Tiger and Tiger Love Compatibility: A Memorable Relationship

These two in a couple will have an exciting life together because they’re both passionate and love to live with intensity.

Tiger and Tiger Compatibility

The relationship between two Chinese zodiac Tigers can be a real bliss for both of them. These natives are very affectionate, attracted to each other, humorous, energetic and even glamorous.

While it’s possible for them to steal one another’s thunder from time to time, they usually get along very well and can make a truly beautiful couple. They’ll focus on doing as many things as possible and won’t waste too much time thinking about the consequences of their actions.

CriteriaTiger and Tiger Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexVery strong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Tigers are known as fast-thinkers who don’t have any patience, so their plans will be made a reality sooner than later. You can be sure they’ll never get bored in each other’s company and that their life will seem exhausting for others.

A close knit relationship

If two Tigers want to be together and to achieve success as a couple, they may need to sometimes take breaks from one another in order to get back their strength and to become more spiritually aware.

Both of them are very creative people, which can be a problem for their relationship because they may want the same jobs or be interested in the same members of the opposite sex.

And when this happens, they can become ruthless and even hurt each other. As soon as one of them has gained victory, the other will go in the corner, get him or herself back together, and come back to get his or her revenge. Because neither of them holds grudges, they’ll have a healthy connection and compete in a friendly manner.

Chinese Tigers are very passionate people who possess good looks and great intelligence. These natives love to have fun and to engage in new adventures, so when together, they can develop a great affection for one another.

Whenever feeling tied down, Tigers simply decide to run away from that situation or relationship. However, when having fun with their partner, they may stay involved in that union even if things aren’t working that well.

While others find arguing exhausting, Tigers are pretty excited by it. When together, two Tigers will always fight for the domineering role. Therefore, it’s important for them to overcome this issue if they want to be happy as a couple.

Their relationship will advance pretty fast, so their emotions will be expressed and tensions may become impossible to avoid. The fact that they’re both magnetic has them highly attracted to one another.

More than anything in the world, Tigers love their freedom. While it’s possible for them to understand another person in the same sign when it comes to independence, they may not want to fulfill the wishes of their lover or allow them to be free.

It’s possible for them to be very happy as a couple and also to have an affair or two from time to time. Tigers in the Chinese zodiac are known as passionate, highly attractive and charismatic.

It may seem that they’re always in power because they’re turning heads when entering a room and everyone immediately notices their presence.

It would be better to never refuse them anything because they get heated up and become very angry when rejected. People who are with them may feel like they’re with a tornado because Tigers have an impulsive nature and usually give themselves completely when fighting for something.

An exciting life ahead

These natives can motivate anyone because they’re convinced every person can succeed and usually have a great way with words. The Chinese zodiac describes them as rebels and fighters for lost causes, so it’s possible for them to become passionate about subjects that others usually ignore.

Wherever they’re going, Tigers generate controversy and come up with progressive ideas. Many people admire their passion, others hate them for it. These natives are known as egotistical, so it’s better not to insult them because they tend to look for revenge and wouldn’t even admit they’re doing so as they’re very proud.

When hurt, they prefer to think with their heart, so it’s possible for them to forget all about logic if someone has really annoyed them.

Tigers will always look for a partner who can support them. It’s better not to tell them they’re wrong or that they’ve in fact started the fight because they can’t be convinced things are different than how they’re seeing them and won’t hesitate to convince others they’re the ones who are right.

Two Tigers in a relationship will have an exciting life together and consume themselves very much because they’re both passionate and excited to live with intensity.

The chemistry between them is incredible, but they can grow to be exhausted by it and to feel overwhelming for one another. While the love between these two can be extreme, their fights are also the same.

If it’s for their relationship to work, they should never put pressure on one another and be as free as possible. Tigers are known for spending a lot of money, so when together, they may have problems keeping up with a budget.

It’s possible for two Tigers together to have the most beautiful relationship that others admire. All they need to do is to understand one another and to live by each other’s expectations. When together, these natives can really accommodate the happiest life a successful couple can have.

They shouldn’t ignore the fact that they need to work hard on their relationship just because they’re very much the same. Efforts are always required in love, so they should fight any challenge that comes at them together because only this way, their union has a chance at being perfect.

All in all, if happy with one another, two Tigers together can have something that’s envied by other people.

The challenges of this romance

Despite the fact that they’re very similar when it comes to their traits and approach to life, a couple made of two Tigers can encounter many difficulties.

First of all, they’re both unemotional, so they won’t be able to take their relationship to a different level than the one of fun and sex.

Secondly, they’re both very individualistic which means they may not be able to have an intimate connection. Let’s not forget, love needs to be supported with friendship, emotions and to be as less superficial as possible.

While open-minded, Tigers can be very stubborn when contradicted. This means that when together with another person in the same sign as them, they can have very intense fights and neither of them will want to back down.

Two Tigers in a relationship can both be too rigid and unwilling to adapt to each other’s personalities, which can make their connection impossible.

These natives can never be tied down because they need their independence and to think freely or to share their ideas with as many people as possible. It’s unrealistic to think that Tigers will ever adapt to a conventional relationship because they’re more interested in intellectual activities, flirting and interacting with as many members of the opposite sex as possible.

Tigers require their friends and family to be with them all the time because they love exchanging ideas and talking about different intellectual subjects.

Therefore, only another Tiger could really understand or appreciate them for whom they are. Furthermore, when it comes to love, Tigers are very interested in open relationships. It can be difficult for natives of another sign to understand this, so they may need someone just as them to be their partner.

Loving their privacy and willing to give others everything they have, Tigers don’t mind letting their lover be free as well, but not too much. Because they prefer the unconventional, they may seem only suited for romance with someone just like them.

However, two Tigers together may also have problems because both of them are bossy. This can be one of the reasons why their relationship isn’t usually lasting. Furthermore, it’s easy for them to just look for someone else when feeling like their present relationship doesn’t offer them anything anymore.

Therefore, they may end up running away from each other and not even realizing it. Going back to the bossy issue, both of them want to be the domineering side, so they may need weaker partners if there’s for them to be happy in a couple.

As said before, two Tigers in a relationship may not have the emotions that are needed for good sex. They can enjoy the fact that they’re both adventurous, but they won’t be emotionally fulfilled with each other, which may not hold them together in any way, in order to see their love flourishing. For this reason, they may break up sooner than later, not to mention they may both conclude the gap between them is just too big.

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