Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Scorpio man and a Cancer woman relationship is founded on support and respect, in good and in bad times, these two will show the right emotional response.

Scorpio Man Cancer Woman

You can say the Scorpio man and the Cancer woman are a match made in Heaven. Both emotional, these signs will start a relationship very soon after their first date because they want to commit, and they feel safe around each other.

She understands his privacy needs and he can put up with her moods. A creative environment will help them flourish more. Because they share some qualities and also a few negative traits, they will understand each other very well.

CriteriaScorpio Man Cancer Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

The Scorpio man and the Cancer woman will be very attracted to each another. Their relationship will be harmonious. These two will enjoy great times together. They’re like teenagers who have to live like adults. It’s impossible to have them not following their hearts.

As a Water sign, the Cancer woman lets her feelings rule her. People in this sign are usually sensitive and can tell what others are feeling. This is why the lady Cancer will guess her suitor’s intentions.

Governed by the Moon, she is also feminine and very seductive. She’s a great match for the Scorpio man because she is also very fond of her privacy.

A Cancer woman in love is nurturing and attentive. Her partner will have everything he needs, with the condition he reciprocates. Mysterious, the Scorpio attracts people like a magnet. The Cancer lady won’t be able to resist him.

Beneath a cool exterior, this guy is passionate and full of love. He will fall only for the girl who’s independent and caring.

Jealous, he’ll be turned off if the woman he likes flirts with other men. Once he’s in love, he will do anything to make the woman of his dreams his own. He can be a great partner, because he’s always faithful and devoted.

In bed, the Cancer woman and the Scorpio man will have a great time together. They connect both sexually and spiritually. He will know her desires.

The romance between these two signs will evolve slowly but surely. He will be the protective one, she will be the nurturing mother.

The Negatives

In the Scorpio man – Cancer woman couple, problems may appear because of possessiveness. Both jealous, they constantly want to know what the other is doing, and they also want to be in control.

Moody and insecure, she can bother him when she doesn’t know how he’s feeling. When he gets suspicious, she’ll be deeply hurt. If they want to be together for a long time, these two need to be at ease with each other. Not paying attention to all their shortcomings would help.

They want to share secrets with each other, which is a good thing. They will probably talk about things they would never discuss with someone else.

She will want to know his needs so she can take care of them, and he will be too introverted to allow that.

Both stubborn, they will have some serious arguments. She will retreat whenever a confrontation takes place. Cancers have this shell under which they hide every time they have an argument.

The more they fight, the more they will grow apart. After all, one’s too opinionated, the other needs to be in control. And when it comes to getting what they want, they are both manipulative.

It’s like it never ends with these two. She will forever remember what has been said in a fight, he is extremely vengeful. Compromise is more than necessary if they want to make it as a couple. Forgiving and forgetting is very important, too.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

The Scorpio man and the Cancer woman have all the chances to be a happy married couple. They both want a family and are ready to commit, not to mention they are strongly attracted to each other.

She can make him laugh no matter what. He loves her for being so feminine and will want to discover every side of her personality. While he will try to make their life comfortable, she’ll make sure they have a colorful and interesting life.

Support and respect are two words that best describe the relationship between these two. When there’s understanding, things are sure to go well and to be smooth; and this couple has a lot of understanding.

She will be more than happy to have someone to hold her. He will spoil her because he’ll be very much in love. It doesn’t matter how you look at them, you’ll always see the compatibility.

And the more time they spend together, the more in love they will be. All the differences between them will be forgotten because they are capable of loving each other very much.

What’s great about the Scorpio man-Cancer woman relationship is that it will last for a lifetime.

If they want to be also be business partners, they can go ahead and try it because they both know how to analyze a financial situation.

Everything involving love with these two is meant to last, especially when the Scorpio’s a man and the woman is a Cancer. They will love to be parents and to educate their children properly.

Final Advice for the Scorpio Man and the Cancer Woman

Both Water signs, the Scorpio man is fixed, while the Cancer is cardinal. This means there are a few differences between them: she may think, for example, he’s too rigid and easily bothered. Not that she isn’t stubborn and too fond of her own opinions.

It’s possible they will hurt each other because they will both fight for control; especially the Scorpio, who’s very domineering.

It’s suggested she’s not so sensitive and that she doesn’t cry each time he becomes a control freak. She needs to learn how to stand up for herself or he’ll become even more controlling.

If she accepts everything he says, he will see he can get his way easily and won’t hesitate to take over. If she accepts his suggestions even when he’s wrong, she’ll only feed his ego.

It’s suggested he doesn’t use harsh words and that he cooperates with her whenever she comes up with an idea.

The Cancer woman can be very unpredictable and might even destroy her own relationship if she’s not happy with it. She will accept his leadership just as long as she’s satisfied. It’s easy for her to keep up with him. And he can be himself with her, which is very important.

The attraction between them is unique. The more they will get to know each other, the more attracted they will be. When they discover they’re compatible, they will want to see where a relationship could take them.

Water signs are sensitive and empathic, but also very jealous and possessive. Because they can understand other people’s feelings and are also emotional, the Scorpio man and the Cancer woman will trust each other without questions.

As for going out and having fun, they will both prefer staying indoors and having people over. Because they have the same ambitions in life, they will get along very well. It’s almost definite they’ll be successful in everything they dream of.

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