Cancer And Libra Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Cancer and Libra can be fulfilling for both as they have a lot to learn from each other, especially emotionally.

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While they are both cardinal signs, the Cancer and the Libra have different ways of approaching the world. The Cancer is too emotional and may not feel safe near the Libra. The charming Libra needs to be admired in order to be happy. Also, Libras like a good conversation and to be involved in a give and take relationship.

If they would both focus on staying positive, they would have a happier, more fulfilling relationship.

CriteriaCancer Libra Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionBelow average❤ ❤
CommunicationBelow average❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Their very first dates may be awkward as there will be a tension and some frictions. The Libra will be outspoken and highly observing, and the Cancer will find this to be a little bit too much because they don’t like to share everything from the beginning.

The Libra will share all their opinions and ideas and the Cancer will take everything they are saying personally. When the Libra will try to give an insight to what he or she is thinking, the Cancer will be somewhere else, thinking of who knows what.

When Cancer and Libra fall in love …

The way Cancers and Libras are operating is completely different. The first is in search of emotional balance, whilst the second wants to connect at an intellectual level.

Also, the changeable Cancer will make the Libra go crazy. The Cancer won’t feel sure the Libra has any feelings for him or her, although secretly, it is their moody nature that makes them attractive to the balanced Libra lover.

If they want to grab the Libra’s attention, Cancer lovers have to be more glamorous and exciting in the bedroom. Sex is very important for a Libra, and when they are not getting it the way they want it to, they run away and look for love somewhere else.

Also, if the Cancer will become too criticizing about how extravagant the Libra is, this last mentioned one will leave immediately. Because they are both elegant and have grace, they will shine at every party and gathering.

Their home will be full of art and all kind of memories. Because they are both lovers of the finest things and gourmet foods, they will have many cooking books and antique furniture. You will be able to eat the greatest desserts at their place. The love of food is something they have in common, so their first dates should be at restaurants.

Libra and Cancer will have a teach and learn relationship. Libra is a master of balance and he or she will show the Cancer how to be the same. It won’t matter how many things they’ll have to do, they will always do them in the right order.

And they won’t allow others to interfere with their lives and their responsibilities. The Cancer will teach the Libra to pay more attention to home and family as Libras can sometimes be too focused on bringing justice around them.

Cancers will display their feelings and will try to be surrounded only by people whom they love and appreciate. It doesn’t matter what happens in their life, they will always be close to their friends and family.

And the Libra will like this. He or she will want the stability and the peace a serious relationship with a Cancer offers.

It so happens that Cancers are sometimes too possessive. They need to be constantly reassured that they are being loved and appreciated. Libras also like security, but they are not so insecure. Also, Libras are more prone to cheating than Cancers.

The Cancer and Libra relationship

The Cancer-Libra relationship, while satisfying and fulfilling, can also be the most difficult. The emotional Cancer will often not understand the rational and logical Libra. It’s not that they won’t manage to keep a balance and make things work. It’s that they need to accept each other and learn what they each have to teach.

The Libra should forget the fact that the Cancer is pessimistic and see that he or she is also creative, intuitive and a great family head. The latter must overlook that their partner is too critical and appreciate the fact that he or she knows organization and has a great justice spirit.

If things are not working between them, the Libra should teach the Cancer how to no longer take things so seriously.

These two would pretty much enjoy any type of relationship they may be having. If they will be relatives, colleagues or friends, they will make each other laugh while being helpful and affectionate.

In a romantic relationship, they would be happy only if the Cancer would agree with the fact that the Libra is extravagant and the Libra would be more open to the Crab’s mood swings.

They also have differences, especially in the way they see the world, but Libras are ready to compromise and Cancers are supportive and caring, so they will be able to depend on each other for a strong union.

Cancer and Libra marriage compatibility

Both the Cancer and the Libra want to build solid relationships. It doesn’t matter how obsessed they may be with their career, they value when someone is next to them for a lifetime.

