Scorpio Jealousy: What You Need To Know

There is no joke about how jealous Scorpio people can be.

Don’t blame a person for being a little bit jealous. It is only normal to have this feeling every now and then. For example, jealousy could be over the neighbor’s more expensive car. Or the co-worker’s better laptop. When it comes to the Scorpio, things are little bit different.

For them, jealousy is the one on the first place, together with revenge. Annoy or do something bad to a Scorpio and they will totally pay you back. As passionate beings, Scorpios hold grudges and they are very serious when angered. Revenge is something they enjoy.

When a Scorpio is jealous, he or she is really-really jealous. These people can barely suppress their jealousy and they know this feeling very well as they are among the most possessive signs in the zodiac.

The cheating partner of a Scorpio will be thrown in the streets before they would realize what just happened. There is absolutely no getting back together with a Scorpio, especially if their partner has been unfaithful.

Governed by Pluto, the Scorpio is a water sign. Those who are born on the cusp of Libra are more charismatic, and those born in the cusp of Sagittarius are more sociable and fun.

Scorpios get enamored deeply, if they fall in love. They are famous for their passion and eroticism. Yet it is almost impossible for a Scorpio to not become jealous and possessive at some point.

Scorpio natives are the most compatible with Cancer and Pisces. These two water signs are known to be caring and sensitive. Also, they seem to be the only ones capable of handling Scorpios and their character.

While not as caring as the previously mentioned water signs, Virgo and Capricorn are also compatible with the Scorpio because they are strong.

Libra and Sagittarius would also both be good at handling the Scorpio. Aquarius, Gemini and Aries won’t have the patience to put up with a Scorpio, and the Leo and Taurus are too much themselves to include someone so possessive in their lives.

How jealousy impact them

When they are friends with someone, Scorpios are unbelievably devoted and loyal. However, if they are crossed, no one can save the person who crossed them anymore.

It doesn’t really matter how you end things with the Scorpio, the most important will remain the memories, which are sure to be unique.

Full of energy, Scorpios in a relationship are very sexual and impressive. They are possessive and they can become jealous when the partner doesn’t pay attention to them anymore. They feel threatened by anyone and they don’t admit it.

The Scorpio is ambitious and ruthless. They like being powerful and when they want something, no one can stop them from getting it.

Another example of how possessive and jealous Scorpios can get is the situation in which they have something to say about the way their partner dresses.

A Scorpio will not understand you are putting on something sexy just to feel better about yourself. They will say you are trying to up your game so that others find you very attractive.

Don’t be appalled when your Scorpio will ask you to give them all the information on what you’ve talked with your colleagues at work, or when they will make mean remarks about your friends. It’s just their possessiveness coming to surface. You will try and defend yourself in vain. Your Scorpio will be sure of what he or she believes and that’s that.

When there is nothing in their life to intrude, the Scorpio men are good examples of energy and ambition. They are strong and confident, but they can get a little down when they are bothered.

It doesn’t mean underneath they aren’t insecure. Their natural way is to be suspicious, after all. It is a great challenge for Scorpios to fight the dark feelings controlling them.

Life with a Scorpio native is explosive. While they may seem calm on the surface, they are in fact full of passionate thoughts and emotions.

Jealousy can impact a relationship in a very bad way. Some people are more jealous than others. But the ones in Scorpio are only the jealous type. Scorpios who are not jealous are an exception to the rule. These feelings of jealousy and possessiveness can be controlled, though.

How to deal with their jealousy

It is believed Scorpios live their life intensely. And that’s completely true. While they are friends with everyone, they never let themselves be vulnerable. It is their way to never have the guard down.

They are studying those surrounding them with care and they identify where to attack in case someone hurts them.

Living with someone that is jealous all the time can exhaust a person. Control-freaks, jealous and possessive people will always ask their partner where they are going, with who, and even why they are wearing what they are wearing.

They will refuse to believe work relations are just that and they will always make ugly comments about other people in their partner’s life.

Worst case scenario, a person ends up being followed everywhere by their jealous partner. This is a situation in which the jealousy is extreme and drastic measures need to be taken.

If your partner accuses you of something, there are just a few things you could do to cure him or her of their jealousy.

For example, give them your schedule so they can see it would be impossible for you to spend time with someone else. To mention here that you need to remain calm while discussing. You could tell them it’s their fault and also look online for how jealousy manifests itself. Maybe they will recognize their behavior and realize it’s only their fault.

A great relationship can’t be built on grounds of jealousy and possessiveness. Relationships are about romance and trust.

If you are the one who is jealous, analyze the situation carefully. Take things logically and determine if your partner is just paying attention to their colleague because they like them, or they are doing it because that colleague is going to be their new boss.

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