Leo And Sagittarius Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Leo and Sagittarius can be passionate and full of devotion as this is a fiery combination.

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Charismatic and fun, the Leo and the Sagittarius can be together for a long time. Both Fire signs, they take life as an adventure.

When they’ll fall in love, these two will feel more alive than ever and the Sagittarius will feel safe and cherished in the arms of their Leo lover.

CriteriaLeo Sagittarius Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityDoubtful
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The active Sagittarius will eliminate all the laziness in the Leo’s life. When they will date, they will probably travel and party a lot. Energetic and always interested in what life has prepared for them next, these two will get involved in all sort of engaging projects.

When it comes to commitment, the Sagittarius is less devoted than the Leo. While the Archer will be very honest, it will be difficult to believe him or her wants to commit.

When Leo and Sagittarius fall in love …

The love story between a Leo and a Sagittarius will be fiery and fulfilling. They both like to party and the events they’ll organize will be worthy of Hollywood gossip. Passion is the best word to describe this couple.

They manage to boost confidence in one another, so when together, they won’t hesitate to make bold decisions, especially in their careers. It doesn’t matter what the odds are saying, these two will be happy together if they plan on.

Leos are natural born leaders who protect their loved ones with everything they have. Their partner will be placed on the highest pedestal, spoiled and appreciated.

Neither the Sagittarius nor the Leo will likely ever cheat on their partner. In spite of the fact that they are adventurous and wild, Sagittarians are one of the most honest and loyal signs in the zodiac. They can’t even tell a white lie, not to mention big ones.

Leos don’t even think of loving someone else besides their partner and they are very disciplined when they’re involved in a serious relationship. These two have a physical chemistry that can’t be seen in other couples.

The Leo will be impressed by how intimate and passionate the Sagittarius is. When they’ll see how fiery Leos can love, Sagittarians will be amazed and they’ll want more. Both open and sociable, they will go out and meet new people all the time.

Sagittarius-Leo can be satisfied with everything in their life as a couple. While it’s difficult to convince the former to commit, the only one with a good chance at doing it is the Leo. The leading abilities of this sign can bring out what’s great about the Archer.

The Leo and Sagittarius relationship

On a scale of 1 to 10, the Leo-Sagittarius relationship gets a 5 or a 6. There are many things about their personalities that are contradictory, so they would need to invest a lot of effort and to compromise if they would want to make things work.

Short-tempered, Sagittarians should allow Leos to lead. They must understand this is what Leos do and that it would be the best for their relationship to let them dominate. Also, they should recognize and appreciate the Leo’s maturity and ability to see the big picture.

In return, Leos mustn’t be as proud as they usually are. They need to deal with the fact that Sagittarians are independent and need a lot of space to develop individually.

Besides, they shouldn’t pay attention to their anger outbursts. Sagittarians get angry for a minute or two, and after they immediately forget, not to mention they feel remorse for a long time.

If both the Leo and the Sagittarius let go of their superiority complexes and emotional baggage, they may have a great chance at being a successful couple.

You can never tell who’s in control with these two. Each of them tries to lead in a situation. At the start of their relationship, it may look like they don’t have a chance to make it as partners as they are always fighting.

But with time, they will become more compassionate with one another, and their relationship will grow to be harmonious. It will be like they are competing in a positive way, only to uplift each other’s spirits.

Independence seems to be the most important thing in the Leo-Sagittarius relationship. They will be great partners if they have enough space and are being left alone to do what they want. It’s not a good idea to be criticizing with one another.

They are both sensitive to this type of behavior. It would be better if they’d let their lives be ruled by successes and failures. When they’ll face tough times, they will become more ambitious and evolve more as a successful couple.

These two will appreciate the strength in one another, also the personalities and the fact that they can make each other more comfortable and passionate.

The Sagittarius may find it difficult to convince the Leo to go with him or her to who knows what God-forgotten places in the world and meet different cultures, but in the end they’ll agree on something and the Sagittarius will get the adventure he or she eagerly wants.

On a similar note, Sagittarians won’t understand why Leos spend so much money on fancy clothes and expensive restaurants, or why they need to confront people when it would be easier just to leave them be.

