The Mars in Pisces Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She experiences life in a different way than most other people and when she cares about something, everything appears to stand still.

Mars in Pisces woman

Women born with Mars in Pisces are very adaptable and mutable. They will literally do anything that gets them off emotionally. Wherever the wind goes, they go, just like a falling leaf getting taken from place to place.

Her personality and character are just copy-cats of those she meets and finds intriguing, of her family and close friends. Although she wouldn’t admit this, it’s pretty obvious if you observe her carefully.

The Mars in Pisces woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Caring and generous;
  • Negatives: Temperamental and reckless;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is responsible and protective;
  • Life lesson: To take some things as they are without trying to change them.

She wants to fall in love for the sake of love itself

She is a very emotional individual who feels the need to fuel her sense of belonging to a certain group, either to her family or close friends.

She caters to everyone’s needs, helps when she can, and generally abides by the rules of that group. In a relationship, her partner is the unspoken leader and protector to which she comes when the situation becomes problematic.

A safety net where she can retreat in case of danger, the person she depends mostly on in this world, the source of emotional safety and affection, this is what this woman sees her partner as.

Don’t make use of her emotional instability and sensitivity to treat her badly because she won’t stand it for too long.

This native wants to fall in love for the sake of love itself, and not necessarily to build a future with her partner.

The woman born with Mars in Pisces is very idealistic and devises a lot of plans for the future. It’s just that their feelings are ultimately too intense and fiery to put in second place.

She will feel attracted to guys who nurture a certain kind of creative impetus, an artistic and frivolous personality.

Of course, she’ll eventually find out that this type of guys is anything but responsible and protective, he won’t offer her a stable and secure future.

More often than not, she will have a past fraught with disappointments and heartbreaks. All in all, she is charming, adorable and cute, but also frivolous, inattentive and with her head in the clouds.

Empathy and emotional sensitivity are two of the most developed traits of a Mars in Pisces woman. She will use her adorability and charming persona to beguile people into being kind and generous to them. She will often succeed in convincing her boyfriend or husband to fulfill her desires.

These native experiences love at a totally different level than the rest of us too. The world seems to stand still, and time stops for them, and the relationships it put on the highest of peaks, occupying a permanent place in her heart and mind.

She’s very keen and jolly all day long. Even the smallest of reasons can make her go crazy with anticipation, a cute smile plastered on her rosy face.

Her willingness to surrender herself completely to emotional rushes means that she will have to take care of herself in all regards, pay attention and retreat when dangers appear.

Working from behind the enemy lines, supporting the others, is more like a fitting role for her.

Even though she might seem like a coward who never rises to the challenge and loses opportunities, in fact, she senses the danger ahead of time and chooses to wait for the right chance to take a step forward. Her instincts and reflexes are coming from the soul.

In the same soulful way, the Mars in Pisces woman uses her empathy and deep emotional resources to heal others, to offer solace and comfort to lost souls. She can really play this role very well.

She offers the whole spiritual depth of her soul in service to a greater cause, to help those who feel lost, and her flexibility often takes her into some dangerous territories. The more dominative individuals will make use of this tendency of hers to let go and just go with the flow.

Her emotional strength is amazing

The Mars in Pisces women have a compulsive need to love and to be loved that follows them for all their lives, starting from childhood and ending in old-age.

Over time, they will have gone through many emotional experiences, each more immersive and intense than the other. And each time, they suffered, fell into endless sadness and despair, had their emotional balance send to hell, all because of their vulnerability.

Sexually, most of them prefer to be passive and just be the givers of sensuality, affection, and love. However, what most don’t realize is that a relationship is 99% based on these things, and therefore she is actually in control of it all.

The greatest thing about the Mars in Pisces gal is that she has the emotional strength to survive a lot of disappointments, betrayals, and heartbreaks.

She can face off against many difficult situations and challenges if she has to, situations that would put others in a very bad situation. Sure, she does suffer greatly, but she also takes great joy as well.

Emotional security is essential to her fulfillment and happiness, and so she tries to find a stable and loving partner. She has the power to remain devoted in the face of uncertainties and dangers, but she can also stray from her romantic interests rather quickly.

Attracted by …

For the Mars in Pisces women, the sensitive and affectionate guy who always listens to your life story and is there to offer a shoulder to cry on is the ideal partner.

She doesn’t necessarily want a bad boy, an aggressive and dominative individual who is independent and free-spirited. Introverted, meditative and mysterious guys will do really well.

In turns, she will shower him with love and generosity, sweet kisses, surprising hugs, coming from the most adorable of women.

She has a very low sense of reality and pragmatism. In general, she’s dreaming about her ideal lifestyle, about Prince Charming who’s going to come and save her from this life of tediousness, take her on a romantic adventure, and so on.

She always sees the best in others, even when her expectations are betrayed. Her ideal man is the artistic type who writes her romantic poems, invites her to a loving walk through the park in the evening, brings her flowers each day. Most of all, she likes her partner to be communicative and express his feelings accordingly.

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