Aquarius Rabbit: The Intuitive Optimist Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality characteristics of Aquarius born in Rabbit year

Aquarius Rabbit
  • If you are born between January 20 and February 18 then you are an Aquarius.
  • The Rabbit years are: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.
  • These people are generous and very seldom materialistic.
  • Once she finds love, the Aquarius Rabbit woman will dedicate herself to it.
  • The lively Aquarius Rabbit man strives to be the best at everything he does.

Those born in the Western sign of Aquarius but in a Chinese astrological year of the Rabbit possess sophisticated personalities and bring their own style in everything they do.

Witty and enthusiastic, their intentions are always good, although at times, they may get distracted when bringing them to reality.

The Cosmopolitan Aquarius Rabbit Personality

Arising from the match-up between the Rabbit and the Aquarius, this native is both idealistic and imaginative, as well as having a bright attitude towards life.

This means that few things will be able to throw this individual into a pit of despair. With his own set of personal charms and a real compassionate demeanour, it’s no surprise that everything starts to shine and glow brighter with him around.

There are pretty much two phases to an Aquarius rabbit. One of tranquillity and serene contemplation, when he is very preoccupied with acquiring knowledge and new information about his interests, while the other goes into the extremes.

This means that he tends to cover his intentions if some evil plan is hatched, or that he goes beyond the normal in the pursuit of a goal, almost in an obsessive manner.

Top Characteristics: Idealistic, Fashionable, Charming and Compassionate.

The quintessence of this native revolves around what the Rabbit sign brings forth to strengthen the already fabulous Aquarian.

Firstly, his ability to bond with people and create new and exciting relationships that last for a long time, this is one of the natural perks of this native that gets a boost-up.

Secondly, the innate ingenuity and flair for beauty and the artistic, as well the curious nature, are all intensified to an unimaginable level.

Furthermore, the Aquarius being as dynamic and flexible as he is, it’s only natural that the Rabbit’s proclivity towards deep focus and rigidness in thinking gets downplayed a little, which can only be good.

Of course, being naturally endowed with a sociable character and the charms to put it to good use doesn’t mean that this native only dabbles in extroversion. Not a chance.

On the contrary, he feels very comfortable and actively seeks for those alone moments when he can relax and forget about all the worries and excess thoughts.

Also, these individuals are the peacekeepers of the Zodiac, always bringing an olive branch with them wherever they go. Because, who knows? A conflict could spark up at any time, and they have to be prepared to appease the spirits.

One of the downsides to this pacifistic and altruistic approach of theirs is that, in any given conflict, they are the ones who feel the need to explain their actions and justify themselves.

Even when it’s obvious the fault lies elsewhere, paradoxically, these natives are still hesitant and tend to be unsure of themselves. This either leads to self-blaming or to the ignoring of truly culpable deeds of others.

Their high-strung optimism and intuitive nature offers them innumerable opportunities to meet a lot of new people, develop special relationships and experience whole other worlds and mentalities, travel being of their main passions.

Furthermore, creativity was always an Aquarius Rabbit’s main perk, and so it’s really impossible for them not to stand out among all others.

Be it flashy and gorgeous clothing, dazzling accessories, or why not, even striking ideas and opinions, this native will most definitely be the heart of the party wherever he goes.

Perfect careers for Aquarius Rabbit: Politics, Education, Religion, Editing.

Animated by the constant need for self-improvement and innovation, this individual will let nothing stand in his way to achieve that, not plans, commitments, friends, not anything.

Not even his material condition is too important compared to that, and while being pretty determinate and over-confident, this might prove to be somewhat of a problem if not enough attention is put in.

One of the main traits of an Aquarius Rabbit is thus the perpetual search for independence and freedom, be it in action or thinking.

And while that’s not a bad thing in and of itself, it still greatly affects his relationships who, evidently, are based around certain routines, limitations and standards.

Over time, this need to roam around unhindered dulls in strength, but it remains there, as a memento of his identity.

Love – Uncovered

In love matters, these natives deeply want for an affectionate and caring significant other with which to establish a long-standing and fruitful relationship.

They love having someone with whom they can speak about everything, debate with no restraints and openly share their feelings and views.

With their compassionate and calm demeanour, it’s obviously very easy to avoid conflicts and confrontations, with any difficult situation being resolved in a collected manner.

This also means that, once in a relationship, it all comes down to loyalty, commitment and devotion, all of these three aspects being put at the centre of it all.

Even if it takes a longer time for them to truly accept someone, once it happens, it’s usually something permanent and long-term. How else could it be after all, considering their personality and character?

Most compatible with: Aries Pig, Gemini Pig, Aries Ram, Libra Dog and Sagittarius Ram.

Aquarius Rabbit Woman Characteristics

An Aquarius Rabbit woman is one of extreme egocentrism and self-confidence, in that she believes herself to be the arbiter of absolute truth.

There is literally no way she can ever be wrong, in any sort of circumstance, regardless of the subject or approach.

And this obviously leads to conflicts, borne out of the sorrow and disappointment which surrounds them when it turns out that everything is not as it seems.

Individuals with a rare ambitions and great perseverance, they can basically have whatever they wish for, if not for that tendency towards underestimation.

Full of complexities and irrational anxieties, these women are deeply haunted by failure. Although, for all these issues, everyone still finds them incredibly interesting, charming and attractive.

Like a true representative of the beautiful sex, Aquarius Rabbit women tend to idealize love as being the epitome of a fulfilled life. It literally embodies everything they could ever wish for, a happy relationship that is.

Love, in and of itself, the bond between two people, that feeling of intimate closeness, nothing can quite compare to it. Not money, not friends, not professional accomplishments, nothing.

Totally dedicated to the betterment and advancement of the relationship, as well as profoundly attached to the partner, this native is one who never gives up on what she believes is right.

Once a goal has been found, every effort is to be directed towards the completion of that goal, no matter the cost.

Celebrities under the sign of Aquarius Rabbit: Ronda Rousey, Natalie Imbruglia, Michael Jordan, Jose Mourinho, Seal, Phil Collins, Jane Seymour.

Aquarius Rabbit Man Characteristics

The Aquarius Rabbit man is an individual unlike any other, in that he lacks the common interests of other men, most of the times, and he is tremendously captivated by the world, how it works and what mechanism defines it.

Everything in it is a potential material for study with this native, even his own existence, which he deeply contemplates on.

Highly perceptive, intelligent and intuitive, no matter the problems or issues that appears, this guy has ten solutions to it, each more different and more innovative than the other.

He has to strive to be better though, because he won’t be able to stay afloat permanently. Something will eventually appear that will make it seem impossible to cope with the situation.

Physically, this native is an Adonis, or an Aphrodite for that matter, a being of extreme beauty, charm and natural sex appeal. Emotionally, things are even better and more promising that one would think.

Affectionate, lascivious and quite devious, he is the very epitome of attractiveness, and women flock to him constantly, wanting to find out what makes him tick.

When considering a partner, there are a few conditions and criteria that one should pass in order to be suitable.

You should give him free space and the liberty to do as he sees fit, but also to strike his interest with romance, and emphasize the similarities between the two of you.

There are some things that they could do in order to change things for the better, mainly related to how they deal with life’s challenges and their perspective on things.

While it could be of benefit to be more sociable and interact more efficiently with people, one critical weakness that has to be looked upon is the underestimation tendency and low self-esteem.

There are those inhibitions and unconscious low image that they visualize constantly, these will ultimately affect their potential.

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