Leo Jealousy: What You Need To Know

A tyrant when threatened, the Leo will not stand the most innocent flirt.

Romantic and open, Leo is the lover of the zodiac. They are the ones who “roar” when they’re in love as they like to boast about their feelings.

They are also demanding with their partner, meaning they expect him or her to show love through different gestures.

Leo is the most dramatic sign. They have strong emotions and they like being in the center of attention. They are proud people whose ego can’t be played with.

It can be facile to hurt a Leo, as they are fragile characters with soft hearts. They may try hiding being hurt, so be careful to study your Leo’s behavior. You may hurt him or her without even realizing it.

Being sometimes swayed by appearances, a Leo likes to brag with their partner and this thing may not be of help for them when they fall in love.

If you have a Leo as a partner, you probably already know how this person can be full of optimism and life. An abandoned Leo will always look to find someone to take them away from sadness.

Governed by the Sun, when Leos are jealous, they are jealous because they got hurt and they no longer have their dignity intact. They fear not being appreciated and loved enough.

If you don’t parade them around, or you don’t give them the attention they deserve, they may feel hurt and get jealous. They are able to forgive and you know everything is forgotten as soon as your Leo starts overwhelming you with expensive presents and courtesy.

The ones who are born on the cusp of Cancer are a little bit more settled and sometimes moody, while the ones born on the cusp of Virgo are calmer and more precise.

How they act when jealous

The big ego of a Leo will prevent him or her from developing a jealous behavior too often. They can’t accept their partner can like another person after being with them. However, the inner-side of a Leo is not at all self-confident and fiery. They are vulnerable and sensitive.

Natural born leaders, Leos are really the Kings when around people. They are outgoing and they like to make themselves noticed.

Their personality inspires devotion and happiness. Everyone would like to be near a Leo that is happy. When he or she is angry, it is rarely because of love problems, but more because they no longer are in charge of the situation.

They are pretentious with their partners and have a tendency to be expectative. Be careful not to flirt with someone else if you are already involved with a Leo.

They become tyrants when threatened and you will be forbidden to even get together with other people.

If jealous, the Leo will start comparing him or herself with the other person, will try and exaggerate these people’s flaws. They like to keep their jealousy secret as they believe they are better in any way and they end up being not so charming with their partner.

You will know your Leo is jealous if him or her starts using the expression “your friend” too often and behaves in a superior way around someone you know.

When the Leos are don’t receive the attention they so eagerly need for their dramatic side, they start feeling useless. However, there are also Leos who will not care when you pay more attention to someone else and not to them.

The signs that are most compatible with a Leo are Aries and Sagittarius, the other two Fire signs. They also make a good home with Cancer, Virgo, Gemini and Libra.

When it comes to the Pisceans governed by the Water element and the Capricorns, under the Earth element, the relationships have no sparks. They definitely can’t be with someone in Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus.

Actively coping with their jealousy

If you flatter your Leo a lot, you are sure to have him or her eating from your palm. They have a tendency to think they are the center of the Universe. Adoring and appreciating them would win you a lot of points.

A Leo that will be treated well will answer back in the same way and will be devoted. Good providers, they like the family life and they prefer being settled rather than roaming around.

They love to be courted and before deciding on a partner they enjoy all the attention of people who like them.

If you are courting a Leo, don’t be surprised when him or her leaves you confused. You can find out if they really like you if you try and pay more attention to them. They will respond by giving you more attention back.

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They make different ideas up in their minds and they often exaggerate. When the person they are jealous of enters the scene, they use all their drama talents to show what they’re feeling. Happy and kind, the Leo will always appreciate and protect you.

When people are jealous, most of the time it’s because they were hurt in a previous relationship. If you are with someone who had this problem in the past, have a talk with him or her and analyze the situation.

Explain how you are not the ex and you have different ways. Understanding why someone is jealous is the most important part in curing this “disease” and helping the relationship be healthy.

Help your partner heal the old wounds and you will both overcome any problem your relationship may have. Cooperate with your partner to recover from the shock of being cheated on. Getting back with his or her emotional side is essential to change a jealous behavior.

Jealous people usually make different scenarios in their head. This is very harming for a couple. Assure him or her things aren’t happening the way they imagine and provide evidence.

A relationship in which jealousy rules can’t last for long. Being constantly suspicious about what the other half is doing or who he or she may be with will destroy all the beautiful feelings two people have for each other. It is important to completely overcome jealousy if you want a relationship to work.

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