Key Traits of the Earth Goat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Goat stands out for the great consideration they give to any kind of solution they are asked to provide and for how attentive they can be.

Earth Goat

Those born in the year of the Earth Goat have a strong sense of justice and are very honest. But they can be too blunt and hurt the people they love without even realizing.

Their friends will always give them a hand and good advice; however, it is only through the opportunities they seize by themselves that their real break in life will come.

The Earth Goat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Helpful, original and tender;
  • Challenges: Immature, pessimistic and hesitant;
  • Secret need: They need to feel that their partner is truly supportive;
  • Advice: They need to be more acceptant of those around.

The Earth element makes them more down-to-earth and independent than other people in the Goat sign. Because they are really grounded, they will be very conservative about how they are dealing with their finances. Not that they don’t like to spend on eccentric things just like the other Goats, but they will keep their budget as tight as possible.

The character of the Chinese Earth Goat

Goats are considered the most feminine sign in the Chinese zodiac. That’s why they are also very creative and seem to work a lot of great things with their imagination.

The Earth Goat natives are among the most talented and artsy people you could ever come across. It’s very likely they will want to be designers, photographers or anything else that allows them to create and to put their imagination to work.

They are considerate people, so they prefer to think before taking action. Not to mention they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and avoid conflicts as much as possible.

In case they will toy with what someone else is going through in terms of emotions by mistake, they will try to do their best and remedy the situation. This is not only good for their social life, but it also helps them deal with everything life throws at them every day.

It’s essential they remember to be sympathetic and wait for others’ approval for their path in life to take the right direction.

Earth Goats could be too delicate for this harsh, cruel world because they take things too personally and they’re misinterpreting signals. They are very insecure and have a need to always be loved or sure that the person they’re with only sees them.

It sometimes seems like they find themselves in difficult situations even if they avoid conflicts as much as possible. When they’ll have to make a decision, they will usually stand to the popular belief and work with the methods that have already been established.

These natives love to wander and are the happiest when they embark on journeys that will have them meeting many new people or see the world.

They are often more interested in the simple things that are meant to bring them pleasure. For example, a classical music concert or an incredibly beautiful view can make their heart beat faster and their brain to immediately hook up to a feeling of fulfillment.

They are sometimes too lazy and tend to procrastinate. If they would have to choose between someone talented but poor and someone wealthy but vain, they would likely choose the person with more money.

They have a strange desire to go only with what their instincts are telling them and they’re always dreaming of something more than they’re already having.

While good opportunities will reveal themselves to them, they will still find it difficult to make a fast decision and choose what’s best. They hate taking risks and want comfort more than anything else.

A loyal personality

The Earth element helps Goat people be more grounded. While they usually struggle to have enough confidence in themselves, these natives are still very stable.

Free-spirits and pragmatic creatures, they prefer to be conservative rather than absolute liberals. They give their family a lot of importance and spend a lot of their time working to make their loved ones happy.

These Goats are simply in love with life and can inspire this feeling in others too. The Earth makes them reliable, stable and down-to-earth. It’s because the purpose of this element is to bring a feeling of wholeness and preservation.

People who are born under this element are known as very hard working and able to deal with their everyday life.

There’s no one better than them at making the wisest decisions. Because they are very honest, it’s possible they will hurt some people’s feelings with their harsh commentaries.

While they can make a difference between what they believe in and what others influence them to do, it’s very rare for them to accept others’ opinions or to be grateful when someone criticizes them in a constructive way.

At least they are always positive and see life in a bright light. Their loyalty to their family and friends can’t be compared to that of others’ because they are capable of making great sacrifices for the people in their life.

You can be sure they will always jump to give you a hand when you will be in trouble, if you happen to be one of their close friends. After getting together with them, you will get to have a loyal friend for life.

Earth Goats are hard workers who do a great job when they’re stressed about a project. Because they are looking to fulfill their responsibilities all the time, they will rarely have problems in their career.

They are also more independent than other Goats, so they won’t allow themselves to be influenced by others too often. The Earth makes them more prudent and conservative when it comes to money problems.

While enjoying luxury and expensive things, they will still be very careful with how much they are spending.

It’s important they are more open to what others are advising them and not take things so personally as they usually do. They shouldn’t be offended by remarks or allow themselves to become better when dealing with others because they have their unique ways with people.

The Earth Goat man

The Earth Goat man puts friendship above anything else and devotes himself completely to his loved ones. Nice and supportive, he’s the type who can be contacted in the middle of the night with any problem and he wouldn’t mind.

He’s never envious and feels happy when his friends are succeeding. He’s friendly and doesn’t like to be alone for too long. This person will cheer for anyone who wants to go on a new adventure with him, and he wants to have fun while he keeps being responsible.

His colleagues will love him because he’s reliable and likes to give a hand. This man prefers to stick to the traditional methods and likes to help the less fortunate.

As a friend and adviser, he’s the person you would always want to have beside you. When it comes to love, he likes to express himself and to fulfill his partner’s every wish.

The Earth Goat man will surprise his lover with all kind of gifts and romantic gestures. He’s the type who’s persevering until his other half completely agrees with him.

He’s giving and very considerate of his other half’s feelings, so all the women that have been his partner will be more than happy to remember what they have experienced together.

Once he’ll get married, he’ll still be his old self and cheerful. He’s a great father who doesn’t only teach his children great things, he’s also their best friend.

The Earth Goat woman

The Earth Goat woman benefits from a personality with many inner contradictions. She wants something specific and at the same time takes action in the opposite direction.

While she thinks of the deepest problems relating to her soul, she feels sad when the everyday life kicks in. She’s pragmatic enough, but she sometimes feels like she can’t cope with life.

It’s possible she will sometimes lead an agitated life and won’t control how much money she spends. But all in all, she’s hard working and does what she sets her mind to.

This lady is talented and creative, but she needs a job where she doesn’t have to respect a strict schedule. Not to mention she wants a good salary, so the money will be a determinant factor when she will choose what to do for a living.

Men can’t find a better woman than her. While pretentious and demanding, she still likes to be appreciated and given all the attention of others.

Because she’s insecure, her loved ones need to compliment and encourage her all the time. This lady likes to be the most important person for her man, especially since she’s always ready to do anything for him.

She’s loyal and devoted to her husband, but she will still continue to flirt even after her relationship would be established. She likes to take care of her home and to receive guests all the time.

It can’t be said she’s all about the mundane because she loves to have fun and to go out with her loved ones as much as possible. She’s more the friend of her children than their parent.

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