Dating A Scorpio Woman: Things You Should Know

What it’s like to date a Scorpio woman if you want to win her heart for good.

The Scorpio is the most passionate and mysterious sign in the zodiac. The Scorpio woman is stubborn when she wants something and she knows how to make things go her way. It isn’t easy to get a woman in this sign, she is an enigma for many.

She is secretive and she doesn’t show her true feelings very often. If you are honest and reliable she may reveal herself, though. Just be interested in what she has to say and her mind.

You will probably catch her attention if you initiate an intelligent conversation. She appreciates people who are mannered and smart.

Don’t expect your relationship with the Scorpio woman to be too relaxed and all fun as these ladies don’t take things too seriously, especially in the beginning. If you want someone to be sure of and keep under your control, look somewhere else.

The Scorpio woman is not the one to let herself be pushed away. But if you prefer a woman who spends your money to spoil herself, you have found yourself a match.

She may be calm and silent on the outside, but she is a volcano inside. Her main goal is to attract the most attractive and most intelligent person, someone to keep her happy and entertained.

A sign that enjoys extremes, the Scorpio woman doesn’t do anything she doesn’t like or want to do. What she decides is forever decided and when she loves, she loves intensely and profoundly.

Scorpios are known for not being equivocal and for having a “one way or another attitude”. That’s why a Scorpio will never have mixed feelings for someone, they either love you or they hate you.

Her expectations

Once a Scorpio woman decides on a partner, she is willing to be 100% devoted to that person. She doesn’t like quick flings and she commits completely if she finds someone.

Life next to a woman in Scorpio is interesting, fulfilling and surprising. As a Water sign, the Scorpios interpret the world through their emotions and they are sensitive inside. Hurting them may be easy. If you want to impress the Scorpio woman, do something to appeal to her emotions.

Many will court the Scorpio woman as she is one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac. She doesn’t even want to be the center of attention of everyone but she is. She is captivating and many will want to discover what she is hiding.

It may be difficult to catch her free for a conversation. But if you do, remember they like enigmas and conspiracies.

Be honest and don’t try to make her jealous. She won’t accept someone who tries to get her and doesn’t commit. She won’t reveal her true self until she trusts you completely. For this, you’ll need to be yourself and open about what your intentions are.

The Scorpio woman is a good mind reader, so playing hard to get with her doesn’t really work.

She believes in soul mates and she is inclined to give anyone a chance, but she won’t make a move until she has studied you for a while.

Pluto is the planet of changes and rebirth, and the ruler of the Scorpio. This is the reason why Scorpio women sometimes completely change things in their lives, re-inventing themselves. When they do this, they can leave people and emotions behind them and start a completely new life without ever looking back.

You need to know when to be serious and when to be funny around the Scorpio woman. Be a gentleman and you are sure to have her heart. She is truly devoted when she commits to a relationship so she expects you to do the same.

For her it matters how devoted you are to each other. If you can’t handle the intensity her love involves, give up.

As a fixed sign, the Scorpio woman will enjoy stability and people who don’t change too much. If she doesn’t like the way you treat her, she will keep her defense and won’t let you in. If you decide to be with her, think of being with her forever.

How to date her

While she may have times when she enjoys being alone, she needs you to be committed. Even though you may feel neglected and lonely when she has her moments, don’t leave her side and she will appreciate it.

Don’t toy with her emotions because she takes them very seriously. If you ever do that, she will get her revenge. The Scorpios are known for being vengeful and unforgiving.

It isn’t easy for a Scorpio woman to trust people. That’s why she may be a little suspicious at times. However, if you don’t offer her any reason to be jealous or possessive, she will be caring and good.

If you are in her life and she loves you, you can be sure she is the most trustworthy person on whose shoulder you can cry when times are difficult.

She is one of the most supportive signs in the zodiac. Another important thing to know is that Scorpio women like others to know they have someone who loves them.

So, if you have flowers for her, don’t hand them personally but send them to her workplace, where people can see she is so appreciated.

It is important that you appeal to a Scorpio woman’s senses when wanting to attract her. That’s why you need to be seductive, dress sexy and wear the perfume you like the most and that suits you best.

Take her to dinner somewhere expensive but not too loud. She doesn’t like agglomerated places where people at the next table can hear you both talking. All these little details make the difference when dating a Scorpio.

She is pretty social, so she will know where you are taking her. She likes being taken out to unique places that are appreciated by many.

Between the sheets

Don’t think your story with the woman in Scorpio ends here as the bedroom is the place where she excels.

As the most skilled lovers in the zodiac, Scorpios have a passion no one else has. Although appearing to be reserved, the Scorpio woman loves to offer and receive pleasure in the bedroom.

The ecstasy you will feel in between the sheets with this lady will be remembered forever. She may sometimes be harsh although this is not a way of her being mean. She is just trying to test your love so she can know to keep you next to her.

Don’t use too many big words with her. She prefers action and not talking. While it may seem difficult to get a woman in Scorpio, it actually isn’t if you are really interested and ready to commit.

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