The Scorpio Woman In Love: Are You A Match?

She is capable of deep emotions, intense sexual drive and a protective attitude.


The sexiest and most mysterious out of all the ladies in the zodiac, the Scorpio woman is magnetic and she attracts men very easily.

She is exotic and interesting, but her feelings can change very fast and she can be difficult. Intuitive, she will be able to tell what others are thinking from the very first exchange.

She will tune in with the world very easily, being able to determine what’s good and what’s bad for her. More than this, she is interested in the occult and the spiritual facets of reality.

As far as love goes, this lady can easily be called a predator. She stalks her prey and she creeps in carefully, camouflaging her feelings and being as evasive as possible.

She enjoys being an enigma, and she will carefully study her partner before she decides it’s time to make a move.

It’s not that she doesn’t have enough confidence or she’s shy. She keeps a composed attitude and spies until she thinks the other person likes her enough. When she has a sparkle in her eyes, you can be sure she likes you and she wants more than just a friendship.

When in love

The fact that she is self-contained makes men go crazy about the Scorpio woman. She has high standards and her relationships will be intense. Keep in mind she’s unique and special. If you do something wrong, expect her to get back at you.

She knows she’s surrounded by mystery, so she hates it when people make assumptions about her. Others will often try to move away from the Scorpio because they know how vengeful and dangerous this sign can be.

When the Scorpio woman enamors, she will jump into a pool of emotions and allow herself to get drowned by them.

The lady in this sign will only prove her love with actions, and she won’t mislead someone into thinking she’s in love. She’s clear about her intentions, and her love is true. When she’s hurt, it is best that you stay out of her way.

When she loves, this woman is intense. If the relationship will fail, she will be disappointed for a very long time. The man who will come after a failed relationship of hers will have to endure the consequences.

If you manage to gain her trust, she will be fascinating and profound in the new relationship. Not to mention she will want something long-lasting. Her devotion can’t be matched. She will be there the man that deserves her forever.

One of the most passionate signs in the zodiac, the Scorpio woman can also be possessive. But the possessiveness would only show how involved she is.

This woman is different from others. She has a boldness and a beauty that can be rarely seen in other women. Charming and seductive, she will simply hypnotize men into her life. She’s confident and she manages to make others curious with her mysterious air.

Don’t get jealous when seeing how sought she is by other men. She is too faithful to ever give you reasons for jealousy.

Her perfect man

The man in her life will have to be determined and practical. She doesn’t like someone who doesn’t know what time it is. Persistent and energetic, this lady is a natural born leader.

She knows what she wants and she will fight to get it. But don’t think for a moment that she’s very aggressive. She is, to some point, but she doesn’t exaggerate. If you manage to make her trust you, you will find out that somewhere inside she is sensitive and a kind soul.

Note that she is very responsive if you are devoted to her in a serious way. This lady prefers actions over talk. She’s pragmatic and she can see how things actually are.

If she’s with someone who loves her, she becomes this caring and loyal partner. While she attracts many men, she will only like and want one, and this will usually be the alpha male.

Intelligence, boldness, confidence and ambition are traits that she looks for in a guy. She also likes to live dangerously, so she will find appealing a man who let’s say, likes climbing or bungee jumping.

A little bit of danger turns her on. As soon as you have passed all her tests, she will welcome you in her life for a very long time. This girl wants you to be open about your feelings and be honest about who you are.

As a matter of fact, this is the only way she imagines a partner should be. Don’t try and play any games with her, or she will be ruthless.

She wants someone by her side for a lifetime, so don’t get involved with her if you aren’t ready to commit.

In a relationship

The couple with a Scorpio woman can be steady and enjoyable. She will want to dominate, but she won’t mind if balance is attained and equality is installed.

But if you want her to be submissive, get ready for some serious fights. She doesn’t like to argue, but she isn’t the one to follow blindly either.

Her partner will have to be bold and stand up to her, but at the same time he shouldn’t mind allowing her to make the decisions.

When she’s happy with her relationship, the Scorpio woman will give her best to make her partner happy. Let her win from time to time as she has a competitive side that makes her stubborn. You will rarely find someone as devoted and loyal as she is.

Don’t cross her or she will retaliate and make you regret it. Don’t even think of having just a fling with her. She’s looking for something serious and long term. Passion and depth are two essential things that she looks for in a relationship.

The Scorpio lady will build on emotions. She will stack them, one by one, and build on them to make something perfect. She doesn’t like to express what she’s feeling, but she’ll use her emotions for herself. You won’t be able to know what’s going on with her if you just want to talk.

You’ll need to connect with her and find a mental communication between you two. She likes being felt and not heard. Don’t give her any jealousy reasons, or she will become that possessive and controlling Scorpio. Her negative traits are possessiveness, jealousy and vengefulness.

When she’s determined about something, she can become extremely stubborn. Because she sometimes wants to win so badly, she can turn into a manipulative person.

As she doesn’t want to get hurt, she will be secretive and will not trust others. It can be difficult to understand what she wants.

Her sexuality

The Scorpio woman is so sexual she could teach others lessons in love making. If she had nice experiences in the past, she will be perfectly balanced with her current lover.

She is defined by her Scorpio sexuality, and she won’t make love to you if there aren’t any feelings involved.

Don’t take sex with her lightly. She’s too passionate and fiery for that. Be spontaneous and intense. Pay attention to what she wants and don’t forget to give back. While it may sound challenging to satisfy her sexually, this lady is not that hard to please in bed. She needs to be respected and appreciated, and everything will be fine.

Understanding your Scorpio woman

Governed by Pluto, the Scorpio woman is not typical in any sense. She’s more like a feminine goddess of strength, practicality and initiative. She likes being physical and she respects her body.

This lady needs to come to grips with her expectations from life and establish a career for herself. If she doesn’t do all this, she’ll become frustrated and difficult.

She is aware of her sexual strength and she will play it each time she has the chance. Don’t hurry in showing her what you feel. Give her the space that she needs, let the love grow and intensify.

Sensual looks will do just fine. She likes someone who doesn’t act too fast. Besides, she needs to know that you respect her. She will emphasize respect a lot before she gives herself.

She also has to see that you can handle her passion and intensity. This is why you need to have patience and build the relationship with her slowly, but securely.

Passionate and intense, it can be difficult to be around the woman in Scorpio. She’s not easy to understand. While she keeps herself calm on the surface, inside her soul there are many emotions that she is dealing with.

People often misunderstand her too quickly, thinking she doesn’t want anything from them. She’s a Water sign well known for the wide range of emotions she can experience. If you’re with her, don’t ever doubt the feelings that she has for you. She’s loyal and devoted, and she shows what she feels through what she is doing, not through what she is saying.

You will never be misled by her. If she does something to prove her love to you, you can be sure things are exactly like this. Honest, she always tells the truth even though she hides her true feelings. If you are insecure and lost, she won’t stick around you too much.

You need to know who you are, and present yourself to her. Determination, sexuality, spirituality and ambition, these are all traits the Scorpio woman likes in a man.

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