Tiger Man Tiger Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These two are both charming and have the most special magnetism, also a lot of sex appeal so their relationship is usually amazing.

Tiger man Tiger woman compatibility

The Tiger man and Tiger woman in love are very passionate. Both are also attractive and highly intelligent, adventurous and entertaining. The affection they have for one another can be tremendous, especially while they’re on their first dates.

CriteriaTiger Man Tiger Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

If one of the two Tigers in a relationship tries to control the other, the one who feels trapped may decide to stray. However, for as long as their relationship is exciting, they can be together for a very long time, even if things between them no longer work the way they used to.

This is because they’re stimulated by fights too, just as much as they are by loving. The problem with them is that they both want to dominate, so it’s important they try to keep their urges to be controlling to themselves.

The Tiger man and Tiger woman relationship is sure to progress very rapidly, even if they’re both emotional and quite volatile. The thing is, they have this special magnetism that keeps them attracted to one another and can’t be seen in other couples.

Both of them want to free, so they can easily understand each other. When it comes to being business partners, they need to work hard at their partnership if they want to make some good money, as they can be very competitive, even with each other and even if they’re supposed to collaborate.

As far as the bedroom goes, they have the tendency to cheat, but their heart will always remain faithful to the person who’s waiting for them at home.

It’s very likely for a Tiger man and a Tiger woman to live happily together for a very long time, especially if they don’t pay attention to the quarrels they may be having during their most difficult moments as a couple.

The attraction between them is almost instantaneous because they’re both charming and have the most special magnetism, also a lot of sex appeal. While the Chinese zodiac says they’re capable of giving all their love, they also like to have all the power and to be in the centre of attention, meaning they have a difficult time holding on to their relationships, especially if they’re more interested in being in the spotlight.

Two competitive partners

The fact that neither of them likes conflict and to fight has them more compatible when it comes to love. When together, these two prefer to enjoy their love and to be affectionate.

It’s impossible for them to not be attracted to one another, as they see each other as humorous, energetic and fun. While they may fight over which one of them should be in the centre of attention sometimes, they usually get along very well.

They’re determined to always take action and to not focus too much on deliberating. This means they’re making decisions very rapidly and put their ideas into practice. Their life together is sure to never be boring, but definitely exhausting.

If they want to be a successful couple, the Chinese zodiac sign Tiger woman and the Tiger man need to take a break from each other from time to time, just to rest and refill their batteries. If they happen to be friends, their competitive nature can have them fighting over which one of them is the best.

They both have great talents are very creative, so problems may appear, especially if they happen to work in the same place. They will claw one another without thinking about their friendships.

When one of them will win, the other will sit quietly in the corner, waiting to bounce back as soon as she or he gets a chance. At least neither of them is known to hold grudges, which is why they can be good friends and still compete with one another.

Their romantic relationship is very open. They’re not known to be very faithful as far as sex goes, so cheating may happen even if they love each other very much. In case they decide to share a home together, they need to watch out for bringing their flings around.

Being in a conventional relationship can’t work for either of them, so they need to spice up their sex life and to experiment as much as they can, both with life and in the bedroom.

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