Cancer And Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Scorpio will prove beneficial for both as this is a nurturing and emotional combination.

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Both the Cancer and the Scorpio want someone to keep them safe from life’s turbulences. Very protective, these two will either have a relationship of love, or one in which they’ll take care of one another a lot. Both of them are somewhat defensive when it comes to love. It takes them a while to reveal their feelings.

CriteriaCancer Scorpio Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexBelow average❤ ❤

The match between two Water signs is promising. If they are attracted to each other, the Scorpio and the Cancer can fall in love on the spot. Where they meet for the first time is very important, as you may find along, in the grand scheme of things.

If one of them has recently suffered a disappointment in love, it will be bumpy for them to fall in love again. Because they won’t reveal that they like each other, their first dates will be very interesting. If they want to tear down each other’s walls, they should start showing affection more often.

The Scorpio lover understands that the Cancer has a tough shell underneath which there’s a sensitive soul. The Cancer lover will be incredibly attracted by the Scorpio’s magnetism and sexuality. When together, they will not allow people to disturb their relationship.

When Cancer and Scorpio fall in love …

Emotionally, the Cancer and the Scorpio are very compatible. They both are possessive and scared at the thought that they may become vulnerable. It’s difficult for them to trust someone from the beginning.

With others, they will hide their true feelings and will be secretive. But with one another, these two will reveal their qualities and will slowly open up. Nurturing souls, the Scorpio and the Cancer will take care of one another, and build the family they so much want to have.

They will be very happy together because they have many things in common and they both enjoy the simplest things in life. It’s not high maintenance with either of them. The Scorpio will be happy when his or her Cancer is happy, and will do anything for this to happen.

On the other hand, the Cancer will make sure they will be comfortable at home and in their family. The Scorpio love this in a partner, as these natives are very interested in having peace and serenity. Their most positive traits will be highlighted when they are together.

Trustfulness and affection are something they will share and be very content to have. The Scorpio is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac and obviously, the Cancer will love the fact that he or she has a partner that is committed and loving.

Since the Scorpio has psychic abilities, the Cancer’s sincerity will be noticed and appreciated.

The latter has to know he or she can depend on someone, that will never be cheated on or disappointed.

As far as giving attention to the other goes, they are both good at it. The Cancer wants a happy and relaxed relationship and the Scorpio will offer all this. The Crab’s needs will be very much met, this being a rare thing because these lovers are too moody and pretentious.

The attraction between Scorpio and Cancer is strong and true. These two can be in any kind of relationship as they are capable of having an amazing time with one another, and they are both sensitive and mature enough. When together, they will act like children who are free to do whatever they want and who want to be innocent for a lifetime.

It’s important they are in a creative environment. Only this way they will flourish. Both empathic, they will understand what the other is feeling without too many words.

They will support one another in everything that they will be doing, with no restrictions. It is quite nice to watch the Cancer-Scorpio relationship unravel.

The Cancer and Scorpio relationship

At a first glance, the Scorpio-Cancer relationship may seem like it doesn’t have a chance for success. But their compatibility and magnetism will reveal themselves soon.

Both aware of their feelings and nice, the Cancer and Scorpio together will build something long-lasting and full of trust. The Scorpio has a need to protect everything and everyone in his or her life. Cancers are attached to home and family, and tend to retreat every time someone hurts them. They have a protective shell underneath which they hide whenever someone says something nasty about them.

The Scorpio will promise the Cancer protection and happiness. Don’t think for a moment that the Cancer is weak for needing space and a place to retreat to. It’s just that they have to feel secure more than anything else. As soon as things have settled, Crabs immediately return to the battle with new forces and a sharp mind.

The Scorpio, on the other hand is not like this. People in this sign immediately attack, and their offensive is very intense. If they want to be happy together, the Cancer and the Scorpio need to be more spontaneous and fun.

They can accomplish many things as a couple, and they find the same things and activities enjoyable. They need to pay more attention at how they are handling each other. For example, Scorpios have a mellow way of criticizing others and of expressing unhappiness.

Cancers want to be happy all the time and it’s possible that when things go bad, they will ignore everything and leave problems unsolved.

They both need to be more open and honest if they want to avoid conflicts and resolve issues from early on. Their love will surely flourish if they work on this.

