The Gemini Man In Bed: What To Expect And How To Turn Him On

Sex with a Gemini man – the bare facts, turn-ons and turn-offs from sexual astrology

The Gemini man doesn’t get tired of lovemaking, but he is not the most passionate or laborious lover. As a dual sign, in bed he plays two roles – of a lover and of an observer.

If he wants to, he can bring immense pleasure to any woman as he knows what makes ladies tick between the sheets.

It’s not the act of lovemaking itself that excites the Gemini man. It’s more the idea of it. He responds to the partner’s pleasure, but in the same time he is studying the technique.

That’s why he prefers to do it with the lights on and if possible, with mirrors all around. He wants to see how things happen from every angle.

He is very stimulated by pornography, so don’t hesitate to put something on before you both jump into bed.

Oral sex is not the Gemini man’s favorite, but he is a fan of other types of preludes. He enjoys the foreplay a lot and it always takes him long to play before sex.

Meanwhile, the act itself is kept short. He likes the final satisfaction to be worth the effort.

The truth about his hidden sex life

The Gemini man has his way around talking women into sleeping with him. He would make love anywhere, he doesn’t necessarily need a bed.

He wants to satisfy his curiosity more than he wants to satisfy the partner, but ladies won’t notice this.

Narcissistic, this guy knows what to tell women and he consoles many of them who are neglected by other men. He likes to create a romantic atmosphere but he can be very selfish. You shouldn’t trust the Gemini man too much.

He likes to seduce many ladies. He is sincere, but only on spot. His feelings and opinions can change from one minute to another.

This guy can be bisexual and he enjoys group sex. Variety in everything is what makes him tick. He likes to watch others masturbate while he is making love.

You could be lied to by a man in Gemini. Some of them are dirty perverts. He also likes to play with all kind of erotic sprays and oils.

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Because he is a dual sign, the Gemini man can have bisexual tendencies. Some dress up as women to satisfy this pleasure of theirs.

The man in Gemini likes to experiment with his partner and he can be into sadism as well. Even the novel “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson portrays the ways of a man born in Gemini.

Energetic and always active, this guy won’t stay in one place for too long. Or near the same person. Jumpy and tense, he lives for the next moment.

He’s always contradictory and it can be difficult for a woman to determine if he likes her or not. And he doesn’t like showing his true feelings either. He makes life difficult for those who love him, but he’s fun and many tend to forgive him.

Don’t try to make a schedule for your Gemini man. He won’t respect it as he hates being tied to something.

Hix sexuality in other life aspects

A great conversationalist, this guy talks a lot and he is very knowledgeable, no matter the subject. You would only fool yourself if you’d think you can beat him with words. Talking is his most dangerous weapon.

He is restless when he talks, as he is with everything in life. He jumps from one subject to another. But this doesn’t mean what he’s saying can’t make sense. He’s too intelligent to talk nonsense.

The Gemini is one of the most intellectual signs in the zodiac. The man born under Gemini is constantly aware of what others think of him and he has a life force that carries him everywhere. Imaginative, he sometimes forgets how to be practical and others may surpass him in executing a plan.

He likes being in love. He will be in love whenever he finds someone that he likes a little bit more. But things aren’t so great with the man in Gemini as he doesn’t like to give up his independence for a lady.

He’s completely bored by routine and he is searching to prove his intellectual abilities. Don’t be his pray if you like him.

He wants a woman to oppose him a bit. Also, don’t get annoyed if he takes too long to ask you out.

One of his biggest flaws is indecisiveness. He can also have mood swings and he’s very unpredictable. It’s because he’s always changing and gives up once he gets to discover what one of his interests was all about.

If you are good friends with a Gemini man, you probably already know what good of an adviser this guy can be. He knows how to find solutions but he doesn’t like being told what to do.

He makes great plans and he isn’t that good at criticizing others. However, while he plans things well, it is quite difficult for him to grab a hold of his money.

It’s like money are not meant to be in his hands for too long. He’s the sign to find security in uncertainties.

Contradictory and weird, but this is how Geminis usually are. Because of their impressive energy levels, many people will be impressed by them. It’s difficult for a man in this sign to ever grow up. He will always find ways to have great fun and enjoy life more.

While he dates a lot of women, the Gemini man doesn’t put love on the first place. He likes to chase the ladies just for the fun of it, for exploring the new.

He doesn’t have a sex drive to take him out desperately looking for a woman. In the beginning of a relationship he’s the best lover and partner. But his need for change will transform him very soon and he’ll be bored.

Geminis are superficial when it comes to their emotions. If you are thinking of something serious with a man in this sign, be careful. While fun, he’s not the most reliable partner to plan your future with.

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