South Node in Libra: The Influence on Personality and Life

These people are attentive and kind, often harbouring the most beautiful of feelings, although they don’t always show it.

Libra South Node

People born with South Node in Libra want the approval of others too much, not to mention they can be too dependent, which can impede them from having their own destiny.

When it comes to relationships, they’re all the time running around. Their old traditions can keep them committed but inside their heart, they want to be free and to roam around because being with someone doesn’t make them entirely happy. However, when alone, they’re looking for togetherness.

South Node in Libra in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Dependable, spiritual and introspective;
  • Challenges: Procrastinating and domineering;
  • Celebrities: Richard Gere, Meryl Streep, Celine Dion, David Guetta, Kesha;
  • Dates: Jan 27, 1949 – Jul 26, 1950; Aug 20, 1967 – Apr 19, 1969; Apr 7, 1986 – Dec 2, 1987; Dec 27, 2004 – Jun 22, 2006; July 18, 2023 – January 11, 2025.

If motivated to take action, this is happening only because they’re reacting to someone else, when they’re no longer able to enjoy life to its fullest. As far as traveling is going, they want to do it alone.

Great judges of character

Looking at the evolutionary astrology, it can be said the South Node is all about the business that hasn’t been finished, the challenges in every native’s life and the problems he or she had during past existences.

Therefore, the South Node can be considered a negative one. It’s like when nice people aren’t, after all, that nice. As a matter of fact, individuals who are too kind and interested in what others are feeling may seem as chameleons in the eyes of others.

South Node Libras have a need to please and to make others feel good in their presence, but this may be a way for them to hide some of their pain.

They like to merge with others and to be dependent on them, so the Libra sign is influencing them to be opportunistic and needy.

As a matter of fact, this is happening with the Sun and Moon Libras as well. Strictly related to the South Node, it can be said their emotions are organic and that they’re always hoping to get close to their loved ones in the most original ways.

Venus is asking for healthy relationships, balance and the most beautiful feelings, which is completely fine. More than this, The Libra is demanding Justice and equality.

Individuals with South Node in Libra want to stop and smell the roses. In the same time, they don’t mind exaggerating the truth and taking risks in order have their goals and objectives fulfilled.

When it comes to their identity, they’re simply merging with other people’s personalities that they no longer know how they are.

Paying attention to other people’s opinions and always questioning their own decisions, they don’t mind seeing things from different perspectives and judging the best they can.

These natives are oftentimes associating their life with the one of others and end up no longer trusting themselves.

Tradition is making them look for individuals that have the same identity as theirs, but they’re most of the time can find differences they’re having with others too be too much, even impeding them from surviving.

Fearing to not get the approval of others, they can anticipate when someone is not going to be accepting of their ways.

They can sometimes do the most horrible things, but their mind will always change and cooperate rather than be egotistical.

People with South Node in Libra are often in the center of attention and are looking to be popular because they’re always looking for harmony.

They’re always building, covering things up and smiling because they want to be of help and to please.

All this can have them completely frustrated and conflicting when it comes to separation, not to mention it can determine them to always search for themselves.

However, they’re all the time turning to please others and when they can’t do it, they start to desperately ask themselves why.

Indecisive, they constantly want the approval of others and can be worried when not too clear or rapid with the choices they’re making.

Being at peace with their own decisions

It’s difficult for individuals with South Node in Libra to understand that no one can live their life for them and that they can do whatever they desire.

When feeling good about themselves, they can include others in the decisions they’re making, but if the opposite of self-appreciation is happening, they can try too much to rationalize how things are going to work for them.

They can be satisfied and wait for life to happen for them, but this doesn’t mean they’re no longer busy analyzing their many options.

These natives can be too fair because they never want to do what’s wrong and are insisting that justice is being served. If not in the presence of fairness, they can hurt very badly.

Their karma is good and every of their good deed repaid. They love performing for others and meeting their demands, even if this is tiring them and they can have their relationships ended because of it.

South Node Libras are feeling liberated when doing the right things and having a good behavior because they’re simply too kind. They fear more rejecting others than being rejected themselves.

For these reasons, they can be involved in situations that aren’t so rewarding for themselves.

If by mistake, they’re cutting someone off, they’re becoming doubtful and regretful of whom they are, hoping to make things work well again.

However, they’re aware that they need to sometimes separate themselves from others, in order to be free. Their South Node in Libra is making them admit complete satisfaction can’t be attained.

At the same time, it’s giving them their power to make decisions when they need to advance in life. Rejection is something firmly anchored in their identity, not to mention it gives them some confidence.

The most difficult challenge of this lunar Node in Libra is dealing with the fear of being alone. People with this placement are thinking they can’t put up with loneliness, but they’re most of the time not knowing how it actually feels like.

When isolated, they’re trying to escape the situation, no matter what price they may need to pay. Some of them may not realize they’re never going to be all alone because people are immediately coming to them, especially when they’re not so needy.

These natives love being around people with multiple faces, but they can also be self-absorbed. It’s one of their talents to alternate between these attitudes.

They’re gullible, fast to respond and sometimes play the victim in order to gain more authority because spending time alone is giving them more life.

More than this, they enjoy feeling like one and in the same time being separated from their loved ones. The relationship they’re having with the Self is the most important one.

Being too sensitive can lead them to live an unbalanced life. When having to compromise, they’re analyzing, cooperating and obtaining the support of others.

However, they’re avoiding being too much one-on-one with others because they need to develop a complete connection with their Self.

Just like with any situation or person, people with South Node in Libra are enjoying the essential balance between opposites because the Libra-Aries axis is influencing them to be like this.

There are many great things to be learned from them and the placement of their South Node, but they need to play their relationships and to be responsive to beauty, by acting kindly.

This is the only way for them to be their higher selves. In conclusion, South Node Libras need to be original when nourishing their need for genuine relationships, as well to not be deceiving.

They love exploring the illusions Neptune brings about, but they should remain assertive when it comes to life matters because Venus is in need for Mars.

When it comes to conflict, there are many things happening for them because they’re feisty and calm until an explosion takes place.

Feeling uncomfortable when their balance is being disturbed, they can’t refuse to make compromises, which can lead to them feeling resentments.

Individuals with South Node in Libra have a need to support their own views, but can become weak when disagreeing with someone. It’s difficult for them to set limits, yet they want to protect themselves against ambiguity.

They know that healthy relationships require quarrels as well. The issue with them is that the effort of maintaining strong connections with others can exhaust them, not to mention they can fear what they’re supposed to do and just detach themselves.

What they should do is avoid conflicts to begin with because continuously supporting their own points of view can have them overwhelmed with having to give explanations.

What they want to do is to act, not to justify themselves, so they’re not the most apologizing people.

Demanding and trying to get things to be done their way doesn’t make them decisive, especially when they’re winning.

It can be said they’re selfish, which can be very helpful for them. Wanting to compete, still they’re not ready to make an effort in order for them to arrive first at any destination. South Node Libras are often doing only what they want in life.

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