Cancer and Scorpio marriage compatibility

The perfect marriage is possible, especially if it involves a Cancer and a Scorpio. The Cancer will simply fall in love with how strong the Scorpio is, and their partner will like how emotionally committed they are.

Because the Crab likes to make others feel good, the Scorpio will adore him or her. On the long term, there will be no place for the Scorpion’s famous jealousy as the Cancer is very loyal. Let’s not forget the Cancer wants a family and a home more than anything else.

The Scorpio is not so different, having the same values and principles. But they both need flexibility if they want to see what makes them different and exclude superficiality.

They will manage to offer each other a lot of emotional security, especially if the Cancer recognizes that the Scorpio is afraid of his or her own emotions.

Sexual compatibility

Inventive and fun in bed, the Cancer is sexually attractive and responsive. The Scorpio likes to experiment and could use a little bit of sensuality.

With time, they will try everything there is to try in the bedroom. There are many things they can show one another and this is a good thing for they’ll never exhaust lovemaking techniques and approaches.

The sensitive Cancer and the passionate Scorpio can take one another to a different world of sensuality and passion.

They’re both intuitive and they won’t miss a single signal the other one is giving in bed. In conclusion, you can expect a lot from these two in terms of sex. They have the same style and they enjoy each other very much.

The downsides of this union

In spite of their compatibility, there are also many negative things that characterize their relationship. The worse things that can happen in the Cancer-Scorpio relationship are manipulation, jealousy, and the fear that the other will at some point leave.

The Scorpio likes people who have their own will and are well established. And the Cancer needs to work a little bit at being independent in order to be admired by their lover.

For example, the Scorpio is not so self-confident and the Cancer is too positive. The Scorpio will be self-destructing when he or she will overthink problems. On the other hand, the Cancer sees everything as an opportunity. They are not thinking the same way and this will affect their relationship.

They will have disagreements when they’ll need to make a decision together. Both of them are emotional. They may show they are tough on the outside, but inside they are sensitive and fragile.

The Scorpio won’t take any criticism and being told he or she is wrong, while the Cancer will continue to be hurt about things that have been said in the long-forgotten past.

If they don’t settle things from the beginning, the Scorpio will be vengeful and mean, and the Cancer will be constantly in pain.

Last but not least, the way they face problems is completely different. And this is another thing that will lead to arguments. The Scorpio is complex and meticulous whilst the Cancer’s way is to run and hide from trouble. And when they’ll have issues, the Scorpio will continue to struggle for a solution, rubbing this in the avoidant partner’s face.

What to remember about Cancer and Scorpio

The Cancer and the Scorpio have great chemistry and they get stronger as a couple with every day that passes. Both loyal and deep, other couples will envy them because they are so good at being in a relationship.

The attraction between a Cancer and a Scorpio is instant. They will date for a while, and rather sooner than later they will realize they are made for each other. As Water signs, Scorpio and Cancer natives are empathetic and sensitive, but also jealous and possessive.

Water signs can easily guess what others feel, so it will be easy for them to understand one another and build trust between them.

Their relationship will be sensual because the Scorpio is very sexual and the Cancer is romantic and passionate. They will both live intensely and have sex like two gods.

If the connection between them will be pure, they will share an intimacy others don’t have and that will help them overcome any problem.

They won’t be able to take their hands of each other. It’s very possible they will fall in love from the first time they will lay eyes on the other. Their compatibility is best shown when they are between the sheets.

It doesn’t matter that they both are jealous and possessive. They will see this as a sign that the other cares about the relationship. As far as sociability goes, they prefer to stay at home and ask friends to come over.

These two have common life goals, so their relationship is meant to last. The Cancer always has an opinion while the Scorpio wants to always be in control.

When they will fight, they will often end up manipulating one another. The Cancer remembers everything while the Scorpio is vengeful. If they would forgive more easily, they would definitely be happier.

People from outside their relationship will see them as enigmatic because they are private. They would never gossip or tell about someone’s secrets to anyone else.

Not many are the couples that match as well as the Cancer and the Scorpio. The Scorpio is a fixed sign, he or she will never see another person like the Cancer in his or her entire life. The Cancer is cardinal, which means he or she will take initiative in the couple and may start all sort of plans.

They both treat problems and life seriously ultimately, so they have a good chance at surviving as a couple.

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