Scorpio Woman in Marriage: What Kind of Wife Is She?

The Scorpio woman will likely boast around about how happy she is as a wife although there may be things that, in the back, is trying to work on.

Scorpio woman in marriage

The Scorpio woman won’t waste her time with a man who doesn’t make her feel like he’s her soulmate. Being ruled by Pluto, she’s gets a lot of help from this planet when it comes to finding her soulmate.

As soon as she’ll find this person, the Scorpio woman will do everything in her power to merge with him for life. This is the reason why many of her relationships feel like marriages long way before the knot has been tied.

Scorpio woman as a wife, in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Passionate, intense and persuasive;
  • Challenges: Mysterious, controlling and demanding;
  • She will love: Sharing her emotions with her spouse;
  • She needs to learn: To be less jealous and possessive.

The Scorpio lady needs to have a deep bond with her man in order to feel happy and alive in the marriage or the relationship with him. While she can very much enjoy being a mother, it’s the connection with her husband that makes her the happiest.

The Scorpio woman as a wife

When it comes to being a wife for the man she loves and respects, the Scorpio woman has some old-fashioned ways and feels like it’s her duty to take good care of him.

It would be a good idea for her to give up being so conservative and to just follow what her heart is telling her to do. Famous for her loyalty and courage, this lady doesn’t mind at all being responsible for a big family.

When it comes to her professional life, she’d be good at any job, but as soon as she’ll decide to stay at home and to take care of her loved ones, no one will ever be able to stop her from investing all of her energy and love into this and nothing else.

Mysterious, passionate and fascinating, the Scorpio woman can impress any man just by walking into a room because she’s authoritative, confident and very mannered.

She has a straightforward way of thinking and a very rich imagination, not to mention she can make things more exciting than they actually are. While loving to flirt and to play around, she’ll still be the most serious and devoted any man could ever have, but only if she has decided he’s right for her.

As soon as this lady will settle down with her soulmate, she’ll become more sensual, enthusiastic and sensitive because she’s a Water sign, meaning she can also be a motivator this minute and the most depressed person in the world the other.

It’s easy for her to just burst into tears when being told something hurtful, but not more than the woman in Cancer. The lover born in Scorpio will never be evasive when discussing matters regarding her own marriage.

As a matter of fact, she’ll even boast around with how happy her husband is making her feel every day. If possible, she’d tell the entire world that she has a perfect relationship with the man she loves more than anyone else in the world.

This lady is used to having many admirers because she’s very attractive, but she usually wants no one else than her partner to be by her side.

Popular as she’s a good listener and can crack a joke whenever things are not going very well, she’s adored by many and she surely loves them back.

At parties, this lady can really rock the boat and as far as her husband goes, she most likely has chosen him based on his character and compatibility.

She wants to have a romantic relationship based on equality and is turned off by a jealous, misogynistic and possessive man. When finding a sympathetic gentleman, she can rapidly and madly fall in love with him.

Scorpio women can be described as detached from time to time. While attractive, fun and very smart, they can simply refuse to get deeply attached to a person. When she’s being cold, it would be a good idea to just leave the Scorpio woman alone for a while to get back to her old self.

Deep in her heart, she’s an incurable romantic, but also possessive and suspicious of her partner. However, when not having proof that her lover or husband is cheating on her, she never wants to take any action about the situation.

This lady appreciates honesty more than anything else and can’t tolerate unfaithfulness. Those who have hurt her once will never be forgiven and forgotten. In the beginning of her relationships, she’s allowing her partner to be domineering, just that she can manipulate him into thinking that he’s the one in control.

She could be a much better mother than the Taurus or the Cancer woman because she has more instincts, especially when it comes to her family life. Her home will be ruled based on what she’s feeling and her strength to deal with problems.

Very proud of herself, the Scorpio woman will always fight for her own beliefs. Not known to display her emotions in public, she’s still a powerful and serious person who only appreciates meaningful and deep relationships.

While very loyal to the man who’s her husband, she’s not known to have high ideals when it comes to love because, even if seeing the world in a very realistic way and her man just as he is.

Having a high libido and being one of the best lovers in the zodiac, she’s very attractive because she’s surrounded by mystery and has a special magnetism that attracts men very rapidly.

She brings her ambitions into the marriage

The Scorpio woman has a discrete look and an interesting smile, but none of her gestures can ever reveal any of her mysteries. She is extreme from time to time, not to mention she’s looking to first of all be sexually satisfied if it’s for her to fall in love with a man.

Her boyfriend or husband has to support her and not try to interfere with whatever she may be doing. Intense and possessing a breathtaking sexiness, she’ll have a marriage full of passion and love, which means she’ll face no problem when trying to keep her affair alive over the years.

Also thirsty for power and wanting to be in control, she may become jealous for no good reason whatsoever. She should just talk about her feelings with her partner because her suspicions are most of the time not grounded in reality.

Her marriage could be destroyed by power struggles, so this lady should keep her domineering side in control. The Scorpio woman has a lot of confidence and can make a good impression everywhere she may be going.

She wants an alpha male to be her husband because she likes being respected and protected. While looking for the man of her dreams all over the world, she’ll realize sensitive people with a simple mind can’t do the trick for her.

This lady needs someone who can put up with her anger bursts and the depression she sometimes is going through. More than this, she wants to be able to rely on her partner when facing difficulties.

The moment of walking down the aisle at her wedding and seeing her soulmate standing strong in front of her can have her bursting into tears of happiness. The Scorpio woman is a natural born leader with many ambitions and a lot of confidence.

This and her magnetic personality make this lady incredibly attractive and interesting. The party at her wedding will be wild and truly fun because she’ll dance and joke with just about everyone invited.

After all, this event is one of the most important and happiest in her life, not to mention she really knows how to have fun. Music and rhythm seem to be in her blood, so no one will be able to beat her on the dance floor.

Scorpio women usually don’t mind showing the world how passionate they really are. When finding the right man for her, the lady in this sign manages to turn all of her passion into loyalty.

Her wedding day may also be the moment in which she spiritually awakens and becomes more aware of her surroundings. Not liking change at all, she can still change her views on life if the person who’s suggesting her new ideas is patient and persuasive enough.

The Scorpio lady will most likely experience a few nasty things until realizing she can count on her husband for support. When determined to work on her marriage, she may give up being as stubborn as she usually is.

The downsides of her role as wife

Just like the man in the same sign, the Scorpio woman may divorce her partner because he has cheated on her.

When it comes to her to cheat on him, she’s too passionate and intense to not give herself completely to the new affair.

Just like her male counterpart, she couldn’t forget that she has cheated, but when doing it, her reason is that she’s feeling sexually unsatisfied with her husband.

Since she’s surrounded by mystery and can have many changing moods, her partner won’t know what to make of her behavior until it’s too late.

When things in her relationship aren’t going very well, she may be the one filing for divorce first because she needs a good reason to stay next to a man and a marriage that’s ending can’t actually give her any.

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