South Node in Leo: The Influence on Personality and Life

These people are meant to have a great impact on the lives of those around, from making everything more beautiful and fun to being there in difficult times.

Leo South Node

People born during with the South Node in Leo have a superior air and may be isolating themselves from others because they think they’re very special, no matter the circumstances.

Having big egos that once held protection over them, they have problems being part of groups in which everyone has an opinion, during this lifetime.

South Node in Leo in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Sociable, lucky, talented and inspirational;
  • Challenges: Stubborn, overly-dramatic and emotional;
  • Celebrities: Daniel Radcliffe, Karl Lagerfeld, Taylor Swift, Ricky Martin, Brie Larsen;
  • Dates: Mar 29, 1952 – Oct 9, 1953; Nov 3, 1970 – Apr 27, 1972; May 23, 1989 – Nov 18, 1990; Dec 19, 2007 – Aug 21, 2009; July 27, 2026 – March 26, 2028.

It can be said they’re supposed to leave their egotistical side behind in order to make friends. They’re the best at standing out from the crowd and giving a performance worth of being remembered. More than this, they seem to have great talents when it comes to speaking in public because they’re never nervous.

Wisdom coming from the past

Many of these people are the life of every party just because their South Node is in Leo. The energy of this sign is all about performing.

Leos usually want to make others happy and can do it without too many efforts, not to mention they’re friendly enough to make everyone happy.

It can be said they’re the ones who are making the life of others more beautiful.

When there’s something happening, others can be sure there’s a Leo involved somehow.

Natives of this sign or those who have it somewhere important in the birth chart are all the time smiling and when not, they don’t hesitate to wear a smile.

It’s close to impossible for them to be turned down by their loved ones. As a matter of fact, this is their greatest Gift. Those with the South Node placed in the 5th house are quite alright with enjoying life.

They simply love dancing and going to parties, admiring art and having one-night stands because they’ve been having this kind of activities during their past lives as well.

The same South Node in the sign of Leo at their birth is indicating they most likely had children. Besides, they haven’t been very serious and preferred to have fun instead of building something concrete for themselves, or having a strategy for the way they’re living.

They may have all the time played their luck by gambling, playing the stock market or speculating.

All these things can be noticed in people with the South Node in Leo, especially in those having the most important planets here, or some strong aspects that are instilling this kind of patterns.

Natives of this placement may live hedonistically and worry a lot. More than this, they may want to no longer be so responsible from a social point of view and just roam around, with many friends that aren’t so true to them.

They’re not accustomed with the life in groups and can’t accept other points of view.

When it comes to their love life during their past lives, these are making them look for the same thing in the present lifetime.

However, the South Node is not allowing for things to happen this way. It goes the same way with the children with this placement in their birth chart, when finding their first love.

When things are extreme or if the South Node is in adverse aspects, the natives may become isolated from their children or not be so lucky when it comes to romance.

This is because they’re not trying to develop the direction their North Node is instilling and instead, they’re struggling with the South Node characteristics.

People with the South Node in Leo can be arrogant and very happy with themselves because for some time, they were superior in their group and adored by their loved ones.

However, they can be tired of all the love and praise as well. As a matter of fact, they’re so used with all the admiration of others that they’re arrogant and can’t accept rejection of any kind.

It’s very likely for them to be bitter with the ones in power and who are wealthy, but they don’t want to escape the people’s games.

Accustomed with being admired by others, South Node Leos don’t like it when the attention is not on them, even if they’re not providing and they’ve lost it.

In fact, they can feel burdened by the efforts they need to make in order to make their loved ones happy, at some point.

They tend to be too dramatic when it comes to love and personal issues, also to become too motivated when trying to obtain what they want.

More than this, they don’t want to be just another face in the crowd, so they’re giving their best to be different.

These are the challenges of the South Node in Leo. Natives of this placement need to leave their fear of having a relationship behind, as well to offer their partner their freedom to act the way they want to.

Equality needs to be grasped by them in every sense of what the word means.

Letting go of any personal drama

Individuals with South Node in Leo need to understand they’re special even if belonging to a group, as well that they need to be impartial and attentive to others’ needs.

No longer chasing only what they want, they can be more satisfied and eventually obtain what they need.

As far as their personal connections and love are going, these can suffer greatly if they’re taking everything to be about them and expecting others to follow their lead.

If they’re letting go of all the drama in their life, as well of the praise of others, they can become more objective and start to cultivate honest friendships, which will help them have a more balanced life.

This is helping them have healthier relationships. South Node Leos remember that during their past lives, they were surrounded by luxury and people who offered them their services, also that they’ve been superior.

They can have a modest life during the present cycle and still remember the privileges from other times. For this reason, they’re expecting others to serve them, not to mention they aren’t trying to win their position in society because they think they deserve everything.

Others are denying them their privileges and they’re continuing to act like royals because this is how they’ve been accustomed to live or how they want to appear.

As far as their attitude is going, these natives are melodramatic like in soap operas. They all the time want to play a part and to exaggerate their emotions, not to mention they require a wide audience to take part in their lives because they love dealing with intrigues. At least their friends can be sure they’re not dull.

Natives of the South Node Leo are known for their failed romances because they expect their ex-partners to regret them for a lifetime.

They want dangerous emotions and to be thrilled, not to mention they seem to make the wrong decisions when it comes to love.

Feeling proud when breaking a heart and aching themselves as well, they can end up being exhausted or unhappy.

More than this, they may want too much to stay friends with their exes and stress these people too much.

Expressive and looking to be admired, they’re performing in order to remain unforgettable and to be even more adored. They’re doing this by being dramatic, dressing up extravagantly and adopting a superior posture.

Being applauded by others can become emptiness for them when they’re looking to be more in control, also intellectual. This is when their behavior passes unnoticed.

If they loved and gained a lot of knowledge, they can become warmer and can have more confidence in their own abilities, especially in front of a wide audience.

These South Node Leos want to share what they know and to give others because this way, they’re expressing their talent and impressing the society.

Having the North Node in Aquarius, this lifetime is for them full of changes because they’re no longer so interested in entertaining others, cultivating their imagination and being around children, as well helping the entire humanity.

In other words, they’re no longer looking to entertain in order to make everyone feel good.

It’s quite impressive to see the Energy of Leo moving towards of one of the Aquarius. Water Bearers are known for investing their hard work in helping others and for wanting to save the world.

This sign is influencing natives to be fighters for good causes and for the young.

When it comes to the sign of Leo, this is all about making people smile. Aquarius is the caretaker, so both these signs are helping South Node Leos in their own way.

It’s good to know the Leo is coming to put a smile on people’s faces and Aquarius is making things better for everyone. The energies of these two signs are working greatly when it comes to humanitarian causes.

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