Key Traits of the Metal Goat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Metal Goat hides a gentle and warm inside in a cool and detached outside image.

Metal Goat

Those born under the sign of the Metal Goat are modest people who don’t mind sacrificing themselves for their loved ones. These natives can’t refrain from thinking about others, no matter if they’re affected in a negative way by this process.

They have many talents. If they will start creating art from early childhood, they have all the chances to become successful when older. These Goats are methodical, trustworthy and able to do any kind of job perfectly.

The Metal Goat in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Friendly, original and sentimental;
  • Challenges: Careless, impulsive and pessimistic;
  • Secret need: Being able to depend on others and keeping a routine;
  • Advice: Channel inner energy when you feel your motivation is disappearing.

While seeming confident, they worry a lot about what’s going to happen. It’s suggested they should air their troubles more often because it can help them release the tension accumulated in time.

The character of the Chinese Metal Goat

Those born in the year of the Metal Goat believe in themselves and are very delicate inside. Their sensual nature makes them more attractive.

They have an artistic spirit and are always looking for peace and serenity. These are two essential conditions for them to be creative.

Because they’re emotional, it’s not impossible they’ll often feel depressed and discouraged. If they won’t pay attention, they will become very jealous with their lovers.

More confident than the other Goats, these natives know how much they’re worth. They will be ambitious in everything they will do. But don’t get fooled by their self-confidence because inside they’re sensitive and fragile.

It can be difficult for them to renounce their feelings of possessiveness and jealousy. They will pay attention to their partner’s every move and won’t tolerate being cheated on.

But without even realizing, they will lead their lover into cheating on them because they hold on too tight.

They can inspire many people to be like them because they’re very reliable and interesting. Don’t think peace and harmony are their only purposes in life. They give a lot of importance to their career too.

They don’t like surprises and prefer to dwell in familiar environments. These natives need time when something new comes into their life.

They will try to get together with those whom they think may have an influence over their career. They want to grab good opportunities because this is the only way they think survival happens.

These Goats want security both at home and at work. They are generous, but they won’t give anything until they will get it back.

They will only go out with the people they admire and love, and the ones who are influential for their career. When they have to make the first step in love, they need to take their time. It can be hard for them to control their emotions.

That’s why they’re possessive and too protective with the ones they love the most. It’s essential they allow people in their life more freedom. If they’ll expect everyone to be at their feet, they will only annoy and get rejected.

When it comes to the personal and romantic aspects, Metal Goats don’t like to open up to someone who can become their partner. But this is very much connected with how deep and sensitive they are on the inside.

They are capable of great emotions and need to be all the time reassured that their partner loves them. Their detached exterior has nothing to do with their delicate interior. This and insecurity may be the reasons why they are so possessive.

Metal Goats are loyal lovers, employees and friends. They won’t be members of too large groups because they prefer to only trust a few people.

The influence of the Metal element

Metal Goats are people who will believe in themselves and their talents no matter what. They will hide the fact that they’re sensitive by always keeping a cool attitude.

Their ego is big and can get easily hurt with any kind of misplaced remark. The Metal element makes them even more artistic and eager to find beauty in everything.

They will probably decorate their home with antiques and all the art pieces they come across at different fairs or art galleries.

They want to live a peaceful and serene life more than anything else. When they need to move from familiar places, they find it difficult to adapt to the new places.

They have a good heart and high principles. Responsible, they are scared of what others may think of them. It’s normal for them to get very influenced by others.

While cool and detached on the outside, they are very emotional on the inside. They may sometimes be unfair because they expect others to understand their emotions.

When they’re not getting things their way, they become depressed and hopeless. When it comes to their social life, they are the happiest with their closest friends and loved ones.

The Metal influences Goats to be more determined and purposeful. Because they prefer to keep it cool and to be relaxed, they don’t want to stress too much or to work too hard.

While imaginative and domestic, a working-from-home job would suit them perfectly. They would just be comfortable and do what they love.

Metal Goats are disciplined creatures who are able to keep everything in order even if what they are working for doesn’t go in the direction they want.

As opposed to the rest of the Goats, the Metal ones are less likely to give up when the situation becomes more difficult or they need to invest more hard work. This will make them more determined to attain success at work and to gain a good social position.

Always wanting to make the world a better place, they are very likely to focus only on their goals and to get to success easier than others.

But don’t think they won’t have their own interests at heart too. It doesn’t matter how self-sacrificing and nurturing they are, they will still think about themselves.

These natives have the greatest chance at improving themselves. They will set their goals in the back of their mind and will slowly go ahead to make their dreams come true, one after the other.

The Metal Goat man

This man is confident and aware of how much he’s worth. He will refuse to ask for help because he wants to seem self-sufficient.

Proud, he will hide what he truly feels because he knows how intense his emotions are. Talented and creative, he’s also a spiritual person who could explore this side of himself more.

When criticized, he takes all the harsh words seriously and doesn’t want to ever hear them again. Insecure inside, he will always try to appear strong on the outside.

The Metal Goat man prefers intellectual work as opposed to the physical one. He has clear goals and learns a lot form his own doubts and past experiences. Nothing can stop him from getting the success he wants.

Artistic and having a love of beauty, he will not want a woman who isn’t attractive. He’s the type to go after a jaw-breaking gorgeous lady.

As a vain person, he likes being admired. When married, he will be overprotective and jealous. You can expect a few scandals in his home.

Because he’s insecure, he will say his wife likes someone else when she will try to blame him for something. But all in all, he’s caring and opinionated both as a father and as husband.

The Metal Goat woman

This lady gives family a lot of importance, therefore she’s devoted to her loved ones and wants to spend a lot of time with her friends.

She’s friendly and energetic, always wanting to live a new adventure. But she’s not at all superficial.

She can be too determined to succeed and a little bit narcissistic because she wants a good position on the social ladder. She prefers to work with her mind rather than her hands.

That’s why she will study when young. Any job that would require her to be creative is perfect for her. No matter what she will try to do, she will want the perfect result.

Terrified of being lonely, she’ll experience anxious moments when left by a partner or a friend. It doesn’t matter how sure of herself she seems on the outside, you will know she needs to be supported.

The Metal Goat woman truly appreciates how valuable a man in her life would be. She wants a family, no matter how frugal she may seem to be about any of the life values.

Men will make her feel good, but she wants from them domestic bliss. She’s perfect as a lover because she wants to keep the passion alive all the time.

Her home will be cozy because she takes good care of it. A responsible mother and a caring wife, she will most likely make her family happy.

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