking for an easy-going and light-hearted woman.

Because they find their fulfillment and ultimate satisfaction in a relationship, they will try to maintain it on the floating line, to never get to a point of no return.

That’s why the Venus in Libra men will hate arguments, conflicts, aggressive verbal debates or insults. They will instead praise their partners, compliment them, take care of them when they’re feeling down or sick, and will generally be very kind and generous.

And just because they have a very advanced artistic sense, they love beauty and hand-crafted things, they might be a little superficial and spend a lot of money, but it’s all good as long as they don’t end up bankrupt.

Attracted by …

He’s very attracted by elegant women with good tastes in clothing, the kind who know exactly how to use all the elements at their disposal to look their best, with an air of mystery and charm hanging around them.

She must be feminine, cultivated, free-spirited, and it would be great if she had the basic rules of politeness fixed. Aggressive and overly-energetic women tend to be conflictual, to be emotionally unstable, and so he would rather avoid such women.

He wants to have a balanced and tranquil relationship, filled with plenty of sweet moments of love, affection, and compassion.

Arguing about the stupidest of things or entering a conflict just because you decided to buy something without asking her are the least things he would want. In general, he will try to save the situation before it gets too far, and he’s very good at it.

With grace and charm, as well as a persuasive attitude, he manages to defuse almost all problems before they explode.

It’s a good idea to take this man out to visit some cultural attractions like a library, a museum, a natural park, somewhere where you two can have lots of fun.

In conclusion

His greatest strength and advantage revolve around the fact that he strives for balance, for equilibrium, both in his life and in the lives of others.

Personally, he will make a lot of compromises to avoid sticky situations or problematic arguments, at the same time trying to make their partners happy and fulfilled.

They are really selfless, generous, and kind beyond reproach, and you can’t even find anything bad them that can top this.

Moreover, this native wants to be appreciated for his efforts, to be liked and held in high regard, especially by women. He’s not a womanizer at all, it’s just that he likes flirting, pure and simple.

The man born with Venus in Libra could fall into a trap of his own making. He knows that he deeply desires a relationship, to feel the thrill of being loved, the sense of closeness, but this could turn into something bad. How could it ever reach that level?

Well, he could try so desperately to get a girlfriend that he may ignore his feelings. In other words, it might not be love that he commits to a relationship, but desperation, need, the urge to feel loved and appreciated.

He should be patient and wait for the perfect person for him because she’s out there, just waiting for him to find her.

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Written by Denise

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