South Node in Cancer: The Influence on Personality and Life

These people are surprisingly self-reliant and don’t allow anyone to stand in their way when they want to achieve something.

Cancer South Node

Those born with the South Node in Cancer are family oriented and looking to feel emotionally secure, meaning they can have difficulties developing their professional life.

This is all because they’re too detached when it comes to work. More than this, they can be overly attached to their youngest years, holding on too much on others and avoiding taking any responsibility.

South Node in Cancer in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Responsible, precise and ambitious;
  • Challenges: Selfish, bitter and conceited;
  • Celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, Michael Moore;
  • Dates: Oct 10, 1953 – Apr 2, 1955; Apr 28, 1972 – Oct 27, 1973; Nov 19, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992; Aug 22, 2009 – Mar 3, 2011; March 27, 2028 – September 23, 2029.

Natives with the South Node in Cancer may fear getting rejected to the extreme, this being the reason why they’re missing out on opportunities, not to mention they can focus too much on their emotions.

Letting go of angst and worries

The placement of the South Node in Cancer is indicating that these natives should try their best to be in charge and responsible. They can blame their past without thinking too much, instead of looking at what’s causing them to feel insecure and what is at the source of the emotions they’re having.

This can make impede them from moving forward and being self-reliant. Not that they don’t want security, it’s just that they need to no longer be dependent in order to obtain it.

People born with the South Node in Cancer are very aware of what they’re feeling, but if they want to evolve, they need to see the difference between being sensitive and responsible.

They can’t simply rely on what they’re feeling, no matter how much they would want for their life to be this way.

It’s possible for them to be acclaimed for their efforts at some point, but in order for this to happen, they need to let go of their past and childhood.

These people need to have precise goals and a direction as well, because this is the only way for them to financially and emotionally independent, things they so much want.

Their soul is traveling from feeling emotionally secure in the family to wanting a position in a group or in the world.

The South Node in Cancer in their birth chart is indication they can be moody and too dependent on others.

Since this lunar Node is indication where they’re coming from in their life and perhaps many details about their past lifetimes, they should pay attention to their unfinished business, as well the habits they should no longer have.

When there’s movement in the direction of the North Node in the 10th house of the Capricorn, people are called to make plans, be more disciplined when it comes to achieving their goals and taking action.

They need to no longer hold on to their relationships and to release the grip of the Cancer, which is all about family and origins. In other words, they need to prepare themselves for the world.

It’s common for individuals with South Node in Cancer to have problems during their childhood, even if they’re not admitting it.

Even if their home life hasn’t been dysfunctional, they may still feel like they aren’t fulfilled with what happened at home, not to mention they can have difficulties with building a family of their own later in life.

They can feel all these things vaguely and their past has most likely been troubled, so they’re all the time hoping to solve their problems, which can seem impossible.

More than this, they can refuse to take on any responsibility because they’re too dependent on their family or a group they consider to be the same as their family.

These natives seem to be loved by many people, but they need to find ways of expressing themselves in a creative manner, as well to make some time for their friends. It’s very likely for many of them to surprise their friends and acquaintances with their success.

They can go after the needy and after ask themselves how these people have failed. At the same time, they’re looking to share with others what they want when it comes to comfort and what’s making them be elusive.

On top of this, they fear to become detached when their career is starting to advance because they keep coming back to their domestic security.

In the same way, they’re joining groups they don’t actually like, just to replace the unity at home.

The same natives born with South Node in Cancer can have many sorrows when it comes to their mother and the family that raised them. From now and then, they can deny the issued they’re having with their mother.

Some can feel this woman’s pains very intensely and not have means to make her feel better.

This is because they’re feeling unsuitable and because she’s not the strong lady they believed her to be.

Authoritative but emotional

South Node Cancers can be timid in front of this cruel world, which they fear a lot. They need to be safe from hostile environments and hurtful situations, especially when not being aware of how to be mature and to deal with challenges.

They should enjoy discovering their abilities. When it comes to the support they’re receiving from others, their ancient ways of nurturing are driving them to invest every resource they have into helping others make their dreams come true and forgetting about their own goals.

Maybe they’re looking to avoid some things and fear challenges, not to mention they can feel frustrated when waiting.

The idea here is for them to activate themselves and to make their intuition work when having to protect themselves. By default, they should allow others’ moods and their partner to influence how productive they are and their ethic.

They have the tendency to become dramatic when trying to leave all of their personal dreams behind. More than this, they’re real victims of sentimental episodes, allowing feelings to give the pace of their life.

Their sensitive ways can be employed for developing personal connections. Their intelligence is rather emotional and their means to choose their friends.

It can be challenging for them to sacrifice their own authority or to be falsely emotional. As well, they can be the slaves of illusory obligations.

If there’s to discuss more about their relationships, they can allow their feelings to dictate them how these are going.

People with South Node in Cancer can progress by becoming tougher and letting themselves go through many feelings, but without becoming obsessive.

They should set healthy limits between themselves and others, all this while being realistic and sensitive, but in control of their own emotions.

The same natives with the South Node in Cancer can be moody and react childishly to different things or situations.

They’re sometimes allowing their emotions to rule them, until they’re becoming disadvantaged.

If no longer in control, they can be overwhelmed. More than this, they can have exaggerated reactions and after not like themselves for being immature.

These natives can waste their time and feel sorry for themselves. If feeling insecure, they’re going to their loved ones to get comforted, as well when they’re in need or not feeling adequate.

Being very sensitive to other people’s moods, they can worry when not close enough to them, or when not knowing what’s going through their heads.

There are times when they have a need for intimacy and others aren’t in the same boat as them, moment in which South North Cancers get to feel rejected.

When it comes to the battle between their personal and professional lives, they can’t escape feeling almost intimate with their associates and colleagues.

For this reason, they can talk too much about their personal life and desire closeness, which can impede them from developing healthy business relations.

If the connections they’re looking for are inexistent, they may not realize how to develop strong relationships, as soon as they’ve overcome the first stage of their fear.

What natives born with South Node in Cancer can’t see is how their personal connections aren’t forcing them to do anything. If not properly managed however, these can have them not being able to be professional because they’re just too personal.

When individuals with South Node in Cancer are leaving the home where they grew up in, they really want to do it. The more they’re developing, the more their childhood keeps calling them back, as well their family.

This call from inside their heart is having them advance less, because they’re always looking to return. It’s normal for these natives to have ups and downs when it comes to their professional life, as well to start things all over again.

This means they’re never leaving their family and that the child in them is supposed to become an adult. When mature, these people are able to be more efficient.

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