The Mars in Pisces Man: Get to Know Him Better

He is very attractive and cares for himself so he is often very well received in most social contexts.

Mars in Pisces man

The Mars in Pisces man is very sentimental, intuitive and flexible. He can cater to your every need and he can transform into the perfect lover, depending on the expectations set on him.

He’s spiritually inclined, and he’s fascinated by the possibility of other higher planes of existence. He will fill your head with these ideas right from the start, so expect long discussion on this subject.

The Mars in Pisces man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Exploring and charming;
  • Negatives: Impulsive and distracted;
  • Soulmate: Someone who will focus all their attention on him;
  • Life lesson: To respect those close and to trust them more.

Commanding respect

These men are idealistic travelers who want to experience the world as little as possible, or at least they want to avoid the responsibilities and problems associated with it.

They are introverted and affectionate, emotionally sensitive and even vulnerable in some respect. Always overthinking, planning, simulating countless possibilities and potential avenues in their head, the Mars in Pisces men create their own problems most of the time.

Even when you would expect them to explode outwards in anger, you’ll only get an annoyed stare or a “humph” said in silence. They avoid direct confrontations. Instead, they take out all the accumulated stress on themselves.

The man born with Mars in Pisces can and will become depressive, sad, uncertain and afraid to take some decisions. Romantically, he will go through a lot of disappointments because of this inherent uncertainty and insecurity. He has a naïve perspective, only seeing the good things about someone, choosing to ignore the potentially destructive flaws.

He is very strange in this sense because he often chooses to be in a self-defeating situation, only to pass through another disappointment, to feel anguish and grief fill his soul.

He’s not a masochist though because he expects future moments of joy to be amplified precisely because of the present sadness.

Physically and psychologically speaking, he is attractive, looks as though he needs someone to care for him, and he is generally well received in any social context. Women like his sensitivity, but they worry about their self-destructing tendencies.

These natives may get involved in physical activities from time to time. This is to say, they will gladly decide to start playing football or take on learning karate, if the opportunity arises.

One thing that is to say about them in these circumstances is that they become totally devoted to their goals.

Once a decision was made and people depend on them, they will focus all their attention and efforts on doing their job properly. Boasting doesn’t suit them at all. Actions are better demonstrations of their potential.

Victimization, self-pity, self-defeating tendencies made with willful determination. This is the Mars in Pisces man in a relationship, the barest principles of his psychology.

He even believes his tragedy is admirable and should be respected, something that others can’t understand and can’t achieve. When others offer to help or support him emotionally, he refuses, believing he’s actually doing himself a favor. Being fake is also another destructive flaw.

Because he wants to make his partner happy, he’s willing to transform himself, to become exactly what the other is looking for, often against his better thinking. In the long run, this will clearly make him unhappy and depressive.

A sensitive and affectionate lover

He is very concerned with what he “should” be doing as befits a masculine figure in today’s society.

He’s more than willing to give up on his desires and wishes if they don’t ascribe to the principles of a stereotypical man.

Moreover, his predilection towards overthinking manifests again in his tendency to emphasize the opinion of others. He cares about what others think about him, and this is why he often changes his approach.

Romantically, he wants the woman to approach him however she believes is right and comfortable. In the past, he suffered a lot because of break-ups, and now he prefers to take it slow and steady, with certainty.

Basically, when he is in love, the Mars in Pisces man will accommodate his partner’s every desire and need.

Does she need a sensitive and affectionate lover who listens to her sorrows and supports her unconditionally? Good, he can do that just fine.

Is a masculine, more dominative and aggressive partner better? It’s a bit more difficult to do that, but not impossible.

He’s not one to voice his demands or anger, even if he’s being used, and this turns him into a doormat pretty quickly. His ideal partner is communicative, thoughtful, affectionate, and cares a lot about his happiness and satisfaction as well.

In conclusion

The Mars in Pisces man is excessively emotional and puts a lot of importance on being sensitive. He easily gets hurt by the flimsiest of things, and this is not just because he’s naturally more sensitive than most.

The fact is that he has unsolved psychological traumas unsolved, past disappointments that he still keeps alive deep within himself.

He loses his self-confidence and trust in himself as a result of trying to fulfill everyone’s desires.

He wants his partner to see him as perfect, the ideal partner. He just wants to be accepted, to be appreciated for who he is, and the person who manages to see through this façade will find his relationship blooming.

He’s very imaginative and creative. He will know exactly what you want to hear, what makes you happy, and what you don’t like. His intuition can only amplify his efficiency in this regard.

He might begin wallowing in a sense of uselessness, believing himself to be incapable of some things. He starts losing his willpower and ambition, and he is more liable to take on vices to drown his sorrow, to escape this sense of despair.

He needs to take a step back and recharge his batteries, refill his vitality, take a breath of fresh air and forget about the past. The future is bright, and he has a lot of potentials to succeed.

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Written by Denise

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