Cancer Man and Gemini Woman Long-Term Compatibility

They can be very happy together because they can leave individual problems behind and focus on their passionate relationship.

Cancer Man Gemini Woman

The Cancer man and the Gemini woman will be attracted to one another since the beginning. He likes that she lives her life intensely and she is happy to see he’s a friendly person who knows how to listen. She will be impressed by his romantic side, therefore will want to be nurtured and cared for by him.

CriteriaCancer Man Gemini Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

It can be said the Cancer man and the Gemini woman have the same rhythm and a great chance at having a beautiful relationship.

Geminis are known for including variety and fun into their lives, so they will be the same when it comes to love. The Cancer man will love to do everything she suggests.

She’s flirtatious and likes to tease, so she has found the perfect partner, for he’s responsive. The Cancer man can offer stability and security to his partner. But the Gemini woman will only like him for being sensitive and idealistic.

She will be treated like a lady, and she will love it. This is a woman who loves adventure more than anything else. He will have to come up with all sort of ideas regarding what they are going to do next.

As far as his preferences go, he will do whatever she wants. Attentive, this man will make the Gemini woman feel the most important person on Earth. He will be sincere when he compliments her.

Because they know what the other one is feeling, these two will have a great time together in bed. As said before, the attraction between them is noticeable. Not to mention they are both creative, so they will never get bored between the sheets.

The woman in Gemini can talk to anyone. She’s very communicative, but she’ll still face difficulties when she’ll try to make him open up.

Cancers don’t show their real face because they’re afraid they won’t be accepted. Because he’s nurturing and almost motherly, she’ll be able to release her inner child and act foolishly around him.

This relationship will last longer than usual for the Gemini woman, who normally breaks up with her partners very fast. But it will only be successful if the partners are happy with it.

Considering these two signs are good friends, it’s very possible they will have a good marriage and encourage each other to succeed.

The Negatives

Because they don’t connect with each other emotionally, the Cancer man and the Gemini woman may have problems as a couple.

He wants a family more than anything else. She’s too irresponsible for such a thing. Not to mention she’ll find him boring.

Cancers are all moody, no matter if a man or a woman. They also have insecurities and this can drive the Gemini woman away, because she’s looking for someone confident.

The Crab wants to connect emotionally, while the Gemini is only looking to have fun. As soon as you have told them something, they immediately find something else to focus on.

And this couple may also have problems because she’s flirtatious. Considering the Cancer man is one of the most possessive ones in the zodiac, he will not accept his lady seeking the attention of other men.

He will become angry and moody when he sees her smiling with other people. And she’ll be very hurt when he’ll tell her that he thinks she’s flirting. You will never see a Gemini woman admitting she was hitting on someone. For her, it’s just friendliness.

If the issues between them can’t be solved, the Cancer man and the Gemini woman are doomed to fail as a couple.

But there’s also something positive about them, and that is the fact that she is able to adapt and be more interested and romantic, just like her Cancer.

The main difference between them is that one can’t survive in an insecure world, while the other won’t stay for too long where variety and change don’t happen. But if they communicate and dedicate more of their time to one another, they will be able to keep their relationship alive.

It can be said both of them are changeable. The Cancer man has moods and emotional outbursts, the Gemini woman can’t stick to a plan and needs constant change.

You would say this is one thing that could help them work as a couple – but it’s not. He will think she’s too cold and unemotional. She will want him to have more fun and be more relaxed. Therefore, they will only annoy each other when their attitudes change.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

All the relations the Gemini woman and the Cancer man can have are going to be colorful, fun and with plenty of nice conversations. They will want to help each other in tough situations.

When one makes an effort, the other one will appreciate and support them. Not to mention that they have common interests and views, which means more fun. They could even be great business partners if she steps into reality and joins him in hard work.

If they live a romance together, they will have great times even if they live through emotions very differently and she finds him difficult. As parents, he will be nurturing and giving, she will be the best friend a child could ever have.

All in all, the Cancer man and the Gemini woman can be very happy together. When they want to build a life together, all the drama or other psychological problems will be left behind.

They will not even lose themselves in work. All they will do is have good friends, a cozy home, intelligent children and adventurous holidays.

Their marriage will succeed, for they both want to be in each other’s company. He will be a gentleman and she will love him for this. Not to mention that the Cancer man is very passionate and can turn the world upside down with his love.

Because she’ll feel desired like never before, she’ll want to do something to make him feel special, too. So, all kind of talents that she has will be revealed to surprise him in a good way.

Final Advice for the Cancer Man and the Gemini Woman

Because the Cancer man wants so badly to be emotionally fulfilled, the Gemini woman may think he’s difficult to deal with. It’s not impossible for these two to be a successful couple, but they need to make a lot of compromises and discover what makes them so sweet as partners.

This is a match that needs some work. But things will usually be fine, because she communicates easily and he expresses his emotions as soon as he has them.

While they may be talking different things, they will influence one another to be better people. She will help him become more subjective when emotions are involved, he will teach her what sensitivity is all about.

The Cancer man is protective and cautious when in love. He wants to be sure he’s being loved. She won’t understand it, but she will reassure him of her love.

When things are about love, Cancers are never joking. They are nurturing and they want security. But Geminis can’t offer them all this. She will be more settled when with him, but that’s about it.

However, because they are so different, these two will also complement one another. If they learn how not to be hurtful, they will very much improve their chances of being a successful couple.

Where the Cancer man wants to stay home and read a book, the Gemini woman wants to go out and make new friends. Because they are pulling in two opposite directions, they will have arguments sometimes.

No matter what they do, however, the physical attraction between them will always be there. She will think she has reached the greatest intimacy of her life, because he has the emotions she doesn’t. Through sex, these two can fill in the void that’s between them.

It’s suggested the Cancer man opens up more. He should also support her to be more sociable. If he understands she needs variety, things will be fine. In the same time, she should respect his feelings and adapt to his mood swings. If the Gemini woman makes an effort to see he wants stability, he would no longer be possessive.

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