How To Attract A Pisces Man: Top Tips For Getting Him To Fall In Love

See the kind of woman he is after and how to win his heart.

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Top five tips:
  1. You must be a physical and emotional soulmate.
  2. Get your sexy thinking out there.
  3. There are no taboos with him.
  4. Appeal to his kind heart.
  5. Don’t suffocate him with your attention.

The most romantic sign of the zodiac, the Pisces man is dreamy and relaxed. As a matter of fact, he is often more concerned with his own thoughts and imagination than he is with the woman next to him. All Water signs, including Pisces, want to be in love.

The man in Pisces wants to share a deep and spiritual connection with the woman he loves. It’s easy to attract him, especially if you are idealistic and you think of love as this fairytale that can make everything better in your life.

The most emotional guy you’ll ever see, this man is never too masculine or difficult to have a word with. He’s the type who puts the other first and who will hold his lover’s hand.

He wants to adore the woman that he cares about, and he doesn’t mind being adored too. There’s nothing you couldn’t share with him.

He likes to talk about anything, no subject being taboo with him. He’s the best friend and the most romantic lover. His emotions are almost feminine and he falls in love immediately.

Therefore, it won’t be very difficult to attract him. Some flirting and intense eye contact should do the trick. It is a known fact that Pisces fall deeply when someone looks them in the eyes and smiles.

Think of something sexy while you are doing this and your Pisces man will follow. He is famous for being able to guess thoughts and feelings.

Cultivate yourself

Many are saying that Pisces are telepathic creatures. The man in this sign likes to admire a beautiful woman, so make sure you look gorgeous each time you get together with him. Put on some comfy clothes and a light makeup, though. He doesn’t like people who are too formal, and he’s more into natural beauty.

He wants a soulmate who will be next to him both physically and emotionally. As he likes art and spiritual things, he’ll want someone with the same interests. If you don’t have any hobbies to keep you active and culturally knowledgeable, take some painting classes or learn how to play an instrument.

The Pisces man will surely be curious about your personality if he notices you have such interests. He is the type who likes to overcome the routine and appreciates beauty in everything that he sees.

What’s interesting about the relationship with him is that he’ll guess what you are feeling even before you start to speak. If you want to be in his heart forever, try and somehow make his emotional side surface.

He has an ideal world in which he retreats, a perfect realm where he is with the perfect lover. That’s why he can sometimes get the wrong idea about who should be his partner, and choose someone completely wrong for his personality.

He can end up badly hurt because of this reason. This inner world of his is also an escape place for when he’s in a difficult situation. He needs to go there to feel like he’s in control.

Expect him to have mood swings, and to never know or understand what’s happening in his mind. He’s a complex person who often doesn’t see what’s wrong with himself.

He’s quite pessimistic, so he needs a woman who views life positively and is always cheerful. He will respect you more if you are able to make him feel better about the world surrounding him.

Get ready for a challenge

If you want to seduce a man in Pisces, you will never fail by appealing to his kind heart. This guy is famous for his compassion. It will be difficult for him to refuse you if you are somehow in distress.

He loves being the knight in a shining armor. Go to him with a problem, make him think he’s the only one capable of listening and helping you. Even cry a little bit. He will be moved and will try anything to make things better. Not to mention he’ll be honored that you have trusted him so much.

It’s not difficult for Water signs like the Pisces to handle others’ feelings, or to express their own. Let him know how much you value his advice and arrange to meet again to discuss.

Sensitive and soft when he’s young, he’ll be stronger and manlier later in life. However, no matter how old and macho he is, the softness will still be seen in his eyes. The balance between manliness and sensitivity will be attained by the Pisces man at some point, but at the core he will still be sweet and caring.

He needs someone who’s strong and balanced. He doesn’t mind when his partner takes the lead, and he likes to be cared for. So if you are the nurturing type, the Pisces man is definitely perfect for you.

When you are trying to get this guy, make sure you don’t suffocate him with your attention. He needs space to make a move. If you somehow pressure him for a commitment, he’ll panic and you’ll end up alone.

While he may seem submissive and indulgent, you’ll discover that is not so easy to make him settle. Be understanding and flexible. Have patience and forgive him if he doesn’t show up for a date.

As the most disorganized sign in the zodiac, he can’t be reliable all the time. He will disappear on you if you are too obvious or refuse to take no for an answer.

Be soft and calm, and you’ll eventually seduce him. Be the one who leads, but in a gentle way. He likes direct people and he doesn’t mind if he’s not the one taking the important decisions. Supportive, he will be happy each time you are successful.

With the richest imagination, he likes a partner who’s the same. Encourage him to fulfill his dreams and he will be forever yours.

Not likely to cheat, the Pisces man will be loyal to the person he’s with. His lady should never be worried that he may fall into the arms of another woman.

Be careful with his feelings

The Pisces man is also known to have a low self-esteem. That’s why someone who will make him feel better about himself is his ideal partner. If you’re with him, don’t forget to compliment his looks and intelligence, each time you get the chance.

Show interest in what he’s doing and his hobbies. Say something nice about an achievement of his. But don’t make it look like you are trying to flatter him. He won’t appreciate it.

Be honest and put his most positive qualities in the spotlight. He’s touchy and he often feels like people are patronizing him because he’s the most sensitive sign in the zodiac.

Don’t ever break his trust or somehow hurt him. You will never be able to win his heart again. Mysterious, he isn’t able to express what’s going on with him and his feelings. If you are the type of woman who needs to know everything about her partner, you can’t be with a Pisces man. He would drive you crazy.

He is secretive and he won’t be with someone who’s always questioning and probing him. He wants to be himself and be left alone to think. To speak only when he wants to.

If his privacy is not respected, he will retreat in his inner world and never get out of his own thoughts. Allow him to be creative. It’s essential for the Pisces man to express his artistic side. If he trusts you, he will eventually open and give you all the affection that he is capable of.

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