Taurus And Taurus Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Taurus can be very domestic as this is a rather conservative combination.

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Two Taurus in a relationship sounds like a good idea. This is a sign that needs comfort and to be sure of the other’s love. Because they have common interests and a shared love for good food, Taurus natives will feel great with one another.

They will keep busy and they’ll explore their senses with no fear. It’s possible you won’t see them for days as they tend to retreat for long periods of time to enjoy the love they have for one another.

CriteriaTaurus Taurus Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When in love, the Taurus is the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Two Taurus in a relationship will take their time to give each other pleasure. They will work to build something strong and durable. Since the Taurus is known as a possessive person, two of them will understand each other.

Conservative, Taurus people are looking for something serious and long-term. They won’t waste their time with flings and relationships that are strictly sexual. On the first date, they will study one another, and look for signs of compatibility.

When Taurus and Taurus fall in love …

Inspiring stability and sweetness, the Taurus-Taurus relationship has good chances to last for a long time. Traditional, Taurus wants to get married and have a family. This means that when they’ll be together, they’ll plan and discuss what the future holds. It is great to watch them building a home and respecting family values.

Because they are Earth signs, they are rational and they see things as they actually are. When together, they will compliment and make grand gestures of love for one another. There will be nothing messy about the relationship between these two.

They will both take their time to establish a connection, meaning they will date for a long time before getting to the bedroom. The Taurus is famous for not rushing love and for being patient to see if the relationship is going to work or not.

Caring and tender, a Taurus in love with another Taurus will seem like they’ve got everything figured out. As soon as their relationship will be declared, they will decide to share a home and become more domestic.

In love with beautiful and refined things, they will collect antiques and design their home with expensive pieces of furniture. Their plans will be on long-term and well built. Venus is the planet that rules them both. This means every action they will take is aimed at proving their love for the other. Romantic excursions and beautiful gifts will definitely be included.

If they will ever fight, you won’t see them yelling at each other in public. They are both too mature to make a scene. It is more likely they will no longer speak and be cold with one another, which is painful enough.

The Taurus and Taurus relationship

Comfort and calmness are the words that best characterize the relationship between a Taurus and another Taurus. Loyal and looking for stability, they will both be reluctant when change will occur in their life.

The Taurus needs to have a routine and respect a schedule. As soon as something interferes with the way they are living their life, they lose control, and everything turns into chaos. It’s rare for a Taurus to change their mind about something, and when they do it, it means they have studied the problem and its consequences.

Tauruses are always looking for the talents of their other half when they’re involved in a relationship. They act cuddly and they are very loyal no matter how difficult the situation is. You can count on a Taurus to have your back when you are going through some bad times.

A Taurus will be attracted by a person in the same sign. These two will enjoy one another, allowing themselves to take turns for the leader’s position.

It’s normal for the Taurus to feel comfortable and secure when in the company of those similar to them, so a relationship with someone in the same sign would only bring good things in their life. If they are with someone who doesn’t see the world as they do, they feel lost and have the impression things don’t make sense anymore.

If they want to be more successful and have a healthier relationship, Tauruses need to be humbler. When they are with another Taurus, they can understand themselves more easily, and realize where life is supposed to take them.

The great thing about them dating each other is that they will discover they have many things in common. On the other hand, two Tauruses dating means their faults are more accentuated.

While they will get to enjoy things they both like, it is very likely they will make mistakes, and no one will be around to notify them about the fact that they are being wrong.

If they will be able to communicate, compromise and recognize each other’s faults, they will actually get things done. It’s indicated for two Tauruses to step out their comfort zone and realize who they are and how they are doing things the wrong way. Living in a fantasy world where everything is perfect is not indicated for this sign, especially when they are a couple.

It’s facile for them to be in a bubble that has nothing to do reality. But it’s very dangerous. They shouldn’t assume, but be curious about what makes them fail. If they would spend more time seeing what makes them different and what brings them together, they would be able to have a more rational view on the relationship and the good things that could come out of it. They can discover they are too competitive and too passionate to care about the things surrounding them.

And being lost in your own world cannot be beneficial. Just because they have a common vision on something, it doesn’t also mean that vision is also correct and helpful for their development. The patience they are so famous for needs to be put to work when they are trying to understand one another.

This is the only chance for Tauruses to better themselves, both separately and as a couple. What makes them special is that they can be guides for one another. But they should be patient and wait for the progress to happen naturally and gradually.

