Key Traits of the Water Goat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Goat stands out for their popularity and friendliness but sometimes, their need to always be surrounded by people, can prove detrimental.

Water Goat

Those born in the year of the Water Goat are serious and kindhearted people. It may seem they are soft and gentle, but in reality, they’re very strong. Probably the loveliest of all the Goats, they are reserved, generous and kind.

These natives carefully plan their life and don’t like change. It’s enough for them to have a quiet existence and a secure income. But they won’t have stability till their youth will be gone and they’ll reach maturity.

The Water Goat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Sensitive, diplomatic and elegant;
  • Challenges: Needy, childish and restless;
  • Secret need: Having stability and for others to decide for them;
  • Advice: Teach yourself empathy and respect your promises.

Many will respect them for putting others before their own interests. Their life will probably be easy and nice because their karma is good. Because they are very focused to become better and better, and because they worry about others, many people will appreciate them.

The character of the Chinese Water Goat

Water Goats are popular people who like making friends. They are very good at choosing the best opportunities for themselves, but they are not always confident enough to pursue their dreams.

Those who are born under the Water element, in the year of the Goat can be the best friends anyone could have because they are always ready to listen and to give a hand.

The Chinese Horoscope says they are the nurturers, the motherly creatures who give themselves completely for others to be happy. This is why they are surrounded by many people.

But don’t bet on them to be independent because they like to count on others when they are feeling down. You can rely on them for emotional reinforcement, but they may need to be financially supported.

It can be difficult for them to follow a strict schedule or strict instructions. That’s why they hate nine-to-five jobs and can’t stick to a routine.

They would be amazing parents because they are more about raising children than about making money or getting recognition. While they are not the best at working for others, they can still produce value with what they are doing.

And they will, considering they’re very creative and have a great talent for the arts. Therefore, they could be great painters, musician, sculptors and many other things that have something to do with the artistic world.

These natives need to do their job when inspiration kicks in because they simply can’t force talent to come out. They could very well be amazing designers.

Only by looking a little bit inside their home, you can notice it’s furbished with valuable pieces and painted in beautiful colors. These people want comfort and can spend too much money on things they actually don’t need.

Water element influences them to go with the flow. The Chinese zodiac says they want to settle because this is what they feel that they need the most. But when it comes to hurrying or making something happen, they won’t do it as they prefer to allow life to follow its course.

That’s why they aren’t demanding either. They can be sad when things don’t go their way, but not for too long because they have the ability to move on quickly.

Water Goats are better at dealing with changes than other people in the same sign, especially if they have the help of their family and closed ones.

While they want the best things in life and to live in luxury, they can still understand money may be low. They know how to talk and to make their loved ones laugh. Many will say they are the funniest and most enjoyable people to be around.

Water Goats are always looking for security when it comes to both their personal and professional life. They are amazing with children because they act like they’re their best friends, not adults with authority.

In search for stability

Water Goats are loyal people who will always mingle at parties and have many interests. Because they are giving and nice, many will be ready to give them a hand, no matter the situation.

As great artists and the most creative people in the Chinese zodiac, they will most likely have success in this field. Interested in making a good career for themselves, these natives will get along very well with their bosses and colleagues.

They are not at all adventurous or progressive, preferring to rely on tradition and conventional methods. The Water in their chart makes them more understanding and easy to influence.

They will go with the flow and often feel trapped when they have to stand their ground. And because they hate change and want stability, things will be more difficult for them when others will come up with new ideas.

They will go with what’s going on, but in their hearts, they’d be devastated and almost unable to adapt. However, when they know what they have to do and are accustomed with the methods, they can be the most efficient people out there.

When someone will challenge them or their life won’t go as they have planned it, Water Goats will take everything personally and reveal some strong emotions.

It’s suggested they don’t allow others to influence them and that they study more before making a decision. Being fixated and thinking of how things should happen is not at all a good idea for them.

If they would accept that change happens, and that progress is good, they would move forward much faster. Life is not all about being cautious because adventure is what gives the impulses everyone needs in order to enjoy excitement.

The Water Goat man

Charismatic, positive and bright, the Water Goat man can make friends everywhere he goes. He wants good relationships, to communicate and to have fun. He has a great calm and is always confident.

This Goat male native truly knows his values and doesn’t have illusions that he may be more talented than he actually is. If he doesn’t enjoy what he’s doing for a living, he can’t succeed in his career.

But no matter what he does, he’s responsible, thoughtful and cautious. Because he loves peace and resents conflict, his colleagues and friends will want him around all the time.

When it comes to love, no one can cure his need for romance. It’s easy to impress him and he’s shy, this making him the more attractive.

However, other men don’t see him as a threat because he sits quietly and doesn’t make a move on the ladies. He has good taste, so expect him to fall only for the beauties. When with a woman, he feels more manly and eager to do things.

He’s patient and when he wants something, he waits quietly for the right moment to take action. After he gets married, he becomes overprotective and settled. His children will love him because they’ll feel like he’s speaking the same language as them.

The Water Goat woman

This woman is a mystery for most people so many will think of her as superficial and too flirtatious, but she’s not at all like this.

Intelligent and intuitive, this lady can guess what others are feeling and thinking. She wants everything to be perfect and for her ideals to be fulfilled.

When she has to deal with change, the Water Goat woman suffers very much. All the time sweet and nice, she hates conflict and avoids it as best as she can.

A beautiful woman and an understanding boss, she turns heads and is appreciated by colleagues. Many could follow her example and be as calm and peaceful as she is.

When it comes to love, she wants someone to support and understand her. She couldn’t be around a man who’s too emotional and always suffering.

The Prince Charming of her dreams is the type who can be counted on and is loyal. If he would also give her all of his care and attention, she would be the happiest as she thinks these aspects are very important in a marriage.

Because she’s a romantic, this girl likes being courted. After her wedding, she’ll continue to be passionate in bed, even if she takes care of everything around the house too.

She wants to know her loved ones are feeling comfortable all the time. She’s sensitive and delicate, no matter how strong she may try to appear on the outside.

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