Virgo Ascendant Woman: The Reliable Lady

She will relax and sit quietly aside when her emotions and thoughts will need a little bit of order.

Virgo Rising Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Virgo knows how to keep a conversation going, is fast-thinking, analytical, considerate and very controlled.

She approaches things systematically and very efficiently, being able to cope with details and to gain knowledge much faster than others.

Virgo Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Prudent, reliable and perfectionistic;
  • Weaknesses: Spiteful, fussy and narcissistic;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is sensitive and adaptable;
  • Life Lesson: Prioritizing friendships over material gain and other personal ambitions.

This lady likes to observe and to talk, even if she’s very reserved when first meeting her. Her focus is on the mind and intellectual pursuits, preferring to keep her emotional side hidden. However, she may not always succeed at keeping her feelings to herself.

Composed and looking for balance

The Virgo Ascendant woman is practically meant to service others with her love that she got from the Divinity and her work. It can be easy for this lady to get discouraged by the fact that the world is not perfect, which means she can be often be too criticizing and even feeling anxious.

If she would allow ideas to just come to her and things to only be, she would feel the love in the world at a higher intensity. This lady is tidy, clean, humble and very reserved.

She loves to work and to give a hand whenever she’s required to. She’s rational and has a logical mind, so expect her to split the hair in four before making a decision.

It’s not like she terribly enjoys being in public, but she surely pays attention to what others think about her, living according to what they want and need.

It’s very possible you’ll still get to hear her harsh remarks, no matter how perfect you are struggling to be. However, when it comes for others to criticize her, she can’t stand it and resents the idea that she may be unappreciated.

This lady really doesn’t like crowded places and too much noise. Many will consider her arrogant because she prefers to stay inside and to read a book or watch a movie than to go out in bars.

Her order simply gets disturbed when she has to be in chaotic places. When it comes to work, she only wants the best results and can deal with all the negativity that comes in if she happens to own a business.

Composed and looking for balance, she likes it when the same people are in her life over and over again. Not to mention how difficult it can be for her to make new friends or to talk to a large group of people.

She really doesn’t like all the attention to be on her, so she avoids this kind of situations at any cost. Because her mind thinks clearly and she’s good at analyzing, it’s easy for her to not get distracted and to achieve success easier than others.

She will relax and sit quietly aside when her emotions and thoughts will need a little bit of order because she simply needs discipline and doesn’t hesitate to act like an army admiral, even when alone.

Paying a lot of attention on how she carries herself in the world, the Virgo Ascendant woman thinks twice before taking action because she wouldn’t want to make any mistake. She’s never impulsive and truly researches everything before taking any action.

Cautious, she doesn’t reveal too much of herself, so many people won’t know what to make of her. She really can use harsh and smart words if attacked, so it’s a good idea not to cross her.

The type who makes lists and plans for the future, you can be sure she will always finish what she has started. She will analyze everything while working on her project, stopping from time to time and taking a break when things aren’t going so well.

She would rather abandon a project than do it less than perfect. She’s polite with strangers but doesn’t hesitate to criticize each and every aspect of their personality or physique, in private.

While there are many things happening inside her mind, she may appear shy because she contemplates and has a rather relaxed attitude. She’s soft when interacting, but if the discussion is about her principles and values, she can be very firm and incisive.

This lady would never give up knowing she’s the only one that’s right in a conversation. She has a sixth sense for talented and mindful people, and also for their sexuality.

She’s the type who resolves conflicts with a look and calm discussions. Those who are younger love to spend their time with her, seeing how realistic, energetic and wise she can be.

Her sense of humor is highly developed, incorporating sarcasm and cynicism, so men are rather impressed to see someone so beautiful being more like them when it comes to her way of thinking.

The Virgo Ascendant woman in love

The woman with the Ascendant in Virgo can control her own emotions and doesn’t make decisions based on love. She’s calm, accurate and feminine, qualities that make her very attractive.

Spending a lot of time to find her ideal partner, she won’t give into a man until she really knows him.

This lady sees shortcomings in everyone and doesn’t mind highlighting them loudly. Even when very in love, she still won’t allow feelings to get the best of her.

She will do anything for the man who gets as close as possible to her ideal. A little bit reserved with her other half, she still remains supportive and open to give advice whenever required to.

Her Descendant is in Pisces, which means she makes a good home with someone sensitive, adaptable and who would be able to convince her to no longer worry so much.

The organized type, like her, it’s not in any way compatible with this lady because they would both become obsessed with perfection.

The man who likes her should be courageous and act like he’s her hero because she has these elegant values that are anchored more in the past when it comes to love.

When meeting her, men start to become nervous and want to clean everything around so that she’s happy with what she’s seeing.

It’s like she telepathically transmits them that she needs cleanliness because she’s pure both inside and outside.

Not at all the type to fall in love in a second, she won’t have any emotional problems about romance.

She may criticize and not appreciate her lover enough because she is only looking for perfection. This means trouble because it makes being with her very hard.

Not to mention she needs to have her trust and affection earned in time. When it comes to sex, she will carefully analyze the relationship before getting to bed.

But as soon as her partner has gained her trust, she becomes the most attentive lover anyone could have. She falls for the romantic, down-to-earth and nicely dressed type who enjoys talking and doesn’t want to make love from the very first date.

Sensuality and decisiveness turn her on, but she needs someone reliable and constant as well. With her, it’s not only about love, but also about money.

She doesn’t mind a man who dreams, but she needs to know that he’s realistic too. Those who are more materialistic and enjoy comfort are definitely able to make her really happy and to resist in a long-term relationship with her.

What to remember about the Virgo Ascendant woman

Smart and peaceful, these are two words that best describe the Virgo Ascendant woman very well. This lady likes to analyze and to act after asserting the situation.

She may seem shy in new environments and when dealing with strangers, so many will think she really doesn’t care. Very preoccupied with the way she looks, this lady always does her hair and paints her nails. Feeling uncomfortable has her agitated and thinking that her health may suffer greatly.

She’s very interested in fitness routines and diets, so expect her to be at the gym every morning. When it comes to relationships, this lady is faithful but criticizing, not at all attentive to emotions, either hers or of others.

She may have problems with her partner because of this, and also because she doesn’t show any affection in public. Seeking perfection and being as supportive as anyone can be, she wants to give a hand, no matter how difficult the problem.

The Virgo Ascendant woman will keep in touch with people, wanting to give them a hand in the best way she can.

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