Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Virgo man and a Pisces woman might seem completely different personalities but can be very much in love and create a relationship of lifetime devotion.

Virgo Man Pisces Woman

The compatibility between the Virgo man and the Pisces woman is magnetic. These two are very attracted to one another. While they have many opposing traits, they will still be able to find things they’ll like about each other.

Because their styles are different, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn a lot from one another. If they are truly in love, they will be able to make things between them work smoothly.

CriteriaVirgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesBelow average❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

The Virgo man can learn from the Pisces woman how to be more spiritual. He will be amazed by how she can dream so much with her eyes open.

The more she watches her Virgo man in action, the more practical she will grow to be. It’s good she can keep him busy with all kind of problems and personality challenges.

It doesn’t matter how many things set them apart, the Virgo man and the Pisces woman can make many great memories together as a couple.

As lovers, they are the opposites that attract each other enormously. Their relationship could be Heaven or Hell, depending on how many compromises they are willing to make. They will greatly complement each other, for they each have the qualities the other one is missing.

Because they will be too enthusiastic about their time spent together, they may have trouble identifying what they actually need.

For example, he can’t understand how she can only work with the abstract and spiritual, she can’t understand his continuous need to be fair and analyze things thoroughly.

While they’ll omit all these things about their personalities, they will still have a harmonious relationship in which both of them will feel loved.

When they get physical, they’ll become even more interesting as a couple. He will pay attention to each and every one of her needs, she will shower him with affection and the tenderest love.

Their ability to care about one another is immense, but can’t be kept for too long. They will feel like any day they will lose the other one to fate or a different partner.

The Negatives

It’s not guaranteed the relationship between the Virgo man and the Pisces woman will succeed, but then again, none of the marriages or relationships in this world are guaranteed.

He’s a worrier who can scare the Pisces woman away. Moreover, he’s too anchored in reality for the dreamy Pisces, who prefers fantasy above anything else.

If they are not very careful, they can end up separated because the day-to-day worries will get to them.

He should be less anxious, she must accept reality is something different than what she imagines. Because both of them are mutable, they will adapt easily to one another and to any new situation.

Once they are together, the Pisces woman and the Virgo man can support one another without being overwhelming. It may be difficult to reach this stage, but it will be totally worth it.

It’s very likely they will fight often. He will get on her nerves with his criticism and perfectionism. Virgos can push things so far, they may try and change things about their partner.

Contrary in many ways, these two will contradict over who’s the more attractive Batman.

The more she will present the Virgo man with her dreams and he will be analytical with them, the more she will want to be as far away from him as possible. She can be astonished at the fact that he doesn’t seem to have any emotions at all.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

When the Virgo man takes the Pisces woman to be his wife, he will promise her lifetime devotion. While they may seem miles away from each other in terms of personality traits, these two will be affectionate and very much in love.

As a married couple, they will understand each other’s hopes and dreams without talking too much. He will offer her stability, she will bring a lot of beauty into his life. It’s true that opposites attract.

Once married, the Pisces woman will be the unresolved enigma for the Virgo man, the puzzle he will always have to study more in order to have love and personal or professional achievements.

While this may not be the healthiest way to bring together two lovers, it surely works for the man in Virgo and the woman in Pisces.

He will be jealous and insecure because she gets a lot of attention from many men. While he will completely disapprove of her flirtatious nature, she will manage to make him feel better by being very calm.

But if she doesn’t pay attention to what she is saying about other men in his presence, he can get truly hurt.

The more the Virgo man Pisces woman relationship advances, the more mature and stable their love life will be. And this is a great thing for a marriage. The fact that they complement each other will make their life together much more fun.

Final Advice for the Virgo Man and the Pisces Woman

Both mutable signs, the Virgo man is Earth while the Pisces woman is Water. She’s emotional and sensitive, he’s pragmatic and logical. If he isn’t careful to control his criticizing nature around her, she’ll end up feeling depressed and lost.

Such an emotional person, coupled with one that’s much more practical, can’t be too good news. He may be irritated by the fact that she’s so sensitive about everything. And she will almost reject his unsympathetic nature. It would be better if the Pisces woman tried discussing, rather than having emotional outbursts.

On a different note, she should be careful with how much she spends. For this woman can spend recklessly, and the Virgo man is known to be careful with his money.

He will analyze the relationship from a logical point of view. If he finds too many disadvantages, he’ll give it up altogether. If she were a little bit more methodical, he would love her more.

Being organized and a hard worker could help. He will start to appreciate her much more, thinking she has come to her senses.

Before one of them even realizes what he or she lacks, the other one will have already complemented them without any problem. With some work and understanding, these two could easily compete for The Perfect Couple.

It may be romantic to live in the unknown, but it’s certainly not beneficial in the long run. Not to mention that a lot of energy will be consumed by both of them.

If they want to be together for as long as possible, it’s suggested they stop imagining their relationship will fall apart and start to give it the attention it deserves.

If he’s the one who wants to get her, he needs to be very attentive. She’ll fall for him as soon as he proves he can be helpful to her. Because he’s compassionate and tender, she’ll want to be next to him for a lifetime.

On the other hand, if the Virgo man accepts the Pisces woman’s dreams and fantasies, he can learn how to be more spiritual and deeper. And he could teach her how to be practical.

If the Pisces woman is the one who wants the Virgo man’s attention, she should ask him for help. Virgos love to be the ones who save the situation. She can be her usual relaxed and innocent self. He will like her like this.

This relationship could either work very well or be a complete nightmare. His discipline will help her be more anchored in reality. However, she will be next to him each time he’s sad or disappointed.

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