Leo Ascendant Woman: The Bold Opportunist

She is an impressive but secretive woman and it is very hard to break into her wishes and expectations from life.

Leo Rising Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Leo is charming, amiable, fun and flamboyant. She wants all the attention to be on her and has a pride that can’t be seen in other rising signs.

Because she does her best to look cool and confident, she oftentimes succeeds to impress everyone she comes in contact with.

Leo Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Courteous, persistent and logical;
  • Weaknesses: Boastful, materialistic and volatile;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone with whom they can discuss openly about anything;
  • Life Lesson: Accepting failure as another step towards becoming better.

People want her at all of their parties and really enjoy when she’s in the leading position. Sympathetic and generous, this lady has a noble soul and a desire to make her loves ones’ lives better.

She knows what she wants

A natural born leader, the Leo Ascendant woman may have problems because people often associate her with what she does, when she’s more of a combination between what she lets to be seen and what she actually is.

The more she will figure out how to separate these distinct personalities, the more she will find her purpose in life and discover what Divinity is asking of her.

She’s very preoccupied with her image, so expect her to look amazing, no matter what. It’s unlikely she’ll dress sloppy or not respect the fashion trends.

If you want her to like you, just make use of as many compliments as possible, throwing her glances full of admiration. This lady will only have positive vibes to send back to you.

Never afraid to look differently, she also loves to spoil herself, so be prepared for many visits at massage salons if you are planning to spend some quality time with her.

She expresses a lot of her personality with the way she dresses, this way showing her uniqueness and even the way she feels. When it comes to her character, the Leo Ascendant woman believes in herself and is motivated to succeed.

She knows what she wants and gives her best to get it. Her natural magnetism will immediately attract people, while her manners will simply fascinate.

There are, of course, some negative traits that influence others to not like her that much, but it can be said she struggles to become her ideal self on one side and to gain others’ attention on the other.

It can be very difficult to identify what she really wants and needs from life. Knowing how to impress others, the woman with the Ascendant in Leo inspires confidence with her positive attitude and incredible looks.

But she can act on impulse and be very superficial, so men should pay attention when around her. Dramatic, this lady doesn’t even need the proper training to be a perfect actress, she impeccably plays many roles, especially when it comes to love.

Sociable, friendly and tolerant, she’s happy only when people praise her. For her, everyone is good and doesn’t have any bad intention, so many will think that she’s naive.

Her main objective in life is to have fun as much as possible, even if the situation doesn’t seem to be very optimistic. Because she has good taste, many of her friends will come to her for advice on how they should dress.

She can be quite obsessed to have as many expensive things as possible because possessions make her feel like she has accomplished something and that she’s special.

When others will compliment her for how she dressed, she will simply be in the seventh Heaven. The Leo Ascendant woman likes to flirt, is very sincere and loud, creating a fun atmosphere anywhere she may be.

This lady wants to go out and to be surrounded by as many people as possible because she’s usually the life of the party. Her energy is contagious, even if Leo is a fixed sign who is not supposed to be as active as her.

But this woman’s favorite thing is still to be among people and to receive all of their admiration. It can be said her need to be complimented is her biggest weakness, so many men will try to seduce her with flattery.

She won’t mind being in the center of attention and will “hunt” members of the opposite sex just like lions go for their prey.

The Leo rising female asks a lot from those surrounding her but she’s pretty fair and doesn’t usually cross any line.

When it comes to the way the Leo Ascendant woman looks, you can easily recognize her because she very much resembles a feline. Her passion may intimidate, but many will be thrilled to discover it.

There’s an arrogance and an air of superiority that she displays all the time, so there will be people who will not want to get too close to her. However, she’s still gentle and feminine, so she may convince them to change their mind sooner or later.

Sensuality and openness describe this woman very well, but one must be careful not to tie her down because she wants her independence more than anything else.

The Leo Ascendant woman in love

It is very important for the woman with the Ascendant in Leo to meet her soulmate and to build a family with him.

She’s powerful and likes to lead, so she’ll get many of the strongest men to be at her feet. But this also means she will fight with her husband or boyfriend for the leading role in the relationship.

Her wish to live life to the fullest and to enjoy every pleasure will be easily noticed by gentlemen who have a little bit of more experience with the ladies.

When she’s not ready to enter a relationship, expect her to be composed and to not show too much of how she feels.

This lady needs someone who doesn’t stay in the way of her dreams and who encourages her to be as creative as she can be.

While craving freedom, the attention of the partner, being loved and cared for are also important aspects for her. This native can’t live without being admired and praised. It’s can be difficult for her to find someone because she’s impulsive and dreams of grandiose romantic gestures.

If you happen to be around the Leo Ascendant woman, keep in mind that her pride and nobleness should be respected.

Don’t dare to ever embarrass her because she will never want to hear about a relationship with you ever again.

It can be painful to lose her because she’s one of the greatest lovers in the zodiac. The Sun has an influence of passion and energy, so she’s very capable of making any relationship fierier.

Not only life with this lady is fun, but she also manages to make things between her and the partner very sexual. It’s normal to feel like you have found the perfect woman when involved with her.

Having the Descendant in Aquarius, she’s also a great intellectual who wants a smart partner with whom she can discuss anything. Therefore, the mental connection with a man is very important for this woman.

The more a man is powerful, intelligent, generous and financially stable, the more she will be attracted to him.

She will often attract her opposites, but this wouldn’t be a problem because she would have more fun in the relationship, being impossible to ever get bored with all the trivial quarrels.

What makes her unique is the way she wants the world to revolve around her. This lady won’t spend too much time with those who eclipse her charming personality, no matter how in love she may feel.

The man of her dreams has a good position in society and makes a lot of money. He should be interested in having fun and not know how to act possessively.

In other words, she wants someone like her to admire the way she looks and what she is doing.

What to remember about the Leo Ascendant woman

It’s impossible to not notice the Leo Ascendant woman because her charm will always capture the attention of others, making an impression with the way she dresses and behaves.

Loud and demanding respect as she carries herself like royalty, this lady can also be impulsive and quick tempered. It’s normal for her to throw tantrums just because she feels like she isn’t given enough attention.

This lady usually judges very fast, making people see her as too domineering from time to time. But all this doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be a great leader because it often seems like she has been born for such a position.

Always worried about the way she looks and how people see her, the woman with the Ascendant in Leo is an adept of romantic gestures who likes to demonstrate her feelings as well.

Kind, fun and generous, she will attract many people and get invited to all the parties. She happens to be very honest, so expect her to always speak her mind.

Some may think of this lady as manipulative, but she really isn’t like this because she only says what’s in her mind. Enthusiastic and energetic, the Leo Ascendant woman likes new adventures but doesn’t want to ask for advice and can be a little bit selfish.

She’s also romantic and dreams big, her goals getting pretty much achieved as she has great determination, power and competitiveness.

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