It’s not that the Archer is afraid to confront others, they just don’t have time to argue and express their opinions. While both these two signs value courage, they have a different way of looking at it.

Leo and Sagittarius marriage compatibility

The emotional needs of the Leo and the Sagittarius are different and thus, not satisfied the same way. Sagittarians want someone to let them roam free, while Leos have all the chances to become possessive and jealous.

And the more lengthy their relationship will be, the more will the Leo recognize that the Sagittarius can’t be praising and emotionally stable and the latter will keep asking him or herself if the couple they make is worth it.

Honest and straightforward, Sagittarians can be very hurtful sometimes. And the Leo is not quite the person to accept the harsh truth easily. Not to mention neither of them is too practical or domestic. So being married and living in the same home may not be the most advantageous thing for these two.

Sexual compatibility

Both the Sagittarius and the Leo have high libidos. Also, they both love role playing and sensual games. Adventurous and domineering between the sheets, Leos like to risk things when making love and the Archer will love this. The erogenous zone for him or her is the thighs, while for the Leo is the back.

The love between Sagittarius and Leo is imaginative, playful and passionate. If the Sagittarius is offered enough space to come up with new ideas, they wouldn’t need anything else besides a bed.

The fire between them is real and it can lead to some beautiful experiences. New positions and imaginative techniques will be part of their nights together.

They will enjoy one another’s bodies, hearts and minds. The bedroom is the place where the Sagittarius and the Leo connect the best.

The downsides of this union

While there are many things keeping them together, there are also many others that differentiate the Leo and the Sagittarius. When you put two Fire signs together, it’s very possible that the partners will get burned.

Intellectually and emotionally, the Sagittarius and the Leo don’t seem to have anything in common. The Archer will never pay compliments to the Leo who so much needs them. Not to mention that he or she won’t accept to be dominated, whilst Leo’s first purpose in life seems to be to lead and to dominate everyone and everything.

Because the Sag is distant and cold, the Leo will always feel left aside. Also, the fact that the Archer is too honest and offensive can hurt the Leo a lot. You can’t compete with how harsh a Sagittarius is when he or she is expressing opinions honestly.

Leos expect everything they are saying to be respected and followed but the Sagittarius will never take orders or accept to be restricted. Sagittarians are risk takers, explorers, for them, their Leo partners will always seem like the villains who don’t allow them to do what they want.

What to remember about Leo and Sagittarius

Two Fire signs might also have a passionate relationship where they will be attracted to one another. Everything about these two together would spell playfulness and enthusiasm.

They are sexually compatible and they have all the chances to be together for a long time if they build up on their strengths.

Both sociable and open, the Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac, while the Leo is the royal. They are both excited to face new challenges and they are also very optimistic.

This is a couple that will want to go through everything, to try every new adventure and new game life has prepared for them. This Leo-Sagittarius couple will as well have many friends.

It seems like nothing gets them down. They are humorous and they like to make jokes as long as the jokes are not at the expense of the Leo.

An outsider would think that nothing can make this couple sad, and he or she would be right. They are both romantic and spontaneous when it comes to love.

Impulsive, they don’t give too much thought to what they will do. It almost seems like they are two children. But the Leo needs to be less self-centered and more attentive to the needs of the partner.

Sagittarians are ambitious, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need a partner’s support. Them two may have clashes when the Leo will refuse to even listen and the Sagittarius will prefer to not talk about issues and take the smoother road out of a situation.

Leos are jealous and possessive, which means there will be a time in their life as a couple when the Leo will become all this and unleash his or her wrath. But thankfully, Leos are also forgiving and understanding, so grudges won’t be held for too long.

The balance between freedom and possession will be something difficult to be attained in this relationship. It’s possible the Sagittarius will be the one to give in first, because he or she is the mutable sign.

If the Archers ever feel rejected, they will simply leave. This is a couple that must learn how to work with weaknesses and differences. Compromises are necessary if they want to release that beautiful compatibility.

Leos must stop acting like they know everything, Sagittarians should stop quitting every time they are facing a difficulty.

One thing’s for sure, though. They will never get bored of one another. They have a chance at being together for a long time if the Archer is faithful and the Leo doesn’t act like a boss.

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