Gemini And Cancer Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Gemini and Cancer can be rather formidable as this is an emotional combination.

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The Geminis and Cancers have a lot of potential as far as compatibility is concerned, even if they may not be the most perfectly plausible signs to achieve true unity, one being an Air sign, and the other a Water sign.

But, if they manage to discover what makes each of them unique, and find some common points, then there’s really nothing that can stop their ascension and future development as a really formidable couple.

CriteriaGemini Cancer Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Affection, devotion and respect should be traits paramount to any couple, and they’re especially important in this case, where there has to be some bonding agents to coalesce all the random and chaotic characteristics of both natives.

Cancer and Gemini people have a different approach to a lot of matters, but none is as important as the one connected to intimate life, to love and relationships.

The Gemini lovers are, by nature, pretty sociable, communicative and even quite flirty, so they won’t hesitate to make some moves on the girl next door if she’s sexy enough.

Of course, it’s only coming to this, and not all the way, because they do have their principles, after all. It’s just that they are a bit more playful and devilish than most.

When Gemini and Cancer fall in love …

What ultimately brings these natives together are the inherent enthusiasm and humoristic temperament. Don’t be surprised if you’ll see them laugh their heads out at even the most insignificant or silliest of things.

That’s just how they’re made, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. A real pandemonium ensues when the Gemini-Cancers manage to fall in love with each other, and as expected, considering that both are prone to unpredictable shifts in mood, the total freak show is about to reveal itself with these two at its center.

It’s not that much of a startling thing to notice that these natives will make the next step in a short amount of time. After all, they have plenty of things in common, and, most importantly, the abilities of each complement the weaknesses of the other, while also creating a soothing and comfortable atmosphere to thrive in.

Socially, they are two butterflies who’ll fly from flower to flower, gossiping, having deep and awesome discussions with interesting people, and even taking some pictures to remember these moments in the future.

Also, the sheer tenacity and quick-wits of these natives are astounding, making it seem simple to discern between real or fake intentions.

What could have been the greatest peril to them is apparently nothing to fret about. We’re talking about the Gemini’s tendency to exaggerate with the flirting part, engaging in very seductive and lascivious conversations with pretty much any beautiful lady out there. But, apparently, the Cancer lover does not only fail to notice this, but they behave as naturally as one can behave when having such a sociable individual for a lover.

Of course, some issues are bound to appear, because the Twins are still very carefree and unrestrained, which hits the Crab’s weak points spot on, making them suffer a setback and retreat for some time.

The Gemini and Cancer relationship

What Gemini and Cancer have to do in order to prosper as a couple is to find a way out of this labyrinthine situation that they find themselves in, which is the contradiction between their personalities and tempers.

The Geminis are incredibly enthusiastic, dynamic and unpredictable, and will never hesitate to do the craziest of things out of the blue. Innovative and spontaneous plans and ideas are these natives’ specialty, and the even-minded and steady Cancers will have to go through all the efforts of organizing, analyzing and systematically sorting out all of those ideas.

The secret lies in giving each other the time to accommodate to this lifestyle, once in a while, and things will eventually settle in.

When these natives hit it off, they do it in the most complex and diverse of ways, succeeding in perfecting not only their love life, but also other aspects as well. Professionally, if the Geminis manage to get their heads out of the nine heavenly clouds and actually put some effort into it, they will probably reach fame and fortune in no time.

Sentimentally, Cancer-Gemini couples are there to support each other in times of need, and won’t hesitate to make sacrifices if they’re needed to cheer up the partner, or get them out of a sticky situation.

Gemini and Cancer marriage compatibility

Getting from point A (the initial stages of a relationship) to point B (a stable and fulfilling relationship) depends on what each of them is ready to accomplish, sacrifice and do in order for the path to be much smoother.

Geminis will have to grow some courage and not shy away from responsibilities, which obviously means marriage, while the Cancers have to realize that their partners are trustworthy enough to make that important step.

