Gemini And Leo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Gemini and Leo is full of joy and new experiences as these two are pretentious about their life companion.

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It can’t be possible for the flames of love not to grow between these natives. Geminis and Leos are well known for their devious and playful demeanors, and this is exactly what makes their relationship seem very plausible.

CriteriaGemini Leo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Social life is a great common ground for these natives. That’s where they’re most likely to meet, after all, at a party, where both of them have drunk a little too much, and are already on their way to seduce everyone around.

Well, surprisingly, Gemini and Leo manage to stumble upon each other, and that’s the moment when things start to gather up for a splendid love story. They won’t be able to ever lower their gazes from that moment on.

When Gemini and Leo fall in love …

The Leo-Gemini relationship is one filled with lots of fun, adrenaline-packed adventures, full of mysterious and exciting events, where doing what seems to be the correct thing is never an option.

Instead, they opt out for what brings the most satisfaction to their senses, and that often implies going to great lengths, doing crazy stuff, all the while going hand in hand through the mayhem they’ve created.

It won’t be long before they realize they were born to do this, and will see the advantages of doing it together, as a couple, until the ends of time.

With the Leo’s ever-burning fires of enthusiasm and vitality, as well as the Gemini lover’s fiery and turbulent drive, albeit for a short time, the initial phases of their love life will not lack in diversity, intensity and passion.

The most important thing at play here is that the Leos really seem to understand their partners’ innate contradictory conflicts between different personalities, as well as the proclivity to try many different things, with many different approaches, constantly, in an ever-lasting struggle against their own selves.

The Geminis, because they’re the guilty ones, will feel quite good knowing that their partners are tolerant and let them act as they see fit, and this will make them attempt to control the Leos even more.

In turn, the royal characters will let themselves fall into the traps set by the sweet and honeyed words of their silver-tongued partners, and this goes to create a situation which benefits the Geminis the most.

The Gemini and Leo relationship

With the Leos’ aptitude for flamboyancy and showing off in almost all social contexts and situations, the Geminis’ somewhat weird and erratic behavior will appear as mysterious and intriguing instead.

In turn, the Twins bring forth to the table many opportunities and prospects for adventure that the Leo-Gemini couple will naturally be glad to take up on.

While the Leo natives strive hard to put on the fanciest of suits, appear as the most superb and beautiful couple out there, their partners will subtly influence their decisions and actions, so that it eventually reaches a mutual result desired by both of them.

This is the moment when one can clearly see a rise in their efficiency to work together, as well as the strengthening of their bonds to an even deeper level of understanding.

After all, any couple can go from intense passion and fulfilling love to utter despair and even a break-up. All that matters is the effort and time put in by the partners, and not what other people say, or the workings of outer forces.

If they are understanding and devoted enough, willing to compromise and sacrifice their own time for the betterment and mending of the relationship, then how could it not work?

This is exactly the case with the Gemini-Leo natives, who are besieged by all manners of obstacles and problems, often of their own making. But do they give up? No, because their innate astrological upbringing, Air and Fire ensures that, with enough time and effort, they will rise from the ashes like the fiery phoenix, and give birth to a future world of love and compassion.

The Leo Gemini relationship is one based on mutual interdependence, a synergy of the souls, and a catharsis that reaches into the very recesses of their beings. This is to say that each is especially endowed with qualities that directly benefit the other.

As such, the Gemini’s fresh and innovative drive manages to support and give new strength to the explosive and feral Leo, who needs as many great ideas as possible, energy being the least of problems.

In turn, the feline kings realize that their twin partners are not just flimsy jokers who wander through the world, making fun of everything and not caring in the slightest about anything.

The truth is, the Geminis are Jack-of-all-trades, and the master of none, it’s true, but they do dabble in a lot of activities, and have a lot of creative impetus, which makes it a whole lot more fun.

Gemini and Leo marriage compatibility

It’s a well-known fact that Leos love to be in the spotlight, and are egocentric in the true sense of the word, in that they always seek for opportunities to show off and live life at its peak.

