The Scorpio Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Her forceful demeanour is meant for success.

The Scorpio woman is probably the most enigmatic woman in the zodiac. Wanted by many, she has an allure that attracts almost instantly.

Depending on how she feels, she can be serene as a sky with no clouds or erratic as a storm in the summer. She has a strong intuition and she is introspective, interested in subjects like mysticism. The woman in Scorpio will always be connected with nature.

While looking fragile, don’t imagine the Scorpio woman is by any way like that. She is focused on what matters the most and she will adopt a trenchant attitude without any problem.

As a Water sign, she likes to be constantly assured, so she will know how to formulate the right questions so that she gets what she is looking for.

Famous women born under this sign include: Marie Antoinette, Scarlett Johansson, Julia Roberts, Demi Moore or Grace Kelly.

Scorpio natives are known for their intuition and for being possessive. They possess a self-destructive side that some may find attractive. There’s nothing they fear in life and they always get up when life knocks them down.

People born in Scorpio are meant for success as they are naturally forceful and bright. They make for hard-workers who know what to sacrifice when they want something.

They don’t tell their hidden secrets to anyone, so don’t expect the Scorpio woman to be open with you as soon as you have met.

She must have all the attention

The Scorpio woman is attractive and therefore, many will want to date her. Affectionate and romantic, she often is a mystery for her partner.

She hides her real feelings very well and she releases her passion only when she trusts. And when she releases that passion, she is a real force of nature. That’s why Scorpios are considered the most passionate signs of the zodiac.

When she falls in love, the Scorpio woman is devoted and she makes everything about her partner. She would give the world to him or her, she will support and protect.

If you happen to have a low self-esteem, then the Scorpio woman is the one for you. As said before, she is one of the most attractive signs in the zodiac, this being the reason why so many possible partners are at her door.

If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.

Sylvia Plath – A famous Scorpio

She doesn’t mind all the attention, but she regards flirting as disrespect. For her, there is only one partner worthy of all the attention she has to give and that’s it.

A real goddess of attraction, the Scorpio native can be in a room and keep all the eyes on her. She has an elevated libido and she knows what pleasure is.

If you manage to capture her attention, please ensure you are energetic enough as women in Scorpio are incredibly forceful in bed.

Not one to accept superficiality

Changeable when it comes to whom rules in the relationship, the Scorpio woman can sometimes confuse her partner by being either too obedient or too determined.

She is not looking to fight, so she needs someone who can keep her in the middle. Her partner needs to know when to be relaxed with her, and when to fight.

If you let the Scorpio woman win from time to time, you are sure to have her next to you for the rest of your life. She will make your life easier.

However, be careful not to upset or betray her. She will be ruthless in this case. The most compatible signs with a Scorpio are Aries and Virgo.

One thing’s for sure, Scorpios hate superficiality. That’s why a Scorpio woman will always look for seriousness and dedication in a partner.

Once she has found this, she becomes romantic, highly devoted, rewarding and caring.

For the Scorpio woman, family is sacred. She is a fierce protector and, as a mother, she will keep her children away from any attack. Her kids will be self-reliant and confident as she is encouraging with anyone she loves.

Never forgetting any wrongdoing, the Scorpio woman can be either your best friends or your nemesis. Click To Tweet

If you prove yourself worthy of her friendship, you will be her bestie forever. She will keep your secrets and she will be loyal.

A Scorpio woman picks her friends very carefully. Remember it is something special to be one of her comrades.

Everything the Scorpio woman does, she does it with passion. It is not easy to guess her feelings, especially because she is so secretive, but you can trust she won’t be mad at you if you haven’t done something wrong. She will repay you many times when you will be kind to her.

She needs to put her intuition to work

There isn’t an occupation the Scorpio woman wouldn’t be good at. She could do the most difficult jobs as she is hardworking and strong.

Her penetrating mind can help her be a good surgeon. Or a scientist. She is ambitious enough to be advanced at her job.

Her intuition would help her be a good psychiatrist or analyst. As she is supporting with people, she would also be great in careers that include humanitarian or social work.

The Scorpio woman doesn’t put that high of a price on money. For her, money is meant to be spent or invested.

She may keep her possessions secret as she doesn’t want everyone to find out about her wealth. While she knows how to keep her money, she may resort to some impulsive shopping at times.

You cannot label her

Because she is so emotional and passionate, the Scorpio woman may suffer from some ailments that are stress related.

She needs to rest and enjoy a break more often. Relaxation techniques like massages and yoga are also indicated.

Luckily, they are very strong when it comes to health issues, even when Scorpios get sick, they don’t stay sick for too long.

In regard to fashion, you can’t put an etiquette on the Scorpio woman. She is able to change her style very fast and she won’t just follow what’s in trend.

Her way of dressing speaks seduction and passion and she knows how to highlight the most attractive parts of her body. The Scorpio lady would look incredible in red lingerie as red is the color that characterizes her the most.

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