Cancer Ascendant Woman: The Charming Lady

She is so kind-hearted and passionate that she would take care of anyone that happens to be in her life at one point.

Cancer Rising Woman

The woman with the Ascendant in Cancer has many moods and a rich imagination, being at all times controlled by her emotions. She loves to take care of others, even if their energy sometimes drains out hers, or if they may not have the best intentions.

She’s intelligent, but it’s possible for her plans to get interrupted by the way she feels. When others criticize or blame her for something, she simply retreats under a protective shell and never wants to come out.

Cancer Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Pragmatic, agreeable and charming;
  • Weaknesses: Greedy, stubborn and distracted;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is confident and has authority;
  • Life Lesson: Declutter life from material and spiritual things that weight her down.

This lady seems delicate on the outside, so people will never know how strong and determined she actually is inside. She gives a lot of importance to her home and family, wanting to live a comfortable life that is financially fulfilling.

Kindhearted and passionate

The Cancer Ascendant woman is meant to show the fire inside her heart to the entire world because she can be very compassionate and caring.

She’s the representation of collective consciousness because she usually gets the feelings of others and what they are thinking.

It can be difficult for her not to allow fear to rule, but she usually manages to overcome it with a lot of compassion.

She’s probably short in stature and seems the gentlest creature on the planet. Her smile can charm anyone, and her eyes express all the love that she’s capable of.

It often seems that she has in her all the positive traits that can be found in a woman. Superstitious and afraid of any ritual, she will respect religious beliefs and adhere to their guidelines.

Having great taste and loving everything that’s beautiful, she will surround herself with antiques, listen to the good music and have a group of very attractive friends.

May will rely on her to give them advice on how they should dress and do their hair. She has a way of feeling what others are going through inside their heart and mind, so she may get easily excited when in public or at concerts.

She’s humble and keeps communication simple, but the fact that she retreats into her own world when bothered or upset may have her not saying a word to anyone for days.

This lady wants a partner who can offer her security and a long-term relationship. She feels at her best when around strong, professional men who are emotionally stable because stability is essential for her to feel like she has a good love life.

It’s normal for the woman with the Ascendant in Cancer to cry for no reason and to have emotional outbursts. She sometimes looks like she could swallow anyone with her watery eyes.

If she’ll have a family, you can be sure she will devote all of her efforts for her home to be comfortable and her loved ones to be happy. No one can overlook the fact that she’s gentle and charismatic.

The Cancer Ascendant woman takes criticism seriously, so people need to be careful not to hurt her with any harsh commentaries. Many will be impressed by her imagination and talents, but her caring and surprising nature are still the most obvious.

Her man needs to offer her his support and be as warm as possible. She will easily make him surrender to her because she’s sympathetic and sincere. The most nourishing woman of the zodiac, this lady is truly kind and gives her loved ones a lot of importance.

Expect her to remember every smell and little detail about her surroundings, so if you can’t remember how a place you both visited used to look like, you can always ask her.

It can be difficult for this Cancer rising to let go of people and things because she gets deeply attached and wants to continuously take care of whomever or whatever she loves.

This lady has a tendency to take everything personally, so her feelings can easily get hurt and her attitude is most of the times defensive.

That’s why she’s very careful when new people enter her life as she tries to avoid as much as possible getting hurt.

Expect her to put up her guard when first meeting a person, so her true feelings and thoughts are always safely guarded. Her memory is excellent and she’s great at focusing when finding something interesting to do.

She enjoys all life’s pleasures and doesn’t eat just about anything because food is very important for her. It’s easy to recognize this lady because she moves gracefully and seems to be careful with every step that she makes.

Not to mention how feminine she is in all of her gestures. But don’t think for a moment she’s weak because inside, the ascendant woman Cancer is a like rock and very intelligent.

Just because she doesn’t reveal herself to the public doesn’t mean she isn’t capable to go through a difficult situation. This lady doesn’t mind having a domestic life, so her husband will be more than happy to have her around.

She has moods and is sometimes mysterious or too free, these being the main traits that make her so attractive. It’s easy to see how sensual she actually is because her affection and passion are always on display.

If not taking care of her family, she’ll most likely focus to succeed in her career and will have clear objectives when it comes to her life’s projects.

She’s intuitive and at the same time down-to-earth, so making her own dreams come true shouldn’t be a problem for her. Not having too many friends, you can be sure the people whom she holds close to her heart are the most generous and loyal.

This lady knows how to listen, so many will give her a lot of authority. She knows the human psychology and doesn’t allow any man to just enter her life because she’s aware that she can, at any time, get disappointed. Her partner should be serious and responsible, romantic and a little bit feminine, just like her.

The Cancer Ascendant woman in love

As far as romantic relationships go, the Cancer Ascendant woman knows many tricks to drive men crazy. She’s after the rich and professional type who has many ambitions.

This lady can escape many of her fears by having someone who offers her security close by. The man of her dreams should be reliable, constant and anchored in reality.

She wants him to show his emotions and not how much money he has in his wallet. Poets and macho characters attract equally because she feels like she needs to warm them up.

When breaking up, the woman with the Ascendant in Cancer suffers a lot, needing to do something special in order to escape depression.

Her Descendant is Capricorn, so her ideal partner is grave and a good provider on whom anyone can count. It’s not impossible for her to get close to an older man who can offer her all the security she so much needs.

She’s not only nurturing, but also very creative. However, her most noticeable and true nature remains the motherly one. When with the right man, she will provide all the comfort and stability she’s capable of, her relationships having the atmosphere of quiet temples to which not everyone has access.

She doesn’t see any difference between sex and emotional involvement, even if she’s one of the most sexual ladies in the zodiac. She would only make love if she’d be sure of her partner’s feelings. Her affection knows no limits when she has met the right man.

What to remember about the Cancer Ascendant woman

You can compare the Cancer Ascendant woman with the image of the lady next door because she’s always giving, kind and sweet.

Also very shy when meeting new people, she takes some time before getting used with those who have just entered her life.

This lady needs to feel secure more than anything else, so expect her to even give up her freedom for security. She wants discipline and her relationships to follow a set of rules, so it’s very likely her life partner will be reliable, strong and down-to-earth.

There’s no one to know how to care for others better than her. She believes in having a home and loves being surrounded by family. Always ready to give a hand, all that the woman with the Ascendant in Cancer wants is for her loved ones to be happy.

She only feels safe at home, but she won’t want to be surrounded by luxury in this place because her money is usually invested in opportunities that make her future secure.

It’s true that she spends a lot on food, but at least she really knows how to cook and to make the best out of the money left at the market.

This lady has her own elegant style and easily impresses with all the accessories that she often puts on. Her curves are attractive, so she won’t hesitate to show them off.

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