Taurus Ascendant Woman: The Conscientious Lady

She tends to overthink and never takes other people’s opinions into consideration because she follows her intuition.

Taurus Rising Woman

The woman with Ascendant in Taurus is faithful, kind, giving and great as company. Very calm and confident, this lady has patience and is also very practical, so you can be sure to never have problems with the mundane when around her.

At the same time, she has a lot of affection and likes to satisfy all of her five senses because she loves good food, to drink and to enjoy art.

Taurus Ascendant woman in summary:

  • Strengths: Conscientious, firm and perfectionistic;
  • Weaknesses: Worrier, narrow-minded and cynical;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who sticks to their plans no matter what;
  • Life Lesson: To stop looking as much at the future and live more in the moment.

She cares a lot about her image and wants to make as much money as possible because financial stability makes her feel secure.

She’s intuitive and uses her logic most of the time

The Taurus Ascendant woman is all about getting attached and leading people to a higher plane of existence.

She wants peace and is as relaxed as possible, no matter how difficult a situation. She’s a creature of comfort and pleasure, so it can be really challenging for her to not indulge herself in alcohol, food or sex.

The woman with the Ascendant in Taurus is a good wife, the best friend and the most sensual lover. It’s easy to talk to her because she’s knowledgeable and interesting.

As a child, she probably read a lot and loved to sew or knit. She dreams of having a good career ever since a young woman, so she will know exactly what to do when older.

Studious, this lady won’t want the good grades, but to accumulate as much knowledge as possible. Education and a good social position are very important to her, yet she still won’t forget about making the good money, ever since a student.

That’s why she makes influential friends and prefers to keep in touch with those who can help her succeed more in her career. At work, she takes care of her responsibilities with confidence.

She usually occupies the position of a manager and thinks a lot about the material side of life. Her colleagues and bosses will always admire her, but her leader qualities will not reveal themselves all the time.

It’s possible she’ll open her own business and make the right decisions when it comes to money making because she’s intuitive and uses her logic most of the time.

This lady never speaks or acts before thinking twice. You’ll never see her overreacting or backing down from a situation.

She’s nice and giving, always looking out to take care of the material needs her loved ones may have, and after of their emotional ones.

This woman simply hates confrontation and is always calm, trying to resolve problems rather than discuss them. The type who plans ahead and who tries to anticipate every scenario, she would hate to be out of her comfort zone or to not have everything she needs and wants.

She tends to be overprotective and may not be the one who lives by what she’s teaching her children. However, she still wishes others to obey her rules and to take her advice into consideration.

This may cause for psychological split to happen, but her gentleness and warmth will make up for everything. Anyone can rely on her to be there for them and to have patience.

She may move the slowest out of all the zodiac risings, but she surely knows how to appreciate life. Many will see her as this sensitive, generous and physical person.

Always happy with herself, she can put up with many difficulties and not complain even once. Feminine and balanced, this lady is never late and knows how to make herself liked by others.

Men will think it’s a pleasure to be around her because she never argues and communicates very easily. Elegant and graceful, she’s more the classical type who has great manners and is very elegant.

She can easily seduce with her reserved attitude, making people talk about her for a long time. Don’t expect her to live on someone’s back because she can make her own money and wants financial independence.

However, she won’t give up luxury if her man happens to be very rich. She can be easily impressed with visuals, so expensive and shiny things really catch her eye.

The Taurus Ascendant woman in love

The Taurus Ascendant woman can be greatly influenced by marriage, no matter how great her career seems to be. She wants a partner for a lifetime and often chooses him according to his wealth and social status.

Compatibility and love are essential for her relationships because she won’t have any man without these things.

After her wedding, she will completely dedicate herself to the family life, but her husband shouldn’t expect her to be too passionate or emotional because she’s more the type who takes action.

Very loyal, this lady expects her spouse to be the same as her because her jealousy can reach extreme points. Many families of women with their Ascendant in Taurus have failed because the wife was too jealous.

Her Descendant is Scorpio, which means she needs someone as intense and spirited as this sign in her life. She wouldn’t mind private conversations but will not stand for her man to have secrets or to manipulate her.

Easy to read when it comes to love, this lady isn’t in any way vulgar and likes being composed. She keeps thinking straight and doesn’t mind listening to her partner’s problems.

He needs to be not only handsome, but also intelligent and eager to court her. Too much passion and sensitiveness don’t impress her because she’s the realistic type who doesn’t expect too much and doesn’t mind waiting for good things to happen.

The Taurus Ascendant woman loves art and to indulge herself in all life’s pleasures. She wants comfort and peace, so financial stability is very important for her.

A strong and successful man can make her feel protected and safe. She won’t resist long walks on the beach and one or two attentions from time to time.

Don’t expect her to want just a companion because she’s really crazy about sex. Kisses and long embraces are her favorite things to do when in love.

It’s true that she only wants the simple life: to eat good food, drink good wine, have great sex and live on her own land.

Her values will be very important to her, and she won’t have any problem expressing them. As said before, she’s crazy about sex, and Venus makes her even more sensual or capable of great endurance in bed.

She definitely wouldn’t mind making love in the morning, the afternoon and all night long, so if you’re also this type, don’t hesitate to get your hands on her.

What to remember about the Taurus Ascendant woman

Patient, determined and slow, these are all words that describe the Taurus Ascendant woman very well. Her presence is really impressive, so many people will immediately be drawn to her.

When she falls in love, you can trust her to be very serious and to also keep her radiance.

She can wait for years to have her dreams come true and she really hates change. It’s almost impossible to have her letting go because she’s very stubborn and has her own fixed ways.

This lady will always think how secure a relationship or situation is before getting involved in it. She’s not the most flexible person and she surely takes care with any new project that she may have to take on.

In love with the material aspect of life, she wants comfort and to enjoy the finest things. It’s hard to ever have her parting ways with her possessions. Because she self-indulges, it’s possible for her to exaggerate with going out, eating, procrastinating or having sex.

Because she wants to possess, she will own many collections of dolls, stamps or coins. When breaking up, she is truly going through Hell on Earth.

Her body is well built and her face really cute. She prefers to be comfortable and not to follow the trends when it comes to fashion.

Having a sensuality that can’t be seen in others, it’s difficult for her to be single. People see her as the one they can always trust to be next to them, and the confidant who should keep all of their secrets.

She’s loyal and possessive, expecting her partner to be the same. If he would make a mistake, she would be completely devastated because she used to plan all of her life with him.

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