As far as family life is concerned, children are the next plan which has to effectively come into play, at least from the Crab’s point of view.

Sexual compatibility

As usual, the Geminis are the real crazies when it comes to intimate life, because they can cause quite a bit of stupefaction and surprise when they suffer a complete turn-around from a tender and soothing lover, to a sex-crazed maniac who wants for nothing else than to satisfy his impulses.

For the affectionate and emotional Cancers, this is obviously something which they have to struggle a bit to accept and cope with, but it’s not that difficult. After all, they are not some saints who view sex as purely a means to an end.

They enjoy it as well, if not more than some other pure and self-righteous natives out there. Plus, Geminis could learn a thing or two from how their partners perceive sex life, as more than just physical contact, but as an extension of their love for each other.

It would make them feel incredibly good and happy, seeing that you can also reciprocate those feelings and go beyond mere physicality and barbaric cravings.

The downsides of this union

A clash of emotions would be an understatement when trying to describe the Cancer and the Gemini at their worst. The former will always complain that the latter is too detached and tactless. However, Gemini will also have their complaints, feeling that they are forcibly tied by the Cancer, emotionally speaking of course.

The Crab has a rather conservative approach to life whilst their partner is a non-conformist. Neither of them is willing to listen and take note of the other’s opinions when thing get tense between them, so do expect some slammed doors.

The escapism tendencies and the perpetual return to past events of the Cancer will not fare well with the adventurous but rather realist Gemini who prefers to live in the present and not mull over their choices from ten years ago.

What to remember about Gemini and Cancer

Whether Cancer and Gemini manage to come together and form a couple remains to be seen, because they are quite different, as far as zodiacal compatibility is concerned. Cancers are the steady and grounded individuals who would like a comfortable and “in-doors” lifestyle.

In other words, they’re the restrained and cool guys who like to have their own rhythm and play by their own books, not being at the center of attention, or going out of their comfort zone.

Geminis are, as we know, the exact opposite, in that they enjoy exploring the unknown and moving over personal limitations. In order for this to work, both will have to make some compromises.

What probably ties them both together are the deep emotions which almost any two lovers will have for each other. There is that, and then there is the natural talkative predisposition of the Gemini natives.

They would be able to talk Hulk out of going on a frenzy, let alone strike up a persuasive conversation with the rigid Cancer. And they’ll manage to seduce and entrap the shelly native by revealing a little bit more of their emotional depth. After all, it’s a proper occasion to do that, seeing as though the Cancers’ unconditional appreciation demands it.

Against all odds though, knowing how childish and annoyingly energetic the Geminis can be, this time, things don’t take a turn for the worst, because Cancers are also renowned for their incredible patience and calmness.

They will happily look after the dynamic and enthusiastic Twins, and will comfort them when their toys have broken, or are out of reach. A truly loving and compassionate partner to have, there is no one quite like this shelly native. It’s only a step away before they advance from a friendship to a full-on partnership, and even a family, if the prospects are good enough.

Their perspectives on life are quite different, in that they aren’t necessarily looking for the same things, their values and principles range according to their personalities and character.

One the one hand, Cancers being very sentimental and loving individuals, they will search primarily for what their heart points towards, leaving all else as a secondary objective. On the other hand, Geminis are brainiacs above all else, creative, inventive and rational. They will walk the path not many would be willing or even know how to traverse, and it’s obvious then where the differences lie.

Also, there is the distinction in social connectivity, because one is an outgoing and communicative individual who would like for nothing else than to party all night around, the Gemini, while the other is the exact opposite, someone who would rather stay in-doors, with no one to tell them what to do, and away from any social expectations.

In order for the Cancer-Gemini relationship to find the safest place to develop, they both need to bring something to the table, make some compromises and ease up on their dominant traits.

The compatibility between Cancer and Gemini may not be the highest out there, but personal effort will likely succeed where destiny does not.

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