If they fall for one another, and especially if they’ve been together for a while, they will have trouble if they’ll have to break up. It’s not easy for either of them to let go.

The Cancer wants emotions and tenderness, the Libra is the responsible, pragmatic one. As parents, they will love and discipline their children, who will be intelligent and good.

Moon and Venus, their ruling bodies, are both emotional, but in different ways, which means these two are on a different spiritual level. The Venus (Libra’s governing body) won’t eat or sleep when love will be in their life. The Cancer understands all this, but may want to look for a more down-to-earth partner, someone who doesn’t change no matter what.

Sexual compatibility

Libras are romantic and seductive but Cancers are warm and sexual. Both of them are usually attracted by people who are also romantic and flirt with no boundaries. Alluring and charming, they may find themselves having more admirers than they have planned.

Libras like it when someone shares what happened in his or her life with them. Adventures and stories from work is what makes them tick.

Cancerians know how to communicate and they want an equal partner, they are energetic and they like variety in bed. With the Libra, bedroom activities are all about sensuality and creativity. They are both open to novelty, so they’ll have good sex that is never boring. The Libra is most turned on by touching in the lower back area, while the Cancer around the chest.

If they would use scented candles and they would put on some music, things would be much more interesting in their bedroom.

The downsides of this union

The Libra-Cancer is the relationship between a social butterfly and a homemaker, a feeler and a thinker. They can both be too dramatic and have passive aggressive tendencies. Each of them hates conflict, this leading to repressed feelings of anger.

Cancer and Libra would need to trust each other more and be truthful. Another problem may be the fact that the Libra wants to go out and socialize, while the Cancer wants to stay in and cook a wholesome meal.

But luckily, neither of them minds compromising. And there are many other differences they need to face. For example, the Libra is sensitive and doesn’t forgive. The Cancer is always the victim of an emotional turmoil or some words spoken years back.

They will hurt each other quite a lot, although not intentionally, because the critical side of the Libra will emerge and the Cancer will feel like he or she is not worth it.

They are both very possessive. The Cancer is too afraid of being alone, these people doing anything and everything to keep their loved ones close. The Libra sees a threat in everyone. Although, them on the other hand, don’t inspire major confidence either, people in this sign kind of like freedom, thing that will make the Cancer go crazy.

What to remember about Cancer and Libra

It could seem that the Cancer and the Libra have many things in common, but things are not quite like this. After a few dates, their differences will appear and their relationship will start to be tested.

First of all, the Cancer feels and the Libra thinks. One wants an emotional connection, the other an intellectual one. The way they approach life is completely different, thing that will cause their relationship to fall apart.

Second of all, the Cancer has mood swings and the Libra won’t be open to put up with them as the latter natives hate drama and are not known as being too patient. It may be simple for them to weigh the pros and cons of a situation, but when it comes to guessing what others are feeling, they are not at all any good.

Third of all, the Cancer is shy and the Libra likes to be out and surrounded by friends. Charismatic, the Libra attracts too many people for the Cancer to like it. The latter wants all the attention and to be just them with the partner.

Because they are both looking to have a stable, balanced life, you may think these two are compatible. But they are too different to ever be a match without efforts and compromises.

If they are in love for real, of course things will eventually work out and they will have a future together. But if any of them is in doubt, chances are they will break up fast.

Don’t think they don’t have any common points. For example, the Libra being ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, and the Cancer by the Moon, which takes care of feelings, they both like being in love and want something long-term with someone who suits them.

But that’s about it with the similarities between them. The Libra will think the Cancer’s emotions and moods are irrelevant, while the Cancer will think the Libra is too cold.

The Libra is looking to always improve things, to make everything work, and he or she may try the same thing with the Cancer. And the moody Crab will definitely not like this and will refuse to make any compromise in order to be to the liking of the Libra. They are happier with other types of people but it may take them a while to figure this or they may fight through it all and make their union survive.

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