Gemini Ascendant Woman: The Meticulous Lady

For her, nothing is impossible because she persists in attaining her goals and can come up with resourceful ideas.

Gemini Rising Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Gemini is communicative, enthusiastic, amusing, young at heart and restless. She immediately learns new things and adapts to new situations or people.

Inquisitive and talented at writing, this lady is also agitated and finds it easy to get bored, her energy being all over the place.

Gemini Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Meticulous, convivial and persistent;
  • Weaknesses: Prejudiced, combative and superstitious;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is as sociable as she is;
  • Life Lesson: To tone down expectations and criticism of others.

The Gemini Ascendant woman is open to try many new things, but she can know a little bit out of everything and nothing too clearly. She tends to have a lot of duality in her life: two cats, two jobs, two favorite movies and even two lovers.

More the intellectual type

The Gemini Ascendant woman seems like she’s meant to show others how to interact. But in order for this to happen, the connection between her heart and mind would have to be very strong because relationships can’t be understood as easily as she may think.

Because she wants to know about everything, this lady may have problems focusing on only one project and even one job. She has fine taste and loves to play all kind of mind games or life roles.

Constantly changing her moods and hobbies, she’s also very knowledgeable and eager to learn. Because she knows everything, people will often come to her with all kind of questions.

Wanting an independent life, this lady will leave her parents’ house at a very young age. She will make a living ever since sixteen or eighteen because this is what she wants the most in life.

Energetic and very smart, she’s at the same time organized and knows how to obtain what she wants. It may seem that she sometimes isn’t listening to what people are saying, but you can’t be sure if she has paid attention or not because she really can be multi-tasking.

Not all the time attentive and unemotional, this lady is usually looking to do more than one tings at a time and gets bored faster than cheetahs run in the wild.

There’s nothing to make her feel truly happy and committed because she simply has too many interests. She doesn’t mind difficulty and is normal for her to start endeavors that she usually doesn’t finish.

The Gemini Ascendant woman is more the intellectual type than the emotional one, so don’t expect her to get attached or too offended when someone makes a nasty comment.

This is a person who really knows how to judge situations and people. It’s easy to recognize her because she moves the fastest and is all the time bruised due to her agitation.

The only thing that can make her fail is losing her interest as she can be very enthusiastic about something in the beginning and after forget all about why she even started that specific project.

At work, she’s a true professional who knows what to do and when to act. As soon as bosses and colleagues don’t appreciate her and start to criticize, she gets really offended because praising really motivates and inspires her.

She can immediately adapt to new environments and people, being relaxed all the time as she really knows how to approach situations or people she needs for her success.

Many will see her as a ball that never stops jumping. It’s impossible to have her sitting down and being quiet because her mind moves faster than lightning.

If you are the type who dreams and doesn’t give too much attention to the mundane, then you can already consider yourself one of her best friends.

The Gemini Ascendant woman will show her true self, which is gentle and a true romantic. It’s important for her to calm down from time to time because acting in a rushed manner may not be to her advantage at all.

Her intelligence and charm will have any man at her feet while she’ll be enjoying the company of numerous friends who belong to both sexes. This lady can talk about anything, from history to art and technology.

The Gemini Ascendant woman in love

Men are very much into the Gemini Ascendant woman because she’s positive, relaxed and enthusiastic. She can make anyone feel young again and really happy with her flirtatious nature.

Those who don’t live up to her standards will have nothing to do with this lady because she can date more than one person at once and choose the one she thinks is more amusing.

She treats every new relationship as another experience and doesn’t dream of having children or marrying too soon. Her freedom is more important than anything else, no matter if she will, at some point, decide to have a family and to take care as good as she can of her children.

She will never bore her kids because she knows how to educate them so that everything seems fun and games.

Her Descendant is Sagittarius, which means she needs someone independent and who loves to discuss philosophy. Because she can fall in love more than once, she will marry a few times and not regret a thing about any of her relationships with each and every one of her spouses.

She will be very flattered when admired because she likes to be paid a compliment or two. Always friendly and positive, this lady can impress and surprise anyone not only with the way she looks, but also with how much knowledge she has.

No one can predict what she will do next and has a sincere sexuality that seems natural to her. She doesn’t search for good looks because it’s intelligence that she wants to see in a man.

But for her to be happy, her lover needs to allow her to travel, socialize and have fun. Sex should be unrestrained because she isn’t in any way inhibited and simply adores a person with imagination in bed.

The man who wants to date her should be armed with a lot of patience as she’s always late. Rules don’t seem to matter for this lady, so it’s very possible she will cheat on her man if she feels like.

It’s almost a rule with her to have more than one lover. She loves being around members of the opposite sex because she’s the type to do what they like and to talk about football or races.

In the beginning of the relationship, it will seem like she’s the happiest and that no one can stand between her and her new conquer. But she obviously gets bored after a few weeks, especially if the partner is dull and not in any way exciting.

The man who dreams big and is always positive will always have her heart. Those who “have a stick up their bottom” should keep away from her because she will definitely not like them.

The more ideas her man will have, the more she will be into him and his ways. More than this, he should remember that she needs action and to take part in new activities while at the same time she doesn’t take things so seriously.

It can be difficult for her to decide exactly what she wants in love because it always seems like the grass is greener on the other side. And it can be really tempting for her to cheat on her man.

Variety is the word that characterizes this lady best, so you can be sure life is never boring with her.

What to remember about the Gemini Ascendant woman

Curious and eager to learn, the Gemini Ascendant woman is never tired of accumulating knowledge. She loves to make friends and to ask them all kind of questions, often being too impatient to wait for an answer.

This lady thinks fast, expressing her opinions in the same way. She knows her way with words and is highly eloquent, but mind games can often have her stuck and not caring about people.

Many will think of her as cold because of this. As a dual sign, she has two different personalities: the open and unconventional one and the chilled, highly intellectual and fun one.

She will always be fascinating, a conversationalist and a little bit harsh with those who aren’t interested in accumulating more knowledge.

It wouldn’t matter the mask she’s wearing; her cleverness and intelligence will always surface. Another thing she’s very good at is multi-tasking.

She can juggle more than one project at once, but she would hate respecting a schedule and having deadline because this lady is simply meant for chaos

She belongs to many social circles because she likes being around many people but isn’t actually too close to any of them as she’s afraid to allow people get close to her.

The clothes she’s wearing are nicely colored and always different. Just like Arieses, this lady needs her independence and a lot of space to do her job or have fun with her hobbies.

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