South Node in Taurus: The Influence on Personality and Life

These people don’t like relying on others but open their hearts and homes to those around them and can be quite dependable.

Taurus South Node

Those who are born with the South Node in Taurus are going along with what they’re gifted and often decide to take the most difficult path in life because they don’t want to let go of tradition and neither find satisfaction in exploring the unknown.

They’re finding the material world to be their harbor, everything that’s preventing them from becoming too spiritual, but they need to make some sacrifices for it. More than anything, these natives fear losing what they already have.

South Node in Taurus in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Self-reliant, direct, exploring and honest;
  • Challenges: Instinctual, arrogant and harsh;
  • Celebrities: Prince, Charlize Theron, Colin Farrell, Alicia Silverstone, Tiger Woods;
  • Dates: Oct 5, 1956 – Jun 16, 1958; Jul 10, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977; Feb 2, 1994 – Jul 31, 1995; Aug 30, 2012 – Feb 18, 2014; March 21, 2031 – October 14, 2032.

A need to explore the different sides of life

South Node in Taurus natives have the tendency to rely on no one else but themselves and to follow only their own ways, as well to hold on to their possessions and their old habits.

Besides, they want a secure life, so crisis situations can have them terrified. When trying to make their dreams come true, they’d rather be logical and not listen to their intuition, which can be a problem.

The South Node in Taurus in their birth chart is indicating they need to let go of how tightly they’re holding on to both people and things.

They should as well open their soul to change and accept rebirth. South Node Taurians can have problems when it comes to relationships because they can’t see how much others are worth and expect them to have the same values as them.

They don’t necessarily need a partner, they need only to appreciate how valuable true relationships are, also how important closeness is for their security.

In order for this to happen, they need in the first place to let go of their instincts of self-reliance and to want to share.

These people may be terrified of making any change and can refuse to accept what others are saying to be true.

More than this, they can be the victims of all their senses, so they need to be more active in situations of crisis and reform. It can be bothering for them to no longer have material security.

However, if they’re sticking to the people and the systems that are no longer in trend, they can limit themselves and no longer follow the right direction in life.

It’s important for natives with South Node in Taurus to no longer be strongly attached to their own ways, if they want to find balance.

The axis between their North and South Nodes is helping them put their fighting and investigating spirit in line with what they’re supposed to do.

If there is for these Nodes to be used in an efficient manner for them, they need to be aware of what they need from a physical and mental point of view.

All in all, South Node Taurians need to explore life thinking there’s always something beyond reality, something very important.

Whereas common sense is something that characterizes then, they should use their senses when it comes to both their inner world and the one outside of it.

Natives of this placement know what peace means, as well creativity and how to enjoy life. If Scorpio is present somewhere in their birth chart, they may want to discover mysteries and explore the unknown.

When it comes to the education of these natives, this is multi-faceted. It’s teaching its natives that they should invest efforts when exploring, including when making a journey to discover themselves.

The challenge when it comes to this same axis is about being complacent and serene.

The South Node is all about what people come into the world with, from their talents to their weaknesses and challenges.

Those with the South Node in Taurus are aware of the pleasure comfort offers, not to mention their sensuality is unequaled. They want to have enough money and their emotions secured because this is how they’re feeling alive.

They are beyond self-resilient

Venus is the planet ruling Taurus, giving natives with South Node in this sign more appreciation towards the ground they’re standing on, their connections with others and the pleasures of life, also the devotion of friends.

The grip these people are having on their own life is about what they don’t actually need, about the excesses they’re making and can’t get rid of.

It’s not necessarily about possessions, also about people. They can hold on too tightly to what they have. Keeping in their heart and soul everything they don’t need can impede them from being more secure.

In the sign of Taurus, Venus is truly “happy”, meaning this planet is feeling comfortable when lending its energies to this sign. More than this, it’s making natives with the Bull present in their birth chart more practical while giving them sensuality.

People born with South Node in Taurus are very afraid of ending up poor. They want to be in control of their own money, so they’re taking good care of their finances.

Some of them are working tirelessly to never end up without money. They want financial security, to live in comfort and to depend on no one.

The individuals born with the South Node in Taurus want to be their own providers, so they can’t all the time be happy with the support of others. Even when accepting to be helped, they still can’t completely trust and be open.

Security is more important for them than anything else. Since their North Node is in Taurus, they have a big appetite and a desire to own things.

This is indicating they can become slaves to pleasure and not enjoy it too much, in the end.

Those of them who aren’t collecting too much or working over-time are the ones chasing what doesn’t have to do with the material world.

This can happen if they’re not exaggerating, which is often the case with the South Node Tauruses because this specific Node is about what hasn’t been obtained in one of the past lives or during youth, in this one.

Therefore, the present one for them is about letting go of the negative side of what they didn’t have.

Individuals with the South Node in Taurus are very good when it comes to exchanging money because they know what hard work means.

South Node Tauruses can often find themselves talking about what changes can do and can give the impression that they’re doing them.

However, they’re oftentimes aren’t changing the main ways through which their life can be more joyful. They don’t want to experience life to its fullest, so they can find themselves at the start line more than often.

Understanding pain is necessary for transformation, they’re in fact avoiding it as much as possible, mostly because they don’t want to be left without energy or in any way changed.

These natives are true masters when it comes to the material realm, not to mention how much they can understand when it comes to pleasure.

This is helping them a lot because they’re looking for emotions and fulfillment of any kind, also for what their spirit can release in order for a merge with the opportunities offered by life to take place.

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