How To Seduce A Leo Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Leo man fall in love with you and what to look out for.

Double faced man

All you need to do in order to conquer a Leo man is to shower him with attention, and care. These individuals are legendarily egocentric and attention seekers, so they’re going to completely fall for you if you stroke their egos enough.

It’s going to be a competition though, because they have a lot of admirers out there, and the most ambitious sweet-talker among them will win the king’s undying love. Sure, they are romantic, very much so in fact, and they will enjoy being taken to a candle-lit dinner, or a walk in the park.

Seduce your Leo man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Stand out from the crowd but only have eyes for him.
  2. Tease him but remain direct.
  3. Be natural and a little sensible when in private.
  4. Get rid of your complexes and be ready for games.
  5. Be there when he opens about his emotions.
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Dare to challenge him

The easiest and most efficient way to keep a Leo’s attraction pinned on you is to play out a little bit with their jealousy.

They are incredibly possessive when it comes to their partners, and won’t quietly accept anything having to do with flirting or cheating.

Even if they will mostly be wrong or exaggerate about these things, it’s still going to drive them to become more protective and affectionate towards you.

It’s inevitable, after all, how else could they make sure that you won’t get up and leave them for someone else, other than putting themselves in the line of fire and proving that they are the best?

Even the strongest and most confident of people have their fears and doubts, and such is the case with the egocentric and prideful Leo men.

Who would have thought that the kings are also afraid? But they are, and their anxieties deal with their inner conflicts, what other people might criticize them for.

Self-conscious and self-aware, these natives aren’t confident because of some narcissistic view (well, maybe just a little), but because of their incredible will, ambition, and perseverance.

The one who manages to get the Leo man to open up about their fears willingly will basically succeed at this game of seduction, forever.

If you’re interested in one such native, then it’s no use wasting time on pointless seducing, because while you play around and wait for him to make the move, it might be that someone else could take the initiative and ask the Leo man on a date.

And you don’t want that to happen, now do you? The Leos’ partners have to be confident in themselves that they’re good enough, and should have the strength of character to put themselves out there if they want to achieve their desires.

So don’t dawdle anymore and make your move, this is as best a time as any other. For the exceptional Leo, only the best and most splendid of woman is fit to be his wife, and the mother of his children.

These natives are, in general, individuals who want to first look at how you take care of yourself, how you behave in society, and if they’re into that, then they’re going to want to deepen their knowledge of you.

Their ideal partner acts not with impulsivity and manly daringness, but with grace, elegance, feminine charms, and most importantly, a subtle sexual allure that exudes out of their every pore.

Tips for seducing your Leo man

Besides their diverse interests in the arts and cultural aspects of the world, a subject which they’ll readily discuss with their partners, should the occasion arise, these natives also derive pleasure from being perceived as knowledgeable people.

They want themselves to be looked upon with admiration, affection, and love, because while they may be egocentric in nature, they are also fueled by compliments, sweet words of appreciation, and such.

They are in love with being in the spotlight, at the center of everyone’s attention. It’s such an exhilarating and satisfying feeling, that they never get tired of it. And why would they?

It’s not like they hurt somebody by doing that, and if it’s something that deeply satisfies them, why wouldn’t they strive hard to achieve it?

Leo seduction turn offs

On the one hand, Leo natives don’t have a very good opinion about people who behave like they are the best ones around there, and that everyone else can’t stand up to their brilliance.

In other words, they hate those who look down upon others, who criticize the smallest of mistakes, even if done in particular situations that were unsolvable.

They are also unappreciative of those who would use every method at their disposal to get themselves at the top. You can succeed without cheating or using others as collateral victims, but that would take a lot more ambition, perseverance, and principles above all else.

Furthermore, it’s quite obvious that they don’t like competition, and if you’re the type to take control of a situation and act like everyone else is there to do your bidding, then you really have to reconsider your stance, because they’re not going to take this treatment lightly.

What you’re up against

With Leo natives, everything is tied to their egocentric nature and obsessive fascination with being in the center of attention. As a result, they are used to being constantly complimented and for people to give them the appreciation they deserve. Giving the Caesar what he deserves, that would be their motto.

Well, there’s a problem here, and that is that most people can’t stand fulfilling this role for their entire lives.

It’s a bleak outlook on what marriage should be like, and that’s why it’s a pretty challenging and risky endeavor, to choose a Leo for a partner, but it’s doable, with the right amount of patience.

One other problem is their inflated sense of their own selves, because, what else could be the result of constantly hearing themselves being complimented, having their qualities emphasized, while no one says anything about their flaws?

They have naturally formed a skewered sense of self, and if anyone dares to assault them on that level, it’s going to get ugly.

Cognitive dissonance does tend to appear as a result of the clash between their subjective opinion of themselves, and the often contradictory appreciation that their partners might make from time to time.

Therefore, it would be better to tell them these things with as much grace, diplomacy, and sweetness as possible.

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