South Node in Virgo: The Influence on Personality and Life

These people have a wider view of the world than most people and are often the ones to come up with a visionary perspective and inspire their peers.

Virgo South Node

The South Node in Virgo is all about the memories of childhood and past lives’ emotions. Regarding it from the reincarnation perspective, this lunar Node represents what’s emotionally left from the past.

Individuals born with the South Node in Virgo no longer remember things from their youth, neither what happened to them during past lifetimes. Instead, they have emotional reminiscences brought on by the Moon, and are feeling like they need to deal with their past by being kinder than usual.

South Node in Virgo in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Loyal, attentive and charming;
  • Challenges: Individualistic, anxious and obstinate;
  • Celebrities: Matthew McConaughey, Mariah Carey, Adele, Naomi Campbell;
  • Dates: Jul 27, 1950 – Mar 28, 1952; Apr 20, 1969 – Nov 2, 1970; Dec 3, 1987 – May 22, 1989; Jun 23, 2006 – Dec 18, 2007; January 12, 2025 – July 26, 2026.

This South Node placement is all about what’s been forgotten and can make natives feel like they just woke from dreams they no longer remember. It’s influencing people to change their life stories.

Navigating their own fears

Those with the South Node in Virgo can learn more than others about love and being loved. When the 6th House is holding this Node, natives of this placement should worry less about their career and the everyday life.

They shouldn’t allow their relationships with their colleagues or business associates to take over their life. It would be smarter for them to try and be more spiritual, as well to dedicate their life to exploring the occult or to be more in contact with their subconscious.

More than this, their karmic duty is to learn self-healing, to start facing their fears and to no longer focus that much on their body, but more on their mind.

Individuals with South Node in Virgo are alright with following a daily routine and are all the time focused on working.

They can very well organize their time and at the same time, they’re paying good attention to their health.

This is all coming into their existence through reincarnation, as during their past existences, they were only focused on matters of the 6th House. Most likely, they were working too hard and the stress affected their life.

For these reasons, they can be hypochondriacs during the present lifetime, all the time afraid to not get sick.

As a matter of fact, their own fears can cause them to get sick, so they need to no longer be so attentive to their body because they can end up being exaggeratedly anxious instead of healing themselves.

The answers they’re looking for are in their 12th House, the one of spirituality, if they want to no longer have health issues because their real problems are with their subconscious, not with their physicality.

When worrying all the time, they can start feeling guilty that they aren’t good enough, not to mention they can end up no longer having faith and being part of something spiritual.

When analyzing themselves all the time and the people surrounding them, they can generate some problems of the South Node in Virgo position.

This is a placement in which people are employing all of their spiritual power and are looking at the world from a wider perspective, also one in which they’re releasing their fear of not being efficient enough.

People with this lunar Node in the 6th House should love themselves and the peoples surrounding them in a more affectionate manner. More than this, they should be modest and feel safe knowing they’re not perfect.

They should believe in their imagination and try to develop it, as well their compassionate feelings. It’s important for them to not have obsessions and follow certain norms, as well to pay attention to details.

The more they don’t fear things done by them aren’t perfect, the more they can become balanced and escape their feelings of guilt.

During their past, they may have though they’re the ones who always did things the right way, not to mention how big the expectations they had for themselves were when being observed.

In their past lives, natives with South Node in Virgo may have worked as doctors, have been spiritual gurus or crafts people. They most likely have done something that requires precision and perfection.

Their parents and other members of their family may have asked a lot of them. It’s very probable they wanted to do everything right.

Since it’s very difficult to live this way and to fear failure so much, their feelings may have been internalized and they were all the time feeling inadequate or ashamed.

This attitude of theirs may as well have resulted from the fact that their mentors and life models have abused them in some ways, even the sexual ones.

The lesson of being more graceful and less judgmental

Always dutiful and respecting rules in one of their past lives or perhaps in the present one, South Node Virgos can relax their mind and just go with what their heart is telling them.

If they want to love, to enjoy beauty and to be creative, they should go ahead and do it.

More than this, they should just explore the highest peaks of their imagination and see the world form there because the present life is giving them a chance to unite their mind with their heart.

They can be daring enough to allow themselves to be gentle with themselves, to make mistakes and to no longer pay so much attention to details. More than this, they should forgive more.

They most of the time develop in an environment that’s giving them many responsibilities. For this reason, they’re good assistants and others are enjoying their help.

It’s essential they’re sacrificing some of their time to perform their duties and discipline their mind more and more.

While strange, it’s still good they’re comfortable with this role and aren’t looking to change it in any way. Their karma is challenging them to let go of the duties others are imposing on them and to look for having their own life experiences.

However, doing all this too drastically, they can end up all alone. These people need a lot of boldness to no longer be slaves to others, no matter how good they may be as employers.

All this means they should be alone because solitude can truly help them. They can achieve their inner balance by being in nature or living outside cities.

In other words, their life may be solitary and some of them can become monks. They definitely need to leave routine for others, at least from time to time.

Natives with South Node in Virgo should learn to escape bad situations in the most graceful manner and avoid judging.

They shouldn’t be all the time right or arguing with others because their intuition can help them find the answers they’re looking for. Over-analyzing and looking too much into details can be bad for them.

Struggling for survival or their desperate tries to survive can influence them in a bad way, so they need to be more than only precise and all the time tern in their way of thinking.

During this lifetime, a part of their soul is asking them to just trust life as it comes and to give let the Divinity take care of their fears. They should understand they’re loved.

When it comes to love, South Node Virgos can identify the soft spots and tolerance of their North Node in Pisces. They’re affectionate, giving and creative, as well tolerant.

The axis Pisces-Virgo is bringing about balance for the psyche, so its natives aren’t too criticizing.

Neptune is ruling over Pisces, so all this planet’s activities are good for the South Node Virgos, no matter if about playing the imagination or just having a walk.

Love seems easier when the modesty and rough discipline of the Virgo is avoided, allowing the profoundness and discriminating ways of Pisces to be present.

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