Love Advice Every Leo Woman Must Be Aware Of

As the strong Leo woman that you are, sometimes your domineering side doesn’t stand very well with the male counterparts.

Leo woman love advice

The woman born under the Sun sign of Leo is powerful, down-to-earth, moral and steady. She’s also unique and holds on tightly to the things she loves the most.

Smart, loyal and a real force, she makes her presence noticed at any party. If you happen to be her, your love advice is to focus on how you would need your relationship to be.

The best love advice for the Leo woman:

  • People sometimes feel you have hidden motives so try to be open and transparent;
  • Your domineering side might prevent you from being next to someone just as strong as you;
  • Avoid displays of dramatism and tone down your need to be in the center of attention;
  • Don’t give up on love even after several bad experience because there is always light at the end of the tunnel;
  • Avoid staying in a relationship that you know is toxic, just because of practical life reasons.

Have a look over the signs that are the most compatible with you and try to find your soulmate in one of them. You will surely impress the man you want to be with as you’re the one who always puts a smile on others’ faces, not to mention willing to share your love and to make people feel good in your company.

Love could be so simple

Your approach to life is simple and you have a pure heart, but people may not understand your real motives from time to time. What you love the most is being in the center of attention and to have things happening the way you want them to.

This is why you’re so misunderstood. No one likes to be praised more than you do. Whether you deserve all the admiration or not, you can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t say nice things about you.

Besides, the man of your dreams should never talk about your faults. While your romantic connection can develop and become more practical with time, it needs to start with you being admired.

Leo women expect to never be cheated by their partner, but the same can’t be expected of them because they see men as their accessories for image improvement.

You, as a Leo woman, must already know that you don’t have a problem attracting members of the opposite sex. More than this, you love very intensely and are happy only if you’re being treated like royalty.

Some of your most positive characteristics are your increased self-confidence, passion, intelligence, strength and courage. However, you also have your negative traits as you can be domineering, very stubborn, selfish and harsh.

No one should mess with you because you can destroy them. The person happening to be in your life needs to handle you carefully.

Whenever you walk into a room, everyone is happier because you lighten up their mood with your warmth, spontaneity, creativity, enthusiasm, optimism, and extravagance.

Besides, you always seem to be in charge of your own life and to hold on to your freedom because you don’t like being told what to do. Many may call you fearless and aggressive.

You should believe them as they are right. Being dramatic and in the center of attention is your thing.

While self-confident on the outside, you’re sensitive and easy to hurt on the inside. That’s why everyone needs to appreciate and to love you.

What’s very true about you is that you radiate light, just like your ruler, the Sun. Belonging to the Fire element, you’re warm and don’t get annoyed too often, except for the moments when all the attention of others is not on you.

This is when you’re feeling the most offended. All in all, you have a great passion for your lover and friends, also for what you’re doing for a living.

What do you want in love?

Not very different from other Fire signs, for example from the Aries, the Leo woman likes the new feelings brought on by love and is very romantic when her relationship is more and more exciting.

She’s always dreaming about a love story like in the movies and wouldn’t give up the first phases of a romantic connection for anything in the world. This is because she enjoys feeling the emotions of new beginnings and when her heart is beating faster.

If you happen to be a Leo woman, you probably already know that you tend to exaggerate and to make a fuss if your other half forgets the date when you two first kissed, not to mention you want expensive gifts and to be spoiled.

In return, you’re offering all your affection and spend your money on something your partner would like and costs almost a fortune too. What you need from your relationship is to give you the freedom to be yourself and to know that you can count on your other significant half.

If he decides to let go of you a little bit, you will always come back into his arms and look for his love. When it comes to your home, you want it to be a place that looks luxurious and where you can always relax.

This is why you’re so keen on decorating and putting your incredible taste to work when buying furniture. After all, you’re a queen, and a queen needs comfort.

You are an amazing hostess when friends are over, showing them your warmth and generosity, also how much you care for them. As a mother, you have a lot of love to offer and are very protective.

Besides, you can see the world the way your children do, which means you can understand them. However, be careful to not be overly protective. Your little ones need their freedom, so you can be devoted and generous to them in many different ways.

As a Leo woman, what do you actually need in love?

The Leo woman wants her man to give her everything because she’s doing the same thing for him. This means the love for her has to be unconditional, passionate and independent.

She likes to know that her partner sees her as irresistible, so adoration is the perfect word to be used when it comes to what she needs.

The term “blissful love” can have many meanings for people. When it comes to the Leo woman, it’s all about passion and feeling like the relationship is just like it was in the beginning.

However, this approach is not very realistic because romantic connections have their ups and downs, not to mention nothing lasts forever. When she’s feeling like things are going downhill between her and her partner, the Leo woman may decide to end it all and to look for someone better.

If you’re this lady, you should know that giving up on love is not a solution and definitely what you should do when feeling like you no longer enjoy your life.

Staying in a relationship may be just what you need for your union to have more meaning. As soon as you like someone, you’d do everything in your power to end up being with that person.

More than this, you tend to fall in love too quickly, giving the man you like all of your attention. When he doesn’t respond in the same manner, you can’t accept what’s going on and would rather abandon ship.

You’re the possessive type, but at least you’re also giving, devoted and loving. What you expect from your partner is exactly what you’re offering him. Many people love you because you’re fun and can’t stand routine, especially in a relationship.

You’re also honest and very direct, so when you’re telling someone that you’re in love with him, you truly mean it. Since you’re also demanding, it may be difficult to keep you interested.

Your partner needs to give you all his attention and to allow you to be in control. But you need to be careful and not make him feel confined. Because you always dress up for any occasion, you have to be told how beautiful you look.

As said before, you like luxury, which means you need to be taken to fancy restaurants and treated with champagne. The man who’s generous and kind in your presence will surely get your heart.

When it comes to the bedroom, you’re passionate, bold and kinky. Besides, your libido is very high. If your lover likes to play sex games, you’re the happiest, yet never submissive. Your lovemaking skills are very appreciated, also your desire to please.

A Leo woman will always have a lot of sex appeal and self-confidence, so many men will want her because she’s not shy and reserved, even when the discussion is about more taboo subjects.

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