The Venus in Libra Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She is known as a people person and as a pleaser who is always trying to make others happy.

Venus in Libra woman

The Venus in Libra women are very balanced and seek an equilibrium in their life, both personally and professionally. They want to combine comfort with the aesthetic, a sense of practicalism with a certain allure of natural beauty.

They know how to approach other people with diplomacy and sweet promises so as to get what they want. They don’t want to deceive anyone, but it’s just that they are very proficient at socializing, and their good-natured kindness shows just what kind of people they are.

The Venus in Libra woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Composed and diplomatic;
  • Negatives: Indecisive and clingy;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will be at her beck and call;
  • Life lesson: Should focus a little more on her own needs.

In a relationship, she’ll be looking for someone who completes her, someone who can compensate for her lackings. She doesn’t really have any preference of personality or character, because her obsession with balance will eventually influence her partner to cool off if he’s impulsive.

She can lose herself in an all-consuming love

She exudes an aura of royalty thanks to her respectful and dignified demeanor. She never lowers her level of speech to that of the interlocutor, and she never demeans her language by cursing, swearing, or acting impulsively.

This woman is a true paragon of inner unity. She’s always desired to find herself the perfect man, to fulfill herself in a sensitive and affectionate relationship, where she can lose herself in an all-consuming love.

Once she starts a relationship with someone, this will turn into a job for her, taking care to manage the ups and downs, the comings and goings, so as to achieve a perfect harmony.

This woman is known as a people person and as a pleaser. She’s always trying to make others happy, to help them, to change their lives, sometimes to the detriment of her own time or happiness.

She’s very sensitive and empathetic, that’s why she’s so generous and selfless. However, while this may be good in society, in a relationship, this doesn’t bode well at all. She stands at the risk of losing her identity if she always does what her partner says.

Beside her innate urge to please her loved ones, a relationship means so much more to her than to other people.

She sees it as the only essential thing in life, the chance to achieve true happiness by becoming one with her loved one.

Closeness, togetherness, a sense of belonging, stability, and security, the simple fact that her partner will always be there to protect her, these lead her down the path of subservience.

Because they are so calm and diplomatic, many of their friends call on them when there’s an argument or a conflict that needs to be pacified.

She will manage to cool oof the situation with her peaceful methods. Because they are just and never take sides, one could say that they impartially analyze any situation and give their sentence with objectivity.

However, they are also a bit self-centered on this front, in the sense that they love it so much to be in this role that they will often cause fiery situations just so that they can defuse them.

These women are one of the neediest out there. They are desperate about meeting the love of their life, about establishing a relationship, a family.

Achieving that sense of accomplishment, of belonging, has literally been one of their greatest desires ever.

In order to achieve this, they will even try to overcome their anxieties and uncertainties, go toward a more appealing look, try to up their sexual allure.

This is just a tactic to attract that special someone because they are really oblivious of the pleasures that sex brings. They could survive without it and it’s not really that important to them. Their loss, what can we say?

Her partner’s satisfaction is paramount

Venus finds it most natural to stay in the Libra’s astrological space because this way, it can give off its natural vibes and because this native has approximately the same kind of energy.

The woman born with Venus in Libra is very elegant in her approach to people, communicative and diplomatic, extremely affectionate and caring for those she finds irreplaceable.

She will want to keep close attention to her partner’s satisfaction, and she will do everything in her power to make him happy.

Loyalty and devotion, creativity and an artistic sense that comes together with her needy personality to create a truly loveable woman who must be approached with gloves.

She will want a partner who’s intellectually superior, who can hold his ground in a complex debate, and who can inspire her to be better. She will behave with the utmost of attention toward such a man because she knows how rare those can be.

She’s very aware of her own feelings and emotions, and so she can regulate them according to the situation.

Adaptation, flexibility, these are essential in her search for balance. Her goals and needs are brought together in the form of her partner’s satisfaction.

Because she puts the relationship on a golden pedestal, and her partner’s happiness on an even higher level, she disregards any injustice done to her because she doesn’t want to start a commotion.

Conflicts are best avoided because they cause strife, discomfort, tension, and it would obviously destabilize the whole relationship.

She even inhibits her own thoughts and opinions since it would upset the balance, anger her partner. Pretty much anything out of the ordinary that causes tension is avoided, anything aggressive. She wants equality to reign supreme in her relationship.

The style of the Venus in Libra woman

She’s represented by the constant search for equality, for equilibrium both in her personal and professional life.

The woman born with Venus in Libra will always be doing this, being the harmonious element in her group of friends, trying to satisfy everyone else at the cost of her own happiness, and just bringing the joy back.

She will accommodate and tolerate a lot of things if this can bring peace and quiet into her relationship.

Although she keeps to herself and has a restrained attitude in general, she wants the world to appreciate and acknowledge her abilities, especially her partner.

This woman has a natural flair for bringing out the beauty in something, and art is just like her playground.

Aestheticism, fashion, design, these are more than just words for her, and she manages to create new styles again and again.

Curiously, this native tends to have a rather generous ass, round and plump, the way most men enjoy, so she tries to emphasize it accordingly.

Social events are dull and uninteresting without a Libra native keeping the rhythm and fun from dissipating.

She is a very sociable and talkative person who just doesn’t get bored with preparing and organizing said events. What, you thought that she’s the soul of the party like she’s the most entertaining person out there?

Well, she could be, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. She likes organizing these events, putting everything in order, seeking that elusive balance.

They want to make a good impression wherever they go, and couple that with their amazing aesthetic sense, and you’ll get a marvelous woman who dons only the prettiest clothes. Elegant and sweet, she only likes what is of good quality, luxurious, and that looks good.

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