The Venus in Sagittarius Man: Get to Know Him Better

He wants to have the freedom to do whatever he wants, to pursue his goals wherever they may take him.

Venus in Sagittarius man

The Venus in Sagittarius man is all about adventure, about exploring the world and witnessing the excitement lying within. He wants to travel, to have fun, to entertain himself, and to live life as he sees fit, completely free and uninhibited.

Even in a relationship, he wants to achieve the same goals, only this time accompanied by a like-minded person. He can be quite affectionate and loving, but these all depend on whether his partner is a free-spirited and open-minded individual like him.

The Venus in Sagittarius man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Dynamic and enthusiastic;
  • Negatives: Unpredictable and impatient;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is honest and straightforward;
  • Life lesson: Taking the time to be more observant.

His love personality

This man is attracted to carefree women who don’t care as much about how the world perceives them. They have their own style, and they do things in their own way, which automatically brings a lot of satisfaction to the table.

The Venus in Sagittarius man would like his woman to be energetic, enthusiastic, with plenty of vitality, and an artistic sense.

Because his love planet is living in the sign of the adventurer, this native obviously loves to get out and socialize, to involve himself in as many social events as possible.

He’s so energetic and enthusiastic that it’s practically impossible to maintain a sad face around him.

He’ll make you smile some way or another, and that is only if he’s not going to scare the hell out of you with his adrenaline-inducing ideas.

He’s an unexpected, unpredictable and non-conformist person who only does what his crazy mind comes up with. In love, he’s going to be very ecstatic in the beginning phases, and he’s going to be all over you.

However, it’s going to be a lot quieter later on if he notices you’re not quite what he expected: that communicative and spontaneous person.

This native wants to have the freedom to do whatever he wants, to pursue his goals wherever they may take him, and he’s a very straightforward individual who always speaks the truth.

For this reason, he would like others to do the same, to stop beating around the bush or conspire behind his back.

Say it upfront or don’t say it at all. He’s a revolutionary who wants to create his own path through the world, and he wants to explore as much as possible, to vary his interests, to experiment, and to be jolly all year round.

The man born with Venus in Sagittarius is a free-spirited and open-minded guy who takes pleasure in getting to know many people from different cultures.

He’s not slowed down by any stereotypes, racism, bigotry or any other disparaging concepts that most people stumble upon.

He finds relaxation in traveling, in seeing the world, in watching the world from above, in a helicopter, or in a hot-air balloon.

However, this is not his only satisfaction, as he can find fulfillment in many practices, both outgoing and introspective.

He could just as well stay cooped up in his hut on the beach for 3 days, enjoying the silence. He’s not one to prefer one-night stands, and he wants to find a permanent partner to explore the world with.

He wants to find a woman who is just as crazy about exploration and adventure as him. He doesn’t want to get bored or suffer from inactivity, and he would rather walk the path ahead alone than with someone who’s constantly trying to criticize his interests.

Don’t try to set a routine for him to follow, and never force him to do something that he doesn’t want.

Attracted by …

He’s interested in willful and cheerful women who look at the world with optimism, with the fiery impetus of a conqueror who can’t wait to set foot in the castle that he’s just put through the sword.

She should be somewhat spiritual or have mystical beliefs because that would make things even more interesting. He believes there is something more to the world than the mere material veil.

Be loyal, devoted, and love his excessive reactions in order to show how much you appreciate him. This native doesn’t want a woman who is dependent on him, and he despises deceit and lying.

The man born with Venus in Sagittarius won’t soon commit to a long-standing relationship because that would mean he would have a lot of responsibilities, that he would be tied down and his freedom would be inhibited in some way.

He wants to keep this independence, this impetus and drive that are the lifeline to his continuous fulfillment.

In a partner, he seeks the same sense of adventure, that constant nagging feeling that you must get out of the house and just run away into the wilds, with nothing but your will alone.

He doesn’t like wasting time on small talk or other such insignificant things when he could be out there, reinventing himself, discovering new and inciting aspects of the world.

In conclusion

The Venus in Sagittarius man is good at making other people regain their confidence, waking up to see the sun in its full splendor waving across the sky.

He’s optimistic, bright-looking, and has a rad perspective on the future that no one can shoot down.

He cheers up his friends, brings his partner up to speed with what’s been happening in the world, and he doesn’t let his enthusiasm drop down no matter what.

It’s his lifeline, the energy that powers up his endless drive. It’s going to be such a blast having one of these guys around, and you will feel like everything’s good in the world.

Seeking freedom and independence is not at all an egocentric or selfish thing to do. Everyone is searching for them in some way or another, but this man just takes it to the next level.

He’s the eternal adventurer of the zodiac, and he’s never going to abandon this part of his personality.

Naturally, he cherishes and protects his independence with fierce fury because if he were forced to adhere to certain routines or fixed programs, it would truly kill him from the inside.

However, in a relationship, he has to learn that his partner’s wishes matter as well, and he is going to have to do some compromises from time to time.

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Written by Denise

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