This sign is known to sometimes force the situation, when things don’t happen the way they want them to. The fact that they are tempered characters can impede them from getting to the good things that are meant to come their way.

As long as they stay aware and true to one another, they will understand themselves better. They are compassionate people, but their pride can sometimes cause them to lose.

Taurus and Taurus marriage compatibility

It’s not uncommon for two Taurus to end up married. There will be no surprise at their wedding announcement as they are both in a sign that believes in marriage and family. They will be great at arranging their wedding party. They value this institution too much not to make the ceremony something special and unforgettable.

Expect expensive clothes and the most exquisite menu. Let’s not forget Tauruses are simply in love with good food. It can’t be said how much their marriage will last. The women in Taurus are sentimental, while the men in Taurus are more interested in a celestial type of love.

The Taurus lady wants affection and devotion, and the man prefers the company of other men a lot. But they both want to feel safe, emotionally and financially. These common goals will help them keep close every time.

They won’t have too many children. They have a lot of love to offer, but they’ll prefer to give it to two or three kids, not an army. As parents, they are involved and responsible. They will support and not smother.

As parents, there is however the danger Taurians will think they know what their children want, without taking the time to actually know the little ones. This is how Taurus works on their own ego, by thinking they know what a person feels and thinks.

Sexual compatibility

Sexually active and passionate, the Taurus needs financial security and to be involved in a stable relationship before they unleash their sexuality. When with another Taurus, they will know how to get things heated, as they both love to be touched and caressed.

A romantic setting will make them have incredible sex. So candles and luxury sheets are the thing for the Taurus-Taurus couple. Outside the bedroom, their relationship won’t be adventurous or too wild. This Earth sign is domestic and hates taking risks. It’s important that they get hobbies and go out more, or things will become too boring.

Two Tauruses could definitely use some more adventure and passion in their lives. When they will fight, it will be difficult for them to find a common ground as they are both too stubborn.

The downsides of this union

Very materialistic and too in love with routine, two Taurus together can become boring and not at all fun. Let’s not forget they are two fixed Earth signs, which means they are both stubborn and not very open to change.

The Bull can sometimes procrastinate for days. And when they’ll be involved with a person in the same sign, they will start blaming each other when things will no longer evolve.

The Taurus-Taurus couple may sometimes need counseling to realize the faults they can’t see in each other. Aside from their famous stubbornness, Tauruses are also at risk of not challenging one another enough.

If they’ll get married and establish a comfortable life for themselves, there is the risk they will no longer go further in life. They could wake up one day realizing they are bored and they no longer want to be with the person who has been on their side for years, because that person is no longer challenging and active.

What to remember about Taurus and Taurus

Many people wonder if two Taurus can get along, if they will not get bored with the fact that they are the same. Find out that two Bulls can make a great relationship together. They have matching views on life, so they won’t fight often.

Because they are so similar, they will understand each other’s inner worlds and most secret wishes. Calm and loyal people, Tauruses are also known as very patient. The mythological equivalent of the Taurus is the Lover. Therefore, two Lovers together will be romantic, affectionate and emotional.

Since this is a sign that needs security more than anything else, two Bulls will never make one another feel like they no longer care or give the impression they want to leave.

The Taurus Taurus relationship will be full of sweetness, sensuality and stability. If the partners will both work to keep things as they are between them, everything will be beautiful and nice in their lives. If they would have a bad time, it would be only because they are irritating one another.

When one of them will feel like the other didn’t do things as promised, resentment will be the word that will best describe their relationship for a while. The Taurus won’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t have a stable life and a fat bank account.

Astrologers are saying two Bulls won’t get along that well if times will be hard and they would have no money. On the happier side, they are both strong enough to overcome anything. Stubborn and opinionated, neither of them will admit when he or she is being wrong.

It will take some time before one will throw in the towel. Another downside is that they both get too comfortable with the relationship and don’t give up on it even if things are bad. This way, they will miss on great many other opportunities and partners that would be more suited for them.

They should allow themselves to be more flexible and give up on all the plans and routines in their lives. Some variety would be beneficial, not to mention spontaneity.

A strong and stable relationship, the Taurus-Taurus can last for a lifetime. Because both partners are governed by Venus, they will always be romantic and supporting one another. The Taurus’ tendency is to become lazy and to procrastinate.

But who would care if these two would watch movies all day long instead of doing something in the garden? Don’t expect them to be dramatic. They will keep things quiet and to themselves.

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