Libra Ascendant Woman: The Harmony Seeker

She is the type of woman who could calm any person and resolve conflicts without yelling or compromise.

Libra Rising Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Libra is diplomatic, fun, good looking and a pleasurable company. However, she needs to be in a harmonious environment if it’s for her to really function at optimal levels and to be happy.

An intellectual who’s in love with art, this lady also has a highly developed sense of fairness and justice. She puts a high price on all of her relationships, no matter if romantic or not.

Libra Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Perceptive, systematic and witty;
  • Weaknesses: Pretentious, tactless and inconsistent;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who impresses through elegance and diplomacy;
  • Life Lesson: Leaving regrets and caution aside when opportunity comes by.

Polite and friendly

The Libra Ascendant woman is meant to bring the balance in all of her relationships in life. She’s fair and can understand all the points of view she’s being presented.

It’s like everything that’s happening in the world has been meant for her to grasp it with her beautiful mind.

The woman with the Ascendant in Libra is attractive and has a femininity that can’t be seen in other ladies. She’s kind, warm and always open to meet new people or to go out.

Impressing with her elegance and delicate figure, many men will want to be in her company because it can be a pleasure to just look at her.

She may have problems finding harmony in her own romantic relationship because she sometimes thinks that she matters less than the other.

She knows how to act in public because her manners are impeccable, and she is beyond graceful. Some compare her with Venus itself because she acts and looks indeed like she may be from Heaven.

When it comes for her to interact with others, she will first appreciate the looks and after the personality because her main focus is on aesthetics.

The Ascendant in Libra gives her a lot of stability, no matter if it’s about money or romance, the need to bring peace wherever she goes and a talent for diplomacy.

With friends, she can be changeable, not paying attention to those in her close proximity if they couldn’t be of any help.

The Libra Ascendant woman is usually highly educated and considerate. Also tactful and cautious, she would never panic in the presence of her crush, being more inclined to analyze and plan every detail of her approach even before saying “Hello”.

She has a romantic side and is relaxed, which makes her attractive and wanted by more than one man at a time. Her charm and harmonious body will always turn heads when she’ll walk down the street.

While she wants to have as many things as possible done at once, she’s still very polite and friendly, even with those who are a little bit too slow for her taste.

She thinks politeness is essential and would never dare to treat someone the way she wouldn’t want to be treated. This means she’s generous, supportive and attentive to what people need.

Even if she’s the boss at work, she still talks nicely and asks politely for her subordinates to do their job. She immediately makes friends and can pretend to like someone just to not seem rude or hurt any feelings.

Not to mention she wants harmony and for everyone to feel good because it looks to her that life is really fun when everything is peaceful.

In her presence, you’d better be polite and act nice because she’s not all about looks and can judge characters very harshly.

Balance and cleanliness really make this woman feel good and in her element. Even if she has in her chart many planets and signs that make her very independent, she will still depend on peace and harmony.

Not to mention how much balance a partner would bring to her life because she would identify herself by how the other sees her.

Only with another person, the woman with the Ascendant in Libra could discover who she actually is. In her search for stability and equilibrium, she may employ a sarcastic attitude that will eliminate all the boredom in both her life and the relationship in which she’s involved.

The opposite side of this would be her being too serious and forcing those around to become graver. And she may be like this too, because establishing balance sometimes requires a person to be the one who spoils all the fun.

The more she will manage to achieve what she wants, the more confident and in control she will get to feel. The Libra Ascendant woman loves being around friends who have male acquaintances because she thinks it’s an opportunity for her to meet her soulmate.

She’s tolerant, tactful and knows how to listen, so many will come to her for a good advice. Men will either run away from her like they would run away from fire, or they’ll fall in love at first sight.

She can be so charming that armies of male representatives will want to offer her everything they have. However, she has her downsides because she can’t seem to make up her mind too often or retreats each time someone is even trying to contradict her. But no matter what, this lady will always be tasteful and calm, not panicking and analyzing any situation or person that comes her way.

She wants to observe things before they actually happen, especially when it comes to her love life. Enjoying the finest things in life, the Libra Ascendant woman will have the best wines and the most exotic condiments at home.

It’s impossible to get bored with her because she wants to go out and to socialize more than other women.

The Libra Ascendant woman in love

With a Libra Ascendant, it means this woman has the Descendant in Aries. This suggests that in love, she wants a partner as free as the birds in the sky and as passionate as only Arieses can be.

She will look for excitement, enthusiasm and a lot of energy in a person. This lady is quite inquisitive and open to new experiences, which means the opposite sex will find her very attractive.

It’s the women who probably won’t like her that much because she somehow manages to steal all the men. She’s the type who always agrees, but if desperate to convince someone of something, you can be sure of her ruthlessness.

No matter what, her values and principles can’t be brought down or made fun of. Those who know what independence is and make the good money are her favorite people.

She wouldn’t mind knowing her partner or friend is very passionate about her. The perfect man for this lady will do crazy things and not mind spending his time with her while also going to work and suggesting great places as holiday destinations.

This lady knows how to seduce and use her femininity, making members of the opposite sex wonder what’s going on inside her head and how she could be loved.

She’s imaginative in bed but needs to feel protected and given lot of affection. As a lover, this lady likes seeing how much her man wants her and how powerful he can be.

Things couldn’t be different because she’s ruled by Venus, the planet of everything that’s loving and beautiful. This matters a lot for romance, making her the type of person who works hard at making her relationships successful.

As a warning, she needs to keep equality in her romantic relationships, understanding that these type of connections are meant for spiritual enlightenment and not for defining her as a human being.

What to remember about the Libra Ascendant woman

Life with a Libra Ascendant woman can be quite beautiful and fun. She’s kind and amazing as a company, knowing when to make a joke and when to be quiet.

This lady would hate to be alone but may have a problem or two when it comes to relationships because she insists too much on preserving the connection with her partner in balance.

No one can ignore how charismatic and beautiful she is because she really has the looks of a goddess.

When it comes to the way she dresses, this lady really knows what to put on and how to combine colors or clothes. She’s a lover of luxury and fine things, so don’t expect her to ever give up what stimulates all of her five senses.

Having many friends with whom she feels strong emotional connections, the Libra Ascendant woman is inclined to sometimes blame them for her own mistakes.

Many see this lady as a little bit bossy, especially when she’s trying to repair a situation. Very romantic, she believes in soulmates and dreams of a man who’s energetic and independent.

Seeming gentle and delicate on the outside, she’s in fact very determined and strong inside. One of her main problems is that she tends to see herself according through the eyes of others, which can bring too many worries in her life.

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