This aspect is what brings the Geminis closer and closer, being baited by the other’s tour de force into the excitement of the world. If the rest of the story is going to be like this, filled with endless opportunities to have fun and live like there’s nothing else that matters, then the Geminis are all in, in spite of what everyone says.

Moreover, children will be a natural course of action, if they find the time to even think of that, obviously.

Sexual compatibility

It’s already a commonality and something everyone knows that the Gemini is all about sex and intimate love life. They do it, they talk about in endless debates about the most intense and satisfying techniques, and not only that, but they actually like to experiment and try their hardest to accomplish all their desires.

Coupled with the Leo’s innate dynamism and explosive temperament, you have one of the most passionate and sex-crazed couples out there.

Put in the lack of any sort of restraint when it comes to abiding by the rules and regulations of society, and there’s nothing stopping the Gemini-Leo lovers from experiencing true bliss.

The downsides of this union

Conflicts may arise, and will arise for certain, and everything will have to do with the Geminis’ tendency to manipulate and use people for their own gains, as well as the Leo’s innate proud nature, who suffers not playing around.

Both are overly dramatic and will often have exaggerated reactions to the most insignificant of events, but that’s what makes them so deeply mired into one another as well.

Be that as it may, it’s still very annoying that the Leo often gets very possessive and exaggerated with his expectations to know exactly what the partner does, where he goes, and who they talk to.

This would disturb and make most people run away at the first signs of danger, but, surprisingly, the Geminis manage to get a hold of the situation with their duplicitous personalities.

Hence, there are many things that can split apart this duo, from the over-the-top emotional streaks, to bouts of jealousy and spite, and even to absurd reflexes of obsessive possessiveness.

What to remember about Gemini and Leo

This couple is all about boundless energy, debauchery and loads of entertainment. Fun activities have never been so sought out, and when they start looking for them, it’s just like they’re falling from the sky.

The Geminis and Leos are individuals of rare enthusiasm and drive, traits which propel them on a pedestal pretty high-up, as far as the romance games are concerned. You can imagine that there’s not many arguments or conflicts with these two, of the kind that could end up in tears, bouts of depression and sadness, because they are having so much fun, it would be next-to-impossible to destroy that mood.

If you put together the egocentric and narcissistic Leos, natives who are so in-synch with their inner egos, that they want to always be at the center of attention, with the silver-tongued Geminis, who could convince blind people that they can see, what could be the result?

Well, only one, and that’s a perfect relationship, an efficient and all-around working relationship that’s based on the Leos’ endless supply of energy, protective instincts, sexual appetite, all the beck and call of the manipulative and persuasive Geminis.

Of course, just as they can bring happiness and smiles on the lips of other people, the twins can also instil a sense of inferiority and savagely destroy anyone who gets in their way with a good choice of sulfurous words.

For all the Geminis’ willingness to act as the puppeteer and entertainer to the craving and kingly Leos, this doesn’t last a very long time, because our favorite Twins have the attention span of a two-year old who’s been given a new toy. They will quickly grow tired and even annoyed by their partners’ seemingly one-way treatment.

The Leos are the more emotional partner in the Gemini-Leo couple, but given the cold and calculated mindset of their significant other, as well as the cunning silver tongue, they won’t get the chance to actually talk about how they feel, and about deeper things, about the workings of the heart.

Even if there is a dire need for such discussion so that their overall situation gets better, it’s unlikely it will happen, because someone doesn’t feel comfortable talking about these sorts of things, and we’re talking about you, Geminis.

Honesty does play a big part in their lives, and this actually helps build a pretty strong rapport between them, but some subjects are better left alone.

All in all, there is a great compatibility between these two natives, mainly thanks to the incredible childish aura of the Geminis, who just can’t stop from running amok, doing all sorts of things that you simply can’t have a laugh about. They are just too cute and adorable for their own good, and the Leos are obviously not impervious to such a behaviour.

Together, they could fulfil their dreams and achieve their desires, be it financial security, professional success, or familial wellbeing. Nothing is out of their reach when they combine their efforts. It’s really as simple as that.

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