The Gemini Woman In Bed: What To Expect And How To Make Love

The sexy and romantic side of the Gemini woman as revealed by sexual astrology

Intellectual and sexy, the Gemini woman is also sensual and a good conversationalist. She can attract men with her talking and she has a libido that will put many to shame.

Talking about more sensuality and seductiveness, this lady could be compared with the Virgo. She is surrounded by mystery and she reveals a new side of her each time she’s in bed with you.

Sociable and fun, the woman in Gemini may have multiple partners at a time. She needs someone as adventurous and fun as her.

She wouldn’t like someone who never has initiative. If her partner is boring and not open to new things, she will look for someone else.

Her kinky ways

Her sexual fantasies are wild and she can have many fetishes. For example, an orgy or a threesome wouldn’t sound that scary to her.

She would do anything to be satisfied. She’s not like other zodiac signs so she’s more of a receiver than a giver.

That’s why the Gemini woman will be demanding in bed and you will have to go down on her almost every night. However, all this doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of pleasuring the partner because she is.

Pay close attention with her. She’s not the most committed lover as she likes one-night stands with random people whose names she doesn’t even know. This is the type of woman who could potentially accept an open relationship.

She doesn’t really believe in sex with only one partner and she won’t expect you to be an adept of this thinking either.

If you’ve been lucky enough to get together with a Gemini lady, you now know how she views life and what she thinks of sex.

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The woman in Gemini will not shy from turning you on with some serious flirting and dirty talking. She’s not only the person who will suggest all kind of experimenting, she will also be up to having sex in public places.

She really is a thrill-seeker. She is comfortable with her sexuality and she will want a partner who feels the same way as her.

Make sure you arouse her mentally too. She likes it when she’s turned on both physically and intellectually. The signs she’s the most compatible with sexually are Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius and Leo.

This woman is very sensitive around her arms, so touch her gently on the elbows. There are many ways in which the Gemini woman is kinky. It’s impossible to get bored with her between the sheets. Being a dual sign, she has multiple personalities.

Witty and intelligent, you’ll feel like a new energy has entered your body after having sex with her. In case you are not the type to be 100% faithful, this lady is definitely for you. She will reveal many sides of her personality in bed.

One night she could be wild and dominant, another night innocent and pure. She will engage in any role: the maid, the nurse and even the nun. You are sure to never get bored of sex with this woman.

She loves role playing, so if you’re already with her, go for some clothes shopping. You will need to match her, so try and be as imaginative as she is in the sack.

You could suggest her to do it in places no one has ever done it before. She will really love you more if you take her to do it in a public bathroom.

As long as you don’t get caught and you keep things imaginative, she will be yours for a very long time.

Unpredictable sex

A quiet man who enjoys routine is definitely not the guy for the Gemini woman. She also doesn’t like people who aren’t knowledgeable.

This lady wants someone who’s daring and smart. If you manage to keep her interested in the conversations you’re having, she’ll fall into your bed sooner than expected. If you want something long-term, be sure you are the one who brings her to reality from time to time.

Just do it subtly. Respect her and she will try to be good to you when in privacy. Grant her all of your attention, and she will surprise you each time with a completely new position or a new sex toy.

All the Gemini women are incredibly beautiful, so you’ll be able to go out with yours without worrying what others may think. She changes her personality according to the person she’s talking to and she likes being around people.

This chameleon trait of her is also something she uses in the bedroom. She isn’t quiet when making love. She loves to talk all the time, so she will not make an exception for sex.

This woman will tell you how she feels and she will want to find out how you’re feeling too. Adore and compliment her.

The Gemini woman views sex as a mental activity as well. She likes to chase and she’s looking for someone to stimulate her both physically and mentally. This is a woman who likes when all of her senses are being aroused and she always has an open mind.

Variety and stimulation are not something strange for her. Sometimes extremist, you can’t predict what the Gemini woman is going to do next.

She loves fantasy in bed and she’s a skilled lover. It is unlikely this woman will settle with only one sex partner for too long. You wouldn’t even know why she broke up with you as she keeps her secrets to herself.

She doesn’t say too much about what she’s feeling and she keeps physicality apart from emotions. It’s very difficult to discover a Gemini woman’s inner world. She likes to flirt and she pays a whole deal of attention to what is being said during the chase.

She will accept anything you may have in mind regarding your lovemaking, and she will come with ideas of her own too.

Many Gemini women can have homosexual tendencies and they may practice extreme sex. Sex with a Gemini woman is like her personality: unpredictable and fun.

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