North Node in Aquarius: The Sharp Adventurer

These people need to find a way to escape being trapped in their own ego because they let themselves fall on this path quite often and so disregard those around them.

Aquarius North Node

People with the North Node in Aquarius can envision the world and dream the big dreams. They are very convinced of how important justice is, and most of the time courageous enough to share their opinions.

As a matter of fact, these natives are the ones who are writing to important people about how to organize charities and how to raise money for peace to be instilled. These natives don’t believe in conforming and are very romantic, the ones who are usually in exile because their way of thinking is unique.

North Node in Aquarius in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Idealistic, attentive and kind-hearted;
  • Challenges: Dramatic, rude and selfish;
  • Celebrities: Pierce Brosnan, Liam Hemsworth, Elvis Presley, Karl Lagerfeld;
  • Dates: Mar 29, 1952 – Oct 9, 1953; Nov 3, 1970 – Apr 27, 1972; May 23, 1989 – Nov 18, 1990; Dec 19, 2007 – Aug 21, 2009; July 27, 2026 – March 26, 2028.

These people are at their best when taking good care of themselves and coming up with new ideas. The biggest challenge for them is to balance their mind with their heart. The more they’re learning to relate and have their own roles set apart, the more they can be seen as equals and good friends.

Kindhearted and expressive

The North Node in the Aquarius sign can be the perfect placement for this specific Node because the energy of the Water Bearer is one of progress and advancement.

Since the North Node is all about these things as well, there’s enough room for development for the natives with this placement in Aquarius. These people can speed up the process of growth.

More than this, they can be more in tune with everything that’s bigger than themselves.

Aquariuses are always thinking about the future, so those with the North Node in this sign can see how brilliant they can become at some point in their life.

If they want to be higher beings, they need to no longer be trapped in their own ego. They also have the South Node in Leo, meaning their past is all about being recognized for their special talents.

During their past lives, they were probably more important than they are in the current one. This means they fed on the admiration of others, as well that they wanted all the attention to be on them.

People having the South Node in Leo were probably very famous during their past lives, people with authority such as political leaders or actors. Some of them could have been Royalty.

If this wasn’t the case, they have surely been treated like this. They ruled no matter what, so they may be domineering and too authoritative during the present lifetime too.

It’s important for them to leave all kind of drama behind, as well to stop doing things only their way and taking many risks.

When asking God and the entire Universe for their desires, they’re leaving it to life to bring them what they need, at the proper time.

During this lifetime, they can just have their relaxation times, but they need to as well be in control of their life and therefore, responsible.

In conclusion, they may have been tyrannical and allowed themselves to become too big. It’s difficult for people who were born with the South Node in Leo to let go of the ego from their previous lifetime.

They can be selfish, rude and too authoritative, even tyrannical. However, the South Node is what wasn’t let go of from previous existences.

Therefore, the karma is all about giving up being obsessed with oneself because this can ruin relationships.

People with the South Node in Leo are kindhearted, meaning they’re also passionate and romantic, even dramatic. As a matter of fact, drama is their thing because they were never bored during past lives.

The bad behavior of the South Node in Leo has been expressed in past life, in people with this placement. This behavior could have been about them acting like they are the most important people in the world, especially if the situation is dramatic.

It’s not only about being focused on oneself, but also about looking at others as if they need to play their own role.

These people can be really upset when someone isn’t performing like they do. For example, they can demand their associates to act strictly like associates and nothing else.

When things aren’t going the way they’re expecting them to and drama doesn’t exist, North Node Aquarius natives can’t feel fulfilled.

They can be at the center of attention, asking others to follow their lead, but they can feel empty while doing it.

Since the Sun is the celestial body ruling the sign in which their South Node is, it can be difficult for them to defeat their self.

The South Node is meant to be refused, especially when people are extreme about it. However, it wouldn’t be a good idea for people to give on this Node of theirs because they can learn many great things about themselves.

However, they need to keep the traits coming from here in balance with the North Node.

Whereas the South Node is the one of comfort and more familiar for expressing the soul, the North one is the one of higher expression.

It’s not like people are accumulating knowledge in order to develop their North Node. They’re more consciously aware of its presence in them.

This is developing when people aren’t happy with their South Node, which can be funny because it’s making people relate more to what’s making them sad.

This last-mentioned Node is not so fulfilling, but more like the job people are supposed to do. Their soul is yearning to just be themselves because when young, they haven’t connected so well with their self.

True visionaries

During this lifetime, people with this aspect may want to be liked by others because they’re charismatic and many things are projected onto them, true or not.

Others can see them as luckier than they actually are, or perhaps like embodying ideals. However, regardless of the projections, their freedom and the praise from others is more important for them.

They probably were at the center of attention during past lives, as well felt like they’re someone special, which probably didn’t feel good for their soul. In the current lifetime, they have the desire to be true to themselves and to not go with the herd.

Since individuals with the North Node in Aquarius are able to see many things other people can’t, they can launch new ideas into the world.

They’re true visionaries who are paying attention to the direction their life is taking, next to their loved ones.

If returning on their path to gather all the gold casted by the Leo’s shadow, they can be kind, open and giving, as well never hurried to judge. These natives should expect surprises in life, and just dance.

The soul purpose of people born with North Node in Aquarius is to know what’s truly good and when to make changes, as well to get rid of everything that’s corrupt.

They’re true visionaries and big dreamers who want to live in a different manner.

These persons shouldn’t be seduced by what others are expecting of them, neither by the projections these people are having when it comes to their individuality.

The Aquarius sign is all about being free and expressing what the soul needs in an original manner.

Their shadow is about them being focused too much on themselves when trying to give something from what they’re having. More than this, they may too often want to be in the center of attention.

The North Node Aquariuses have a need to share their talents with others, but they need to have good intentions because looking too much to have all the attention on them can make these people selfish, even if in the most discrete and playful way, that seems enjoyable for their closed ones.

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