Virgo And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between Virgo and Pisces is often underestimated despite bringing together two very strong characters.

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The Virgo Pisces couple brings justice to all the people who have been constantly nagged by everyone else that opposites don’t attract. Really? Then just watch the Virgos and the Pisceans, and they’ll show you how two individuals who couldn’t be more opposed can fall in love, have a stable relationship, establish a family, and ultimately find happiness.

CriteriaVirgo Pisces Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤❤
Common valuesBelow average❤❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

What makes them so special is their inherent adaptability and flexibility, in that they can easily accept and tolerate whatever flaws and quirks the partner has.

Whether they realize that no one is perfect, or they are just so understanding and loving in general, all that matters is that whatever makes others fall apart, it makes these guys build a stronger rapport. They complement each other, there’s no other way to say it.

When Virgo and Pisces fall in love …

If there was ever a beneficial relationship, contrary to all expectations, then this one is definitely it. No one thought this to be possible, that two people who are so different could effectively find the perfect way to seamlessly understand each other.

The thing is, for each of their flaws, there is a counter-force, a healing balm that comes in the form of the partner’s own traits and qualities.

For example, the Pisceans are very good at showing their affection, making their partner fully realize that there is always someone there to listen to them and offer advice and closure.

In turn, the Virgoans’ natural realism and pragmatism could act as a form of existential experience for the Fish, as a way to hone their skills even further, and because it’s quite obvious that they’re trying hard, their partners will feel flattered beyond compare.

And when it happens that the Pisces’ natives become too embroiled with their inner struggles, often appearing gloomy, distant and quite sad overall, the Virgo lovers will always be there, holding their arms open wide, waiting to show their love and support.

It’s really quite a destined relationship, this one, due to how well they understand each other’s needs and desires.

The Virgo and Pisces relationship

As previously said, these natives complement each other marvellously, and the end result is usually something that both of them like very much.

Combining their efforts to achieve a common goal is always a pleasure for them, especially as they do it with the person they love.

There are few things, after all, that are more enjoyable and satisfying than finding out that your special someone is willing to go against the world together with you.

It is especially the case here, with the Pisceans’ strong emotional attachment and great affection. It’s been their dream ever since they were young, finding someone to share their everything with, building up a good future and establishing a bright and happy family.

Both are very inventive and imaginative, as well as incredibly flexible in mind, which means that whatever problem they may come across, it won’t resist long when confronted with the myriads of solutions they can think of.

The Virgos have to be very careful not to impede their partners’ creative impetus, because this may be one of their not so beneficial tendencies.  Pisces and Virgo are, after all, realists and pragmatic characters above all else, while the Pisces lovers tend to be a little more imaginative and sentimental, big dreamers and lovers.

Evidently, they are polar extremes in some cases, and both have to learn not to capitalize on these traits, and learn to ease it up a little, if their relationship is bound to have a brilliant future.

Furthermore, the emotional and shy Pisceans will always be fearful of the unknown, of what is mysterious and potentially dangerous. As such, they will look for protective partners who can safeguard and offer some solace from the harsh and cold world.

However, the Virgoans tend to be quite distant and overly-serious, which counts as coldness in the eye of the tender and loving Fish. If this continues, the latter won’t have any other choice than to look for that security elsewhere.

Virgo and Pisces marriage compatibility

Fine, let’s admit that they fell in love and they had a great time, but now marriage? That does seem impossible, considering how diametrically opposed they are, astrologically speaking, right? Again, wrong.

From all the other Earth and Water signs, these two have a common aim, above all else, and that is that they want to have a comfortable and worriless lifestyle, free from all the stress of daily life.

The Virgo-Pisces couple is so in-synch from this point of view, that they could have even started dating ever since they were young, and have kept the same amount of affection until this very moment.

However, they will need to put in a lot of effort, time and understanding into the relationship, if it’s ever going to shoot for the stars.

Sexual compatibility

Their sexual life will all revolve around the Pisceans’ incredible appetite and passion. Oh, and let’s not forget about their infinite creativity when it comes to new techniques, great and satisfying foreplay, and even a rough approach for the more aggressive of individuals.

As soon as they get used to the partner and all the inhibitions start fading way, they’ll release all the pent-up pressure that’s been gathering inside them.

The non-conformist and innovative ideas that they can think of, no one else will know how to react, and those who experience them can count themselves as truly blessed.

The downsides of this union

As for the flaws and problems that can occur in their relationship, things aren’t that bad, at least not as everyone else would expect. It’s not really much different than any other couple out there.

Thus, issues will appear due to how the Virgos try to control everything. Their ideas and solutions are the correct ones, and it usually doesn’t matter what anyone else says, they will still do it their own way.

Pisceans will not like this, for obvious reasons. Another thing is that Virgoans come off as a bit non-empathic and distant, and their straightforwardness will upset quite a lot of people, including the sensitive and emotional Pisces.

What to remember about Virgo and Pisces

This is yet another couple that seems to have very little chances of finding happiness, or at least this is what their astrological marks would tell us. But, reality always likes to punch us right in the face sometimes, and this time there is really a big punch coming.

The two, the Pisces and the Virgo natives, live with the premise that each can contribute to the relationship by doing what they do best, using the qualities and traits they’ve been bestowed with.

This combination can only result in perfection, if nothing else, because they both have a lot of qualities and perks that match-up perfectly.

We all know what Pisceans are made of, and what their personalities are like. Beings of extreme emotional output and fragility, they are innocent, sweet and quite naïve individuals in some situations, and they really deserve nothing but the best treatment in the world.

To their sentimental and emotional approach, only a steadfast, resolute and rational mindset could hope to appease their spirits and temper the situation accordingly.

Virgos are known to be very responsible, straightforward and true to their words. They don’t make promises for nothing, and they’ll always keep their promises. There’s a mutual exchange of good principles and ideas between them, a process of inter-development which acts as the basis of their bond.

It is through a constant need for communication and flow of ideas that they keep the things going great, by doing what most of other couples sometimes forget about, and that is to talk about what each of them feels like.

It doesn’t really matter what the context is, not even the importance of the problem. Communication is paramount to an efficient and successful relationship, and it will always be.

Furthermore, things don’t stop here, because they each influence the other in seemingly astounding ways.

Pisceans are carefree and very loving, putting the ever-serious and analytic Virgoans at peace with themselves, while the Fish will reach their potential thanks to their partner’s realistic overview on life.

The relationship that these two will form has great chances to succeed, given the potential of their personalities to match-up quite perfectly. Differences make for incredible combinations.

Each and every one of us is different in some way or another, and that is exactly what makes the bond stronger and stronger with time.

The essence here is that they complete each other, in many incredible ways, from the Virgo’s organized and steady-minded approach, to the empathy and understanding that the Pisceans show at every step of the way. Therefore, there are plenty of ways in which they could pave the way towards the future, slowly and steadily.

While one may find himself unable to put in as much effort as he should, or when there are too few emotions at play, it might get quite difficult to maintain the same level of affection.

Still, for all these minor issues that appear from time to time, they succeed in discovering the perfect method through which to repair it all.

That one essential factor which plays out a big part in this game is communication, which effectively grants them a new chance, or renew the old one. This way is the best shot they have at an accomplished and